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will not suffer thee to be tempted above that which thou art able. to sustain; but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that thou mayest be able to bear it. He will so overrule the events of thy life, that all things stiall work together to thee for good in the end, because thou lovest God and thy Redeemer. When he chastens thee, he will think upon mercy. When distress and anguish are ready to overpower thee; he will sill thy heart with the peace of God, which passeth all un,derstanding. He will strengthen thee upon the bed'of languishing ; he will make all thy bed in thy sickness. When thou walkest through the valley of the shadow of death, thou (halt fear no evil; for he shall be with thee, his rod and his staff shall comfort thee, When thou standest before his throne of judgement, he will acknowledge thee for his servant. He will interpose his atonement between thee and condemnation. He will cover thy unworthiness with his merits; he will array thee in his righteousness. He will change thy vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his, glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. He will say unto thee, [Cow, thou blessed of my Father; inherit the kingdom prepared for thee from the foundation of


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the world Id). He will cause thee to reign with him for ever and ever.

My brethren, if these are blessings worthy of your pursuit; remember through whom alone they are to be obtained. Remember Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of your faith; Jesus Christ your Legislator and your King; Jesus Christ your propitiatory sacrifice; Jesus Christ the Lord of life, the Giver of salvation. Take *your part with him. Consecrate yourselves to his service. Stand forth as his soldiers in the face of an unrighteous world. If you are not with Christ, you are against him. There is no middle path. If you are not his friends; you are the friends of the world, the flesh and the devil. If religion is any thing, it 4is every thing. If you make religion a secondary concern; you are not religious. If it be not your prevailing desire and study day by day to walk in the faith of Christ, and to manifest your love and fear of God through his Son by humble, watchful, resolute and persevering holiness; you are not religious. Look well then to yourselves; for eternity is at stake.

2. If the righteous scarcely be saved; if even those persons, whose hearts the Spirit of sanctificatton has turned unto holiness, mourn unfp (</) Matt. xxv. 34.

C 2 the the close of life under the burden of corruptions still unsubdued; and experience, until the moment when they grasp in death their unfading crown of victory, the difficulties and the dangers of their Christian warfare: •whereJhall the ungodly and the sinner appear {e) s What shall be the doom of the enemies of Christ; of those who refuse to build on that corner-stone which the hand of God has planted for salvation J They shall be confounded for ever. The stone which the builders rejected is become the head-stone of the corner. Whosoever shall fall on this soney Jhall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall itso all grindhim to powder (f).


Consider, whoever thou art, who art ##godly and a sinner 1 Consider whether this prophetic warning of the destruction which hangs over thine head, and over the heads of all who resemble thee, has not already received in many memorable instances completion so.decisive in the present world, as to give thee full assurance that the judgements beyond the tomb, which are revealed as awaiting the impenitent, shall be accomplished to the uttermost. Suppose, in the latter day's of the Evangelist St. John, one of his youthful disciples at Ephelus, after hearing a recital of

(«) I Pet. iv, IS. s/J Ps. cxvlii iZ. Matt, xxi 42.44.



the Use and sufferings of Christ, to have enquired of the aged apostle concerning the events which had befallen the most distinguished adversaries of his Lord. "Did Herod, who sought to murder the new-born Saviour at Bethlehem, descend to the grave in peace?" "He died, smitten by the hand of God, in agony and desperation; baffled in his attempt to cut short his miserable existence; worn away by the lingering horrors of a disease unexampled in loathsomeness and anguish {g)" What vengeance overtook the traitor Judas!" "He peristied by his own hand!" "What was the end of that other wretch of the name of Herod, by whom Christ, a short time before his. crucifixion, was derided?" "He was stripped by the Roman emperor of his property and of his kingdom, and was driven into perpetual exile (h). "What befel the iniquitous judge, Pontius Pilate?" "Recalled in disgrace from his government, and condemned to banishment, he took away his own life." ** The city of Jeruialem, which nailed its King to the cross; does it survive r" "Not one stone of it is left upon another!" "Where is now the Jewifli nation?" "Cut off by unequalled calamities j

{g) Josephi Opera/edit. Huds. vol.' H. p. 76S. 770, &c ib) Ibid. p. 820. 1067.

or scattered in bondage and infamy over the face of the earth!" Within the span of St. John's life all these examples of divine justice and truth were displayed. What if we continue the enquiry lower? What befel the Roman empire; which first shed the blood of the Master, and then persecuted his followers? It bowed to the standard of the cross; it dishonoured by sin the Christian profession; and was swept away by the deluge of barbarians which the Dragon, " the Old Serpent," is represented in the book of Revelations as having poured forth for the destruction of the Christian church. But were those pagan invaders permitted a»long triumph over Christianity? The earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up thefiood (*).' Their names are nearly vanished from remembrance; nation after nation speedily worshipped within the pale of the church which it came to destroy; and among their descenders, deeply as the majority of them has been funk for many ages in the bitter dregs of a corrupted religion, are to be found peoples and languages eminent for evangelical purity of faith. What is the present state of those pre-eminent antagonists of Jesus, the votaries of the Papacy and of Mahomet? To the servants of Jesus they are still

(*) jR.ev.xii. 15, 10.


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