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prone-;to value himself highly for having refrained from a more flagrant transgression. It is riot in the least improbable that Herod, conscious as he was that he most unjustly detained John the Baptist in prison, applauded .-.. himself with complacency, and assumed in his own estimation great credit for virtue, because he had withstood the solicitations of Herodias for his death, Have you not alto, while- aware than you have lived under 5 the habitual influence of some unchristian .temper, in the habitual indulgence of some . unchristian practice; have riot you also been .. proudly congratulating yourself on your goodness, because you have abstained from other crimes to which you were tempted? Have i not you been satisfying yourself for yielding ? to the one temptation, by reminding your '-,, conscience that you did not yield to the other? Have not you hankered after a compromise with divine justice; and meditated with complacent self-righteousness the production of a . balance of imaginary merit to countervail the , i,penalty of guilt? Thus faith the Lord of Hosts', I Consider your -ways (f). How long shall a dt' yrfekjed heart turn thee aside {g)? How long r; fl^ali it be ere thou knowest that thou art ,. igscfcbed- and miserable and poor and blind and

(J) Haggai, i. 5. (.j) Isaiah, xliv. 20> bnB naked iiaked\h)? How long shall it be ere thou understandest the curse of the law; Cursed is every. one who continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them \i)t If. example can affect you, look to that of Herod. Behold in him an illustration of the consequences entailed on perseverance in- a t single sin. In him behold a picture of that abandoned depravity, of which perseverance

ta single sin is naturally the forerunner. To toe evils which Herod had done we have ieen him adding yet this above all; that he Jhqt up John in prison (&). We haver:feen him farther advanced in the road to destruction, and taking away the Baptist's life. We 'have still to behold him surpassing all his former guilt. Behold him, a worthy defcendent of his Father, plotting the death;: of the Saviour of the world f/). Behold this murderer, when the Saviour of the World was delivered into his power by the Romans, triumphing over his captive with studied bitterness of insult; exposing him to 'the prutal scoffs of the soldiery; mocking him, and setting him at nought; and finally sending him hack tb the Roman governor arrayed, in a gorgeous robe, intended at once to throw derision upon his claim to be the Messiah,

(A) Rev. iii. 17. (») Gal. iii. 10. (i) Luke, iii. 19, io.

;*»« U3 and

iffit§i'<k treifdn agaf nft'Csefar (m). Is these

^h Hero^ias whom you wilt not put aWar^?

31tet "suitably temptations arise i and guilt equal

ic&tftaf-'bV Herod ma-y become yowsV If we

fin Adlfully after thai we have received the

ffiiftibledgc' df "the truth, there remaintth no

Jinoref&crifce'for fits; but a certain looking for

&f judgement, and fiery indignation. If he

tybal despised the law of Moses died 'without

-jnercy: of Bow much sorer punishment shall he/

ty'e thought worthy, who hath trodden under

"fvot-ifre Sonif'Cod, and hath counted the blood

of the Covenant wherewith he was fanidifiedan

unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the

Spirit of grace (7/)?

I would leave on the recollection of the

careless sinner one additional truth, to which

Herod, could his voice reach our ears, would

bear witness. It is possible for you to refigP

yourself to habitual wickedness, until your

hardened heart lose all sense of its- enormity.

It is possible for you to add crime to crime,

..until you entirely forget numbers which you

have committed. But an hour when they

.shall be remembered is approaching. The

guilty deed is not deadT but fleepeth.. When

you are laid on your death-bed, all your

(«) Luke, xiii. 6. 12. Acts, iv. 27, 28. («) Hebr. x-26—29*

i - 14 crimes

crimes shall return to life; and as the sup: posed revival of John the Baptist, dismayed the king who had, murdered him, shall rack your soul with horrors, known, only to the finful wretch when he trembles on the brink of the grave, and shrinks from the prospe:

of damnation. May, your heart be renewes by the Holy Spirit; May you fly without delay to Christ. May, you surrender yourself to Him without reserve. By His blessed atonement may you be rendered acceptable to God. May your last hours be cheered by scriptural hopes of entering through His me

rits into everlasting glory ! . . . . . . - - so - yo . * go * * **, *, . . . . . . ; f r to * * * * ... or k o * * - r f * , o to O t * * -----* 79, wo . . . . -- * * to o, * 3 & • o * o . . . ." *

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He hath shewed thee, O Man, what is good ...And what doth the Lord require of thee, but

to do justly, and to love Mercy, and to walk

humbly with thy God &

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N urging upon men their various obligations as servants of the Most High, the Holy Scriptures have recourse in different places to a diversity of arrangement. “Most commonly, they press upon us in the first instance that supreme and affectionate faith towards God and Christ, which is the foundation of every Christian virtue; and then pro ceed to inculcate those pure principles, those holy tempers, and those good works, which - - - - -- genuine

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