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they shall be thy study: they shall be a delight unto thee. Hear with what energy of language mercy in all its branches is enjoined throughout the Scriptures. Be ye merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Be kindly affeclioned one towards another in brotherly love; *tihonour preferring one another. Rejoice "with them that rejoice, and -weep with them that weep. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger\ and clamour, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another. Walk in love as Christ loved us. Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you; bless them that curse you; pray for them •which defpitefully use you. Be ready to distribute, willing to communicate. .f any man feet h his brother have need, and Jhutteth up his bowels of compassion from him: how dwelleth the love of God in him? Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive {b). Take your Bible into "your hand. Examine yourself by these passages of holy writ. Consider them one by one. You will thus discover whether you love mercy. If you truly love mercy: it.

(i) Luke, vi. 36. Rom. xii. 10, 15. Ephes. iv. 31, 32. v. 2. Matth. x. tj4- 1 Tim. vi. 18. 1 John, iii. 17. Acts» xx. 35.

X-2 Will

will be your pursuit and your pleasure to perform acts of mercy. You will not idly wait until opportunities of exercising kindness may chance to force themselves upon your notice. You will anxiously search for them: you will delight in availing yourself of any one, however small, which may arise. In every one of your fellow-creatures you will behold a brother whom God, your Creator, formed; for whom Christ, your Redeemer, died. The temporal welfare, the everlasting interests of that brother, will be dear to your heart. You will bear with ignorance, with peevishness, with enmity, with ingratitude, as a Christian. You will regard the offences of others against yourself as wisely adapted to admonish you of your own infinitely greater offences against God. You will not conceive that you discharge your duty as to almsgiving, by accommodating the scale of your gifts to such a portion of your income as would remain not only when the demands of reasonable prudence but when the claims of fashion and pleasure should have been satisfied to the uttermost. You will habitually discipline and moderate your desires, and curtail all needless expences; that you may have the more to give to him that needeth.

3. Thirdly:

3. Thirdly: You are to walk humbly with your God. To walk w ith God, signifies, in the language of Scripture, to be a faithful and zealous servant of God. Thus it is said of Enoch, that he walked with God: and he was not. He was no longer to be found on earth ; for God took him. His piety and holiness were lo eminent, that God distinguished him by translating him alive into heaven. Again, we are told that Noah was a just man, andperfecl in his generation; and Noah walked with God. And his heavenly Master as a signal reward preserved him and his family from the deluge. We, like these holy men of old, and like the righteous in all ages who have trodden in their footsteps, are also to walk with God. And, like them, we are to walk humbly with our God. We are to bring our whole hearts as Well as our actidns into subjection to the divine will. If you would obtain salvation, you must become like the Israelite to whose enquiries the words of Micah were a reply, humbled to the dust in sorrow for your guilt, and fervently desirous of submitting to any method of reconciliation with the Majesty of heaven. But are you, like that Israelite, looking round for burnt-offerings to present unto the Lord? My Son, God will provide .-—.." X3 himself himself a lamb for a burnt-offering (c). Would you give your sr/Inborn for your transgression; the fruit of your body for the sin of your fouls Not your first-born is the atonement; but the only begotten Son of God. His must be the blood wherewith you come before the Lord and bow yourself before the Most High. Look to the cross of Christ, and to that/alone. Disclaim all presumption, all boasting, all self-righteousness, all dependence on your own strength to will or to perform. Present yourself before God, not as a Pharisee demanding reward as a debt; not as a vaunter professing to be rich, and bearing payment in his hand for a blessing which he would purchase: but as a . sinner implojvr ing pardon and mercy through Christ,) as otherwise totally unattainable, as in every point and circumstance the free ^ajid unmerited gifts of divine grace. Look through Christ to the Holy Spirit for power to resist temptation, for power to form good resolutions, for power to carry them into effect. Remember that, while God resiseth the proud, it is to the bumble that he giveth grace {d). When you have done all, confess that you are an unprofitable servant to your Lord; that you have done only that which was your (f) Gen. xxii.. 8. (d) i Pet. v. 5.


bounden duty. This it is to walk humbly .with your God in the general frame and temper of your soul. In all the changeful situations of your life evince by your conduct this characteristic temper of a Christian. Are you in prosperity? Walk humbly with your God. Confess, that it is he, who of his own loving kindness giveth you all things richly to enjoy. Confess, with the'Patriarch Jacob, O Lord I am not worthy of the least of these thy mercies (e). Let the Giver be glorified in his gifts. Now ye are full, now ye are rich. Be it so. Who maketh thee to differ from another P And what . hafl thou that thou didst not receive? Now if thou didst receive it; why dost thou glory as if thou hadst nos received it (f)? The more distinguished is your prosperity, the more earnest be your solicitude to become meek, humble, and sober-minded. Remember that he who lifteth up, can cast down; that he who bestoweth can take away. Remember that thou hast here no continuing city. Look at that withering flower; and behold how perishable are all the glories which derive their nutriment from earth. Has adversity overtaken you? Have trials and afflictions and sicknesses clouded your days?

(e) Gen. xxxii. 10. (/) Cor. Iv. 7, t.

X4 Walk

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