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'iows os Reasoning, falsely so called. But S E R M. True Reason, is the Great Glory of Hu- XII. mane Nature: And upon account of the ^^V^J Gospel's agreeableness to 'this, it is, that the Apostle in the Text gives it that High Character, of being the Wisdom as well as the Power of God, To imagine Reason and Revelation at variance with each other, is the like absurdity, as supposing the Eye to see contrary to what the Ear hears, or that God fhoujd make One Sense, or Faculty, to contradict another. Vain wen may poorly and weakly fancy, that they can sometimes promote One Truth at the Expence of Another: But the Works of God, are uniform and consistent, of a piece from One end to the other: And what our Saviour fays concerning Persons, acting wisely and usefully in different ways; that Wisdom is justified of All her Children; may equally be applied to Things likewise, that Wisdom is justified in All her Dispensations.

Vol. V. U 2 zdly,

Serm, zdly, If the Power and Authority, is XII- wen as the Wisdom of God j that is, if JD*'V-/"V'NJRevelation, as well as argumentative Proof; be a just Ground of. Assent, or Evidence of Truth: Then ought we always to take great heed, least at any time we weaken the Strength of that,Authority, by blending things of Humane invention with those whose Institution is Divine. For whereas weak men think, by means of such confusion, to strengthen their Own Authority with the mixture of Divine; the Real Effect, on the contrary, always is, that the things of Divine Authority are insensibly weakned, by being made less distinguishable from what is merely Humane.

idly and lastly, From the manner ia which Christ is here called 'the Wisdom and The Power of God, we may learn rightly to understand Other the like figurative expressions frequently found in , Scripture. For as Christ is here stiled the Wisdom of God, because his Gospel is agreeable to True Reason, and the Power

of of God, because his Doctrine was con- S E R M. firmed by mighty Works and Miracles: XII. So, in Other places, he is stiled The V/V>J Word of God, because he is the Revealer of his Will to Men; and he is the Way, the Door, the Truth and the Life, because he has distinctly made known to us the Terms and Means of Salvation. And by the like figure of speech, the Sacramental Bread and Wine is stiled the Body and Blood of Chris, because 'tis a Solemn commemoration of his Death. And Christians are by the Apostle said to be the Circumcifon made without ha?ids, because they spiritually are, what the sews were typically by Circumcifon . which was literal. And Praise or Thanksgiving has the name of Sacrifice given to it, because 'tis a Signification of the fame Temper and Disposition of Mind, which Sacrifices were intended to express, and which alone made those Sacrifices acceptable before God., With many other the like Instances: In which, a careful consideration of the U 3 ground

S E R M. ground and reason of the Manner of ^-"- Expression, may easily prevent Great Misunderstandings of Many Passages ia Scripture.

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Os the Resurrection os Christ.
[Preached on Ea/ier-Day.]

iCoR. xV. 14.

And if Christ be not risen, then is our Preaching vain, aud your Faith also is vain.

HE great Foundation of ourSerm, Hope of Immortality, is the XIII. Revelation of the Gospel j^/VNJ and the great Evidence of' the Truth of that Revelation, is the Resurrection of Christ. Without the Revelation of the Gospel, our Hope of Immortality, according to mens U 4 different

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