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S E R M. ness, and rely upon his Truth: In all their *. Words and Actions, acknowledging Him

t^*^ to be the only Potentate; Him, only Holy, Him, only Wife; and that, absolutely and strictly speaking, there is None Good, but One, that is God.

\thly, There is still another sense of the phrase; in which the Name of God signifies in Scripture the Authority of God, or his divine CommiJJion. Thus Exod. xxiii. 20. Behold, I send an Angel before thee; Beware of him, and obey his Voice; provoke him not; For my Name (that is, my Authority,) is in him. Again, J oh. v. 43. I am come, fays our Saviour, in my Father's Name, that is, with his Divine Commission. In like manner the Apostles, when they were examined before the High Priest concerning their having healed a lame man, Acts iv. 7. By what Power, or by what Name have ye done This? immediately they replied, By the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom Te crucified, whom God raised from the dead; ewn by Him (by His Name and Power, "by his Authority and CommiJJion delivered


to Us) does 'this man stand here before you Serm. Whole. V.

And according to This last fense of ^^ the phrase, the Name of God must be then understood to be Great among Men, when a just Regard and cheerful Obedience is paid to whatever appears vested with His Authority: When the Laws of Nature are obeyed, as being established by his Supreme Authority in the Creation of things; And the Precepts of the Gospel likewise, as being by Revelation authorized from the Same Supreme Power.

And Thus having at large explained the principal Acceptations, or the most remarkable of those several different Senses, in which this phrase, The Name of God, is used in Scripture; and what accordingly is meant in general by its being Great: It remains in the

II. zd place, that I proceed to consider, what that glorious Event in particular is, which we find predicted in these sublime Prophetick Expressions: From the rising of the Sun, even unto the going down of the same, my Name Jhall be great among the Gentiles; And in every place,


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SeRm. Incense Jhall be offered unto my Name, V- and a pure Offering; For my Name Jhall U^VNJ be great among the Heathen, saith the Lord of Hosts. Now in this prediction there is evidently contained, \st, Something comminatory, or by way of Threatning, with regard to the Jews; And, 2dly, a particular Promise in relation to the Gentiles; joined with a general Declaration concerning the State and Condition of the Universal Church in the future and latter Ages of the World.

iff With regard to the Jews, there is contained in the Text, Something Comminatory, or in the way of Threafning; as is evident from the Connexion of the words. For the former part of the chapter, is a severe expostulation with That people, upon account of their unworthy behaviour in the Service of God: And this Complaint against the Jews, is immediately followed with God's declaring in the Text, that his Name should be Great among the Gentiles. The Advantages which the Jewijh Nation enjoyed, were very extraordinary; in that to 'Them were committed the Oracles of God. Hi


showed his Word unto 'Jacobs his StatutesSerm, and Ordinances unto Israel; He had not Vdealt so with any Other Nation, neither {-r*SJ had the Heathen Knowledge of his Laws. Answerable to these high- privileges, it was reasonable to expect, that their improvements in Virtue and all Holiness, {hould have been proportionably Great: For to whom much is given, of Him, according to the Rule of Equity, will be much required. -But so contrary to this expectation was the Behaviour of That people, that with a just Severity God complains of them by the Prophets, ver. 6. of this chapter; If I be a Father, where is mine Honour % if I be a Majler, where

is my Fear f If ye offer the blind for

Sacrifice, is it not evil? and if ye offer the

lame andfek, is is not evil f / have

no pleasure in you, saith the Lord ofHoJls,
neither will I accept an Offering at your
hands. And then it follows in the words
of the Text, For from the rifing of the
Sun, even unto the going down of the same\
my Name shall be great among the Gen-
tiles. The Threatning contained in This
Vol. V. H . expostu- -

S E R M. expostulation, is exactly the fame with V- that of our Saviour in the Gospel; The

K/r^rsJ Kingdom of God Jhall be taken from you, and given to a Nation bringing forth the Fruits thereof. The Accomplishment of which Threatning upon the people of the Jews, both for the unparallelled manner of its execution, and for the unexampled length of the time of its continuance, has been so conspicuous? that now, near seventeen hundred years after the destruction of Jerusalem, they remain at this very day a living and ocular demonstration of the Truth of all the antient Prophecies which concern their State. But

zdly, The Text contains a particular Promise in relation to the Gentiles; joined with a general Declaration concerning the State and Condition of the Universal Church in the future and latter Ages of the World: In every place, Incense Jhall be offered unt6 my Name, and a pure Offering j For my Name Jhall be Great among the Heathen, saith the Lord of Hosts. Notwithstanding That strong and settled Prejudice among the Jews, of which we find great Re

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