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Christ? If thou art unable or unwilling to answer the question; I read the true reply in the word of God: After thy hardness and impenitent heart thou treasureji up untojhyfclfzvrath against the day of wrath. Thy neglect, thy contempt, of divine grace springs from hardness of heart, from stubborn reluctance to repent. Hence thou art insensible to danger, careless as to consequences. The God of this world has Minded thy mind. In the centre of the fulness of the light of the gospel, thou hast hitherto lived in wilful darkness. Surrounded with all the blessings of Christian instruction, all the benefits and encourage* merits. of Christian communion; thou hast hitherto displayed the ignorance or the indifference of a heathen. Stationed on the verge of a boundless eternity, into which thou must shortly pass; elevated on an eminence, whence thpu mayest behold the regions of everlasting bliss, and the abodes of never-ending woe; thou hast conducted thyself as though the prospect were an airy vision, as though death were a perpetual sleep. Year after year the Spirit of God has stretched forth his hand to pluck thee as a brand out of the burning; hut thine hand thou hast obstinately withdrawn. His hand is stretched out still. Post stiou still withdraw thine? Repentance is not

yet yet too late even for thee. Dost thou stitt refuse the grace of repentance? Frfrm the throne of heaven God calls thee to himself. To-day, if thou wilt hear his voice, harden not thy'heart. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost invite thee to pardon, redemption, ianctification. They invite thee to salvation; they pledge the promise of the unchangeable Godhead to give thee strength, if even;;y?t thou wik accept strength, to attain salvation. To prefer perdition is within thy tchoic&. Dost ;ttiou choose hell or heaven? ov >...

'-'»' a.^To^'ftiofe among you who have laboured - to obtain the grace of Christ, and to apply to Its proper object the strength which is granted from above, meditations on th&n&taTe-knd the efficacy of the promised gift of the Spirit oFGtid are perhaps not less important than "to the careless or the-hardened sinner. You may n6t need,likethecareless and the hardened, continually to be reminded that the guidance . "and support of' the Holy Ghost, purchased by the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus, are essential to salvation, are freely offered to alt men, are placed within the grasp of every man: for you have sought them, you still seek them, as necessary to you, as proposed J to you, as attainable by you. Yon may not 'equally with the inconsiderate and theicorner

+» .require

tequire to be admonished that divine grace is tOibejdrawn down by prayer; to be discerned by its fruits j to be cherished as all-sufficient: for to prayer you have trusted for the acquisition of it; its fruits are, in a measure more or less ample, visible in your lives; its sufficiency to present peace and final salvation is the sheet-anchor, of your souls. But are not you the children of Adam? Are not you compassed with infirmity? Are notion.assailed, day after day, by inherent corrupth^n.I, Are not you perpetually under the,eye of tha^ad"* mrfafyi whogoeth about ljdcea,.rearing, lion seeking whom he may devour? Do not omissions of known duty, do not transgressions of acknowledged commandments, unceasingly arise before your consciences;, covering ypfu with shame, teaching you that of yourselves you are nothing, constraining you to admire the long suffering of God? Do not you read in the word of truth: When the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity; in his sm that ke hath sinned he, shalt die (b)? Do not you hear the .voice of your Lord-: The branch cannot. bear fruit except it abide in the vine ;. no more can ye, except ye abide in me. Is a man abide not in me, he if cast forth as a branch that is withered; as a

\t) EzefeL xviik *f, SoaSlso aiS; widjucwii:. \i> ij. 18. ttHysi 4 branch

branch that is to be cafldnto thejire (il)?"Wh»t is the conclusion to be deduced from these passages? A conclusion supported by many positive texts no less than by the decided te* nor of holy writ; that grace received may be lost: that grace abused wiU be withdmwwi: that a man may fall from grace: tha* the: most righteous man may plunge himselfrinto, everlasting damnation. Is thy name written in the book of life? Be it so. . Beware lest it be blotted out {d). Be not, highminded: therefore, but fear. Behold with astonishment, and gratitude the goodness of God'in making thee a partaker of his grace: to"wafds thee^J goodness. Goodness that (hall ensure to thee salvation? On one condition-^—if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise, thou also shalt . be cut off [e). .i.".^i.

Grieve not then the Holy Spirit of God, ye who at present standfast in grace: provoke not your Saviour to take his holy Spirit from you. Abide in your Lord; and he will abide in you. Continue branches of the true^ vine: and you shall receive abundant nurture. Persevere in prayer: flee from temptation: abstain from all appearance of evil. Examine your life and the stan

(c) John, xv. 4. 6. (</) Rev. ill- 5. (c) Rom. xi. 20. 22.


dard of the gospel. Probe your'heart to the bottom. > Compare your present state with your state at antecedent periods. Learn whether y©u grow in grace; whether you make a visible advance, a regular progress, in the course of Christian attainments. If you fond yourself now on the same spot, at whicKHyou had long since arrived: where in^uhe" mean time has been your exertion? n Where has been your solicitude"? Where your remembrance of God? \Where yraar nfove for your Redeemer ?.. .Where y?niri rreyerence for the Spirit of senctificationÆ However fair may be the blossom* however promising the early fruit: if that fruk^. unresponsive to showers and dews and summer-funs, advance not towards maturity j it proves itself to be the production of a withering branch, a branch ia danger of being cut off and cast into the fire. But if it be indeed undeniable that you have ceased. to press forward towards the mark of your high calling in Christ Jesus: do you flatter yourself with the hope that you have remained stationary? On the abrupt and slippery afceut^ which leads from earth to heaven, do you hope that, while you have remitted your exertions to climb the steep, you have pre

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