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Strange state! the dread invention of despair,
Refuge of guilt from dark foreboding care;
The ruin'd mind's delirium, reason fed,
Nature extinguish'd quite, and conscience dead,

O mortals, scarce more noble than the dust,
While proud'in Reason's vaupted power ye trust; '.
Let the whole human kind your thoughts engage
Onward from clime to clime, from age to age;
Think how in virtue Man was form’d to shine,
Scarce less than angel, only not divine;
Then mark how wide the reign of guilt, how few
With glory unobscur'd the heavenly path pursue ;
The willing slaves of pleasure, they debase
Their high descent, and each celestial line efface:
The stern infuriate chief, let loose in war,
Drives o'er the dying and the dead his car:
Inexorable tyrants of the mind,
The passions, demon-like, convulse mankind :
Ev'n babes, when wild affections shake their frame,
The deep corruption of the kind proclaim :
While the stern sayage, Nature's simple child,
Shews in each gloomy dead a heart défild.
In him, whose thoughts are pyręst, him whose breast
Bears most of angel sanctitude imprest,
Some luring wish, some disingenuous art
Works inward, struggling with the nobler part,
And violates the temple of the heart.
The Tempter o'er Apostles ev'n prevail'd;
And sacred story shews how Dayıd fail'd.

From Reason think'st thou the relief can How!
To Athens, or to Rome imperial, go,
And hear each reverend sage: no cure they found;
Ev'n he, whose wisdom oracles renown'd,
Confess’d, a nobler Teacher was requir'd,
Transcending mortal, and by God inspir'd.

Or say, can Reason sacred rites supply,
Suited to man and to the Deity?
Go to the hut, the savage see reclin'd
Near his base idol, shaming human kind:
Go, and on hot Arabia's fjery sand
See the swarth Indian agonizing stand;
Go to the mountain's top, while man expires
A victim, midst the sacrificial fires:
Go to the fields, which Roman Tiber laves,
To Cecrops' towers, or Nile's Egyptian waves:
There ask, how nations form'd by classic taste,
By science rais’d, and by refinement grac'd,

Paid rites divine? 'Ah, no: away, return,
Nor force thy cheek with generous shame to burn.

O Sceptics, who by Reason proudly soar,
Behold this picture, and be vain no more.
Reflect, admure, confide; till hope arise
Of supernatural light, and know ledge from the skics,

View here, the Christian cries, the unfolded Law,
Accept with gratitude, perform with awe. i

True, thou exelaimest, weigh'd with such a creed,
The wealth of Indian worlds were light indeed.
But pious frauds in every age abound:

Tis easy to pretend the inspiring sound,
Struck with unmanly dread, to claims divine
The crowd, in spite of common sense, incline,
And pour the pious prayer, and build the sacred shrine.
Shew that thy Teacher must be from above;
Let Reason his credentials once approve;
I bend, I yield; my fears, my doubts forego;

And Thou, great Power, to whom the Christians bow, . Shalt hear my matin song and evening vow,

To Reason we appeal: the unerring sign,
Lo! fix'd upon the Law by hands divine.

But while, adventuring on presumptuous wing,
Of God, and truths by God reveal’d, I sing,
Aid, heavenly natures, essences sublime,
Unbodied spirits, form'd before all time;
Ere yet the hills appear'd, or fountains flow'd,
Ye, clad with glory, round the Godhead glow'd;
Saw chaos still the wild tumultuous noise,
Saw the great globe rise at the Almighty voice,
The sun come blazing forth, and heaven and earth rejoice.
Quick as the glance of thought through middle air, .
From world to world divine behests ye bear.
Man was your care of old; for, God the theme,
By reverential oak and hallow'd stream
Ye deign'd divine discourse; and streaming light
Unveil'd celestial forms to mortal sight.

1. The future, all must sure confess, conceal'd
From mortals, is to God alone reveal'd;
Nor man, nor angel, prescience can inspire;
The Prophet must be touch'd with heavenly fire; . .
And He, whose coming, with prophetic eye,
Sages foresaw of yore, must come from high.
O then, thou friend of truth, with me unroll
In Israel's volume the mysterious scroll.
Lo! numerous Prophets, from the birth of time,
Varying in nations, customs, speech, and clime,

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Jew, Pagan, Patriarch, King, and Priest, apd Sage,
Rais'd in long order up from age to age,
Go on unfolding one great scheme, and trace
Each slight distinction mark’d, each heavenly grąc
The future Saviour of the human race.
At length the God appears; his deeds unfold
In full completion what they all foretold.
As the broad fake reflecting shews display'd
Mountains, and castled cliffs, and wooded shade,
Mirror complete: so in his lifa benign
Express. the strongly-imag'd features shine,
Pourtray'd in ages past by seers divine.

(To be concluded in our next.)


Tue HERCULANEAN MANU- Previously to the interference of SCRIPTS.

the Prince of Wales, eighteen MaW E have much satisfaction in nuscripts had been opened in the

W announcing the great pro, course of forty-six years, but under gress which has been made, under his auspices nearly ninety have the auspices of his Royal Highness been opened in little more than two the Prince of Wales, in the unt years. rolling and recovery of the Papiri Mr. Hayter writęs from Portici, sound in the ruins of Hercula, in May last, “ that though the difneum,

i ficulties in upravelling the almost The public are already inform- extinguished Papiri are incredible, ed, that the Prince had procured and the operation, of course, most the sanction of the King of Naples dilatory, as the persons employed to the unravelling of those stores of may even yet be considered as ancient literature, which were learners, yet every day new lights otherwise, doomed to perish unex- are opening to them, Abore fourplored. He completely succeeded score Manuscripts have been unin his application. The King of rolled under his direction, entirely Naples not only made the Prince a or in part. Among these, seven present of the sanie number of vo- 'were Latin, but these it was unforlumes as he had been induced to tunately necessary to relinquish, in give to Buonaparte, but he also conscquence of a fatal accident gave free leave to the Literary which reduced thená to powder. Agents of his Royal Highness to He has discovered at the end of exert their skill to recurer the hid- oue Jianuscript the name of Deden treasures of Literature and metrius Phalereus. Fragments of Science. Accordinuly the Rey, four books of Epicurus are already Mr. Hayter has been at Naples à for publication. The engravings coasi lerable time, engaged, with a ot one book, and of six columns number of assistants, in this in- of another, are complete. A Treaportant work, and scholars of every tise on Anger; another, Delatura country will be delighted ulicar Deorum, as well as a Logical Esthat he has made rapid progress in say by Philodemus, are also ready the task.

for publication; the Treatise on

+ Anger Anger is anonymous. That De Greece; with 'Prefaces extracted Natura Deorum appears to be by from the author's journal. EmPhædrus, the friend of Cicero, bellished with two Views of the

There have just appeared pro- Source of the Scamander, and the posals for publishing, by subscrip- Aqueduct over the Simois. By the tion, Poems, suggested chiefly by late Rev. Mr. Carlyle. scenes in Asia-Minor, Syria, and


MANUAL for the Use of un- ton, DD.'Rector of Hedsor, and A learned Persons in reading one of his Majesty's Chaplains in the Psalms as Printed in the com- Ordinary, 8vo." mon Prayer Book, explaining the Oir Christ's Descent into Hell; obscure Passages, bị G, W. H. Rey- and the intermediate State, a Ser nell, M. A. Vicar of Hornchurch, mon the 2d Peter üïi. 18, 19, 20.'by Essex.

· Samuel Lord Bishop of St. Asaph. First Principles of Christian Sermons on the Evils that are in Knowledge, consisting of an Ex- the World, and on various other planation of the different Terms tópics, from the Gerinan of the and Doctrines of the Church Cate' Rev. George Joachim Zollikoffer, chisin, and Office of Confirmation. Minister of the Reformed CongreThe Three Church Creeds exem- gation at Leipsic, by the Rev. Wilplified and proved from the Scrip- liain Tooke, F.R.S. 2 vol. 8vo. turés, to which is prefixed an Intro- The Limit to our Enquiries with duction on the Duty of Conform- respect to the Nature and Attriing to the Established Church, as butes of the Deity. A Sermon good Subjects and good Christians. prcached before the University of By the Řt. Rev. Thomas Burgess, Cambridge, on Commencement D.D. Bishop of St. David's, 12mo. Sunday, July 1, 1804, by George

The Strength of Britain, a Sér- Law, D. D. Prebendary of Carmon, preached July 31, 1803, at Tisle. 4to. Hedsor, Bucks. By George Gret


; : MENTS. THE Rev. George Robson, M.A. The Rev. William Smith, M. A. I Prebendary of St. Asaph, has is presented to the Rectory of King's i been collated, by the Lord Bishop Swinford, in Staffordshire, by Lord of that Diocese, to the valuable Dudley and Ward. . Vicarage of Chirke, in Denbigh- The Rev. Richard Thomas Gough, shire.

: M. A. is instituted to the Rectory The Rev. Evan Davies, Rector of Acle, in Norfolk, on the prea of - Hlchester, is instituted to the sentation of the Right Hon. Lord Vicarage of Pilton, Somerset.. Calthorpe..

The Rev, Phineas Pott, D. D. The Rev. Mr. Tomlin has been Principal of St. Mary's Hall, Ox- présented, by Sir John Aubrey, to ford, is presented to the Archdea- the donative of Brill and Burstall, conry of Carlisle, void by the rem in the county of Bucks. signation of the Rev. Dr. Paley. The Rev. John Peachey Francis, .

M. A.

M. A. of Bene’t College, Cam- Bright, of Wadham College, Bao bridge, is presented by the Dean chelors of Arts, were admitted and Chapter of Canterbury to the Masters of Arts; Messrs. John Vicarage of Holy Cross, Westgate, Worrall Grove, of St. Edmund with the Rectory of St. Peter, both Hall; John Pomery, and John in the city of Canterbury.

Bowle, of Exeter College; John The Rev. Richard Hawkin Hit Radford, of Lincoln College; and chins, D. D. Fellow of Exeter Col. Samuel Selwood, ot Magdalen Cola lege, Oxford, has been presented, lege, were admitted Bachelors of by the Rector and Fellows of that Arts. society, to the Rectory of Baver- July 2. Mr. John Worrall Grove, stock, in the county of Wilts and A. B. late of Edmund Hall. was Diocese of Salisbury, void by the elected Junior Fellow of Hertford death of the Rev. Emanuel May, College. B. D.

6. Thomas Hume, Doctor in The Rev. John Seagram, M. A. Medicine, from the University of is presented to the perpetual Curacy Dublin, was incorporated in the of Stroud, Gloucestershire.

same faculty of University College, The Rev. John Aspinshaw, LL.D. The Rev. Philip Homer, M. A. of of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Magdalen College, was admitted is enipowered, by dispensation, to B. D. The Rev. J. Rowley, of hold the Vicarage of Hinkley, with Queen's College, and Mr. Samuel. Stoke and Dadlington annexed, in Roper, of Wadham College, B. A. Leicestershire, to which he has were admitted Masters of Arts." ; been presented by the Dean and Mr. Henry Torie, of University Chapter of Westminster, together College, was admitted Bachelor of with the Rectory of St. Peter's, in Arts. Nottingham.

21. The Rev. J. Vaughan, B. A. .

of St. Edmund Hall, was admitted OXFORD.

M. A. Grand Compounder. June 16. The Rev. John Tims, 12. Robert Hooper, M. A. and. Bachelor of Arts, of University Student in Medicine, of Pembroke College, was admitted Master of College, was admitted Bachelor, Arts; Coningsby Waldo Sibthorp, and to practise in Medicine. Esq. of Corpus Christi College, 21. The number of Degrces in was admitted Bachelor of Arts. Act Term was one Doctor in Divi.

18. The Hon. Charles Bagot, nity, two Doctors in Medicine, two Bachelor of Arts, of Christ-Church, Bachelors in Divinity, two Bachewas admitted Master of Arts. lors in Civil Law, one Bachelor in

07. Mr. Robert Clifton, of Wor- Medicine, twenty-two Masters of cester College, was admitted Ba- Arts, and thirty-nine Bachelors chelor of Arts.

of Arts. Matriculations twenty:28. The Rer. Joseph Wells, nine. Regents at the Act seventyMaster of Arts, of Trinity College, five. and Rector of Crowton, in the county of Northanpton, was ad

CAMBRIDGE. mitted Bachelor and Doctor in Din June 30. The Members' four vinity, Grand Compounder. The Prizes of fifteen guineas each are: Rev. llenry Jones Randolph, of St. this year adjudged to Mr. William Edmund Hall; Joseph Bardgett, of Paley, of Pembroke Hall, and Mr. Merton College; Charles IIardinge, George Macfarlan, of Trinity Col. of University College; and Peter lege, Senior Bachelors; and to Mr. Monamy Cornwall, of Oriel Col- George Pryme, and Mr. James lege; Messrs. Thomas Wynniatt, of Parke, of Trinity College, Middle : Christ-Church; Robert Hooper, of Bachelors.--The late Sir William Pembroke College; and John Browne's three gold medals, value :

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