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is it owing that you have escaped the innumerable snares of death, by which you have continually been encompassed ?. To what gause is it owing that you have not been af. flićted with severer ficknesses; that you do not labour under heavier, and more numerous infirmities; that you have not drunk more frequently and more deeply of the cup of distress ...To the preserving mercy of God. How many persons, whose constitution and general state of health were in human estimation at least as firm as your own, have you steñsnatched away to the gravel How many have you seen laid on the bed of lingering decay, maimed and crippled by accidents, or, reduced to misery by losses and misfortunes! Who has guarded you under fimi. lar dangers, . and saved you, from similar calamities : God your Preserver. What claim had you to this compassion and goodness at his hand Have you performed greater deeds in the service of God than others? Have you displayed a more lively faith ? Have you manifested a more devout and holy life? Have you surpassed the rest of the world in kindness to your fellowcreatures You fix your eyes on the earth, and confess that you advance not any plea of superiority. Remember then that to the

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loving kindness of God, unmerited on your pan, you owe the security Which, you have enjoyed from the perils and tribulations, by which so many others have been over* whelmed j and the possession of all the comforts, all the happiness, with which you find yourself surrounded. Set the Lord your Pre* server before you. • •' »

;r.;3. Farther, remember God as your Redeemer and your Sanctifier. Adam, by wilful disobedience, forfeited the state of happii ness and immortality for which he was cremated. His nature became corrupt; and he was made subject to death. You are the children of Adam. You have inherited from him a corrupt nature alienated "from God; and a bodily framerwhich is soon to be turned. Int6 dust. You have provoked the wrath" of your Heavenly Father by offences without number. You have continually done those things which you ought not to have done, and' left undone those things which you ought to have done. You have broken his laws, disregarded his warnings, and made light mkihis favour. You have subjected yourselves by spontaneous transgression to the everlasting punishment which he has denounced against sinners; which, during' the time when you have been committing sins, you S 4 knew knew thaj he had denounc^ ^cju, h^ 99 powejf to avert his,- .vengeance, flo^sa^f)r,th^ justice. You could not ^j^ jg.pass eygn^a, finely day unstained by freftY offences against him. But his free mercy has p^y^d^d.fiwr you the means of deliverance, pf |prgjgeujefs, of restoration to the inheritance of h^eayei^ God soloyed the world, that he sent his onjjj Son Jesus jedeem it, by making atonement for the sins of mankind upon.,th;e cross/. Through faith in his blood you maj receive pardon and peace. Believe in Hint as your Saviour, an^ truly repent of you*; sins. So shall the punisliment which ypuf haye deserved be turned away, for the fak§ ,pf the sufferings and merits of Jesus Christ, Norx is this the whole extent of his mercy. J|e who in his unbounded companion undertook to become a sacrifice in your steady He who now intercedes for you at th§ right-hand of God; has purchased for you, the sanctifying influence of the Holy SpU rjt. Though you are prone to ^evil^ afl4 unable of yourself to withstand temptations $he Spirit of God is ready to strengthen &o4 support you. Though you have tocqnte.nd against the malice and the snares of the devil and his angels ; yet, if with sincerity andfer-. yency ofprayer ypu adchrese yourself tO:God»

vibfioi']-'^ **°

wfiich he-will pour into ytfir ft&$.OJ Ufflvt depend otiyourself you are undone: for evert but they that trust in the Most High< shall not be confounded. ,l YtJU , ni

1a3fi SeVthe Lord before you as your (5dve* reign and your Judge. He has statibnetfyoj} upon earth that you may perform his good pleasure; that you may. be put to the prods Whether through his offered grace you will keep his cbmmandments Gt rioV He has "revealed to you his righteous; laws".: and he; ri£ quires you to love and obey th^ritf. .He^hal placed the Bible in your hands, thatLyou may/ possess a recorded declaration of htswflt. "Ijte hao appointed two sacraments, "by one p£ which you are dedicated to his name; by the other you are taught habitually to bear ift mind your redemption through Jesus Christ his Son. He has enjoined you to give diligent attendance on public worship, that yoti may unite with your fellow-Christians in prayers, praises, and thanksgivings; that you may reverently listen to his holy word j that you may thus have the mercies which you; have received, the blessings of which you stand in need, and the duties which you art! to fulfil, perpetually brought'to yourremerribrance. He has forewarned you that a day ii - ;. g~ approach^ approaching, when this earth- and' all that k contains shall be destroyed; wHen throned' in the clouds of heaven and encircled by angelic host% Christ shall return to summon- the living and the dead to judgements He''h*s announced to. you the sentence which Awaits you against that dreadful day, accordingly a'& you shall be found in the nurtibesof thoft who have accepted the gospel and obeyed it from the heart} or among those who have continued obstinately or carelessly in fin. , Ht has apprised you that your state will then be fixed in happiness'or in misery. for even* that you will be exalted into heaven, ictttf glory and happiness which shaft never fad$ away; of be cast iftto hell, the prison" t>f apostate spirits, into the lake of fire which'ii the second death. « :)

HI. Suffer me to illustrate by some exam* pies the duty of setting Almighty God always, at all times, and' under all'circumstances, be* fore you. — V^r

Be it supposed that you,are prosperous.Your prosperity you owe to God. It is- to Him, and to Him only, that you are to look for the continuance of the Whole and of any part of your happiness. It is He who has filled your cup with blessings, and who keeps -•.'"-• it

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