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commanded them not to go up; then, Lo S E R M. we be here, and will go up unto the place ^Iivhich the Lord has promised; ch. xiv. 40. ^^

I Should proceed to Other Instances of the unreasonable behaviour of sinful men in this respect: But the time not permitting me to finish this Subject Now, I ihall at present add only a word of application, and so conclude.

I Believe there are very sew persons, who read these portions of Scripture, without censuring in their own minds the behaviour of the Jews, and saying within themselves, as did those whom our Saviour describes; Matt.xxm. 30; If We had been in the days of our Fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in These things. But to every impenitent Sinner, in the present as well as in former times, the experience of the World, and the reason of things, and the judgment of conscience, and the Scripture of Truth says, Thou art the man. For all these things are examples unto Us, and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the World are come.

Vol. V. K God


S E R M. God calls Us to Repentance, by the continual Witness which he gives to himself in the Works of Creation, in the Reason and Nature of Things, in the essential / Differences of Good and Evil, in the

voice of Conscience, in the dispensations of Providence, in his Mercies and Judgements, in the completion of Prophecies, in the Works and Preaching of Christ and his Apostles, in the Promises and Threatnings of the Gospel. And if all Tkest things move men not, the Scripture declares there jhall no Sign be given to us, but the Sign of the Nations who were destroyed by the Flood, and the Cities who perished in the Overthrow os Sodom. For as in the days before the Flood, and before the destruction of Sodom, men were eating and drinking, and knew not until the Waters came and took away the one, and the Fire the other ; so also, fays our Lord, stall the Coming of the Son of Man be.



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Unreasonable Expectations not to be gratified in Religion.

[A Pajion-Sermon.]

Matt, xil 39.

An evil and adulterous generationfeeketh after a Sign, and thereJhall No Sign be given to it, but the Sign of the Prophet Jonas.

O D, who is the Supreme Go- Sirm. vernour of the Universe, (hows VII. forth his infinite Wisdom and *-rv>J Goodness, in creating a Variety of rational Creatures in different Circumstances, and expecting Vol. V. K 2 from


Serm. from them a proportionable Use of the *"' Talents committed to them, according to

^^ their different degrees of Light and Knowledge, and according to their respective Capacities and Abilities. To Angels, having given Knowledge and Powers far superiour to those of. Men; he expects of them accordingly an Angelical Obedience. To Men, having dispensed various Talents and various Degrees of Knowledge, at sundry times and in divers manners, according to his own good pleasure; after the similitude of the Great King in our Saviour's Parable, who, in the distribution of Employments among his Servants, without injury to any one, did what he pleased with his own: To Men, I fay, God having dispensed various Talents and various degrees 9s Knowledge, he expects of them a Return proportionable to what is given them; Not over-ruling their Actions by the Force and Power of an irresistible Light; but trying their Obedience by the Willingness of their Endeavours to seek after Knowledge, and to guide themselves by That degree of Light


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