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from what they expected. Nay, his Dis- Serm, ciples themselves were for a great while P^ so blinded with the splendor of this opinion, that they understood none of those prophecies that related to his Humiliation, Sufferings, and Death; As appears from St Peters undertaking to rebuke him when he began to foretel how many things he Jhould suffer of the Jews; and from his Disciples asking him even after his resurrection if he would at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel. But as he himself a little before his death witnessed before Pontius Pilate that good confession, that his kingdom -was not of this world; so his Disciples, after his resurrection and ascension, began to have their eyes opened, and to understand that the design of his coming into the World was wholly Spiritual. And as at the descending of the Holy Ghost they were more perfectly instructed in the nature and end of That his Spiritual kingdom, so did they afterward in their inspired wri-. tings deliver to us, what they then received from that unerring instructor:


S E R M. Namely, that the true end and design of *x- Christ's coming into the World, was to deliver men, not from their Temporal Enemies, but to save them from their Sins. Now This he does, by delivering us ljl, from the power and dominion of Sin; and 2dly, from the guilt and punishment thereof, ljl, He delivers men from that Bondage and Slavery into which the practice of Sin has reduced them; and then those who are so freed, he delivers from that puniflment which must have been the necessary consequence of their being enslaved to Sin. These are the two great designs which exhaust the whole history of our Saviour; there being nothing that he either said or did, which was not directed to one of these great ends. \ft then, We are to sliow, how Christ delivers us from the dominion or praSlice of Sin. That the service os Sin is an intolerable thraldom, All who are so unhappy as to be engaged in any . habit of Vice, do sadly experience; and it may also easily be observed by others. This deplorable state, it fitly described by * Solomon Solomon under the person of a foolishSerm, young man, drawn away with the entice- laments of a Strange woman; Prov. vii. 22.^^^^ He goeth after her straightway as an ox goeth to the staughter, or as a fool to the correction of the socks, till a dart strike through his liver, as a bird hasteth to the snare, and knoweth not that it is for his life. This- is the cafe of all, who are under the dominion and habit of any Sin; they know not whether they are going, but are hurried away blindfold with every temptation,, being intangled in the snare of the Devil, and taken captive by him at his will. Hence such a state of Sin is stiled in Scripture a yoke, burden, captivity, bondage, thraldom, and the like; and habitual Sinners are described to be dead in Sin, to let Sin reign in their mortal bodies, to be fold under Sin, to be in captivity to the law of Sin and Death, to be hardned through the deceitfulness of Sin, to be such as cannot cease from Sin^ and, by a phrase which includes all these, to be Servants of Sin j being constrained to obey it in the lusts thereof, even against Vol. V. O the


S E R M. the dictates of their reason and consci*^- ence; for to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey\ bis servants ye are to whom ye obey, Rom. vi. 16. Now That which Christ has actually done for us in order to the delivering us from the dominion of Sin, may briefly be expressed in these two propositions; i/?, that he had made a most clear discovery of the Will of God to mankind; and 2 dly, that he has enabled them to obey the Will of God according to that discovery; \st> He has made a most clear discovery of the Will of God to Mankind. He has plainly and fully made known to us, the heinoufhess of Sin, and the necessity of Repentance; he has most exactly defined the bounds of our duty, and given us an example of the practice of it in his own life j he has more clearly revealed the great motives of Religion, and urged them upon men with much stronger advantage. To show these things at large, would be to repeat the whole history of our Saviour j and no man can read the New Testament wherein That history is contained, without out observing that all his discourses and Sum. all the actions of his life, were directed V** principally to These ends: To convince ^*^ men that Sin is so hateful to God, and fi> inconsistent with the honour of his laws, that he would not pardon it even in those whom he designed to have mercy upon, without first inflicting the punishment that was due to it, upon his only Son. To assure men, that a life of Virtue and true Righteousness, is the only and indispensable condition of 'That Covenant, wherein God has promised to save them from everlasting destruction. That therefore unless we repent, we must perish, Luk. xiii. 5. That without Holiness, no man Jhallsee the Lord, Heb. xii. 14. That no man who continues in the practice of any known Sin, Jhall in any wise enter into the kingdom of God, 1 Cor. vi. 9. and that, however vain men may deceive themselves, no pretence whatsoever, no not of having preached or worked miracles in the name of Christ, shall be accepted instead thereof, Matt. vii. 21. Further; is it not a very Advantageous stating of Vgul. V. O 2 the


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