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of worldly acquisitions which occupje^jheir bosoms; the health and length outlays whicja they had promised themselves, thajrj tjiey should enjoy! All ate utterly atTar^ead.. The plans, the expectations* the, pPom]s«ST are,no more. And they w^ formed.and c^erislved them, for eyer. reproved iato. .another state of being, are, awaiting a, resurrection of life ^ or a resurreQ'i.on.^d^I^vat'ionf \i other warnings are ineffectual; receive' in

Vi.'.iV.' '.-.'".. '.''.A "S-.',m,1\' -'i\t 'X WAV '».-.\'

struction from your departed. parents and near kindred. Think what would-be the advice which they would now convey 40 .your ears, possible .that from their present abode they could hold communication with you. For what is your life? Is it 'hota vapour thatpajscth away? Who is.there among us that can assure himself that he-{hall see the close of the year, which is now begun? Who is there among us, my brethreri, thaj can promise to himself that he shall be found to-:morrow in the land of the living? "VVe.may all be alive to-morrow, But./


anything is upon earth. If but one ,bf us

{hall before that time be numbered with the

dead : who is that person? Every one bji us

j., \. Y 4 may may look up to heaven in aweful,suspenseand say, Lord! is it I f Learn then through the grace of Godyo to number your days, that you may apply your hearts unto •wisdom {h). Form no plans in your own strength. Form no distant plans. Form one plan, and one plan only, with solicitude: and let that plan be to be religious. On earth you are sojourners and pilgrims Of the world tocome you will be inhabitants for ever. The things that are seen are temporal; the things that are not seen are eternal (/'). If you are not yet a true servant of Christ Jesus; if you have not yet that genuine faith which wwketh by love; if it be not yet your meat and drink, your support and your comfort, steadfastly to live unto God and unto Christ, habitually to strive in every particular to perform at all hazards as an obedient and affectionate son the will of your heavenly Father: seek the grace of God while yet it may be found. The present year may look upon your grave.

III. The apostle, in the next place, teaches us what is the frame of mind, with which all our purposes should be formed. Ye ought to say; If the Lord will, we shall do this or that.' In all our undertakings, in all our in

./'..:. (>) Psalih, xc. 12. » (/} 2 Cor. iv> 18.

-.J tentions

tentions and our prospects, let us remember that God is the Master, that we are the servants ; that we are nothing, that God is everything. He sitteth in the heavens, and-his kingdom ruleth over all. He lifteth up, ?odhe casteth down: the disposal of the lot Is with Him: and in his hands are the issues of life and death. He is the God of all power. To Him we ought in all things cheerfully td submit ourselves. For what can "Man do against Him? What can man do without Him? How shall any plan take effect but by' his support? How shall any plan fail, if it be; supported by Omnipotence? He is the God' of all wisdom. Man is lost in ignorance. He knows not what objects to pursue. He knows not what measures will contribute' to the success of his pursuit. How shall he choose aright? How shall he direct his steps aright? By committing himself to his Makers Set your affections on those 6bjectsj which God in his holy word points out as alone worthy of a Christian's regard, Pursue them on those principles, and by those methods, which the fame holy word enjoins as alone lawful to a Christian. Then will the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Wisdom, maintain you under his unerring guidance. God is the God' of all goodness. It is he who of his own free bounty . .' - has has bestowed upoq youjisc, and, all its btei; sings. What good gift is there, wl}ichhbeS tiot ready to bestow upon you,? -T\$i who spared not his Qwjl- Son, but Miyer$d Him up for us all: hawspall he not with ffmi also freely give us.alLthings {})?.. Will ;.yo# not trust your interests, .present and future* in the hands of your Oeato^yourPreserver,yauf Redeemer? Let his power, his, his love be your confidence. Let bis pleasure be. your delight. When you meditate upon any design; let it be the language qo^aps^y of your lips, hut of your heart, " Ifth^Urd 4* 'will, my purpose will be establimed^."% tertain not a wish that it should .be &%<mr plished, unless it be wholly comformabie,to the will of God, Commit thy way unto tU Lord, and he so all bring it to pass (4)'^ \$ be for thy good that it should be brougiuj,Jp pass. Or if he foresees that its accomplishment would not be for thine advantage ; s he shall provide se»r thee real blessings in the\p!»ce,vf that imaginary good, that-actual eviL^rdch thou hadst ignorantly chpsefcfar 4$¥&ii >I

IV. 1 he apostle proceeds to admpru^uj, that the presumption with which. men, |oqk forward to the ^ac^^pplislimen^of^S^t

.-, 3 plans


plans as to certain events, presumption which he had already shewn to be the height of folly, is equally to be stigmatised as guili. But notso ye rejoice in your boa/lings: all such rejoicing is e.vil. The presumptuous men, to whom his epistle was in the first instance addressed, prided themselves in their self-dependence; and openly.took pleasure and triumphed in their vain-glorious boastings. "Well would it have been for the Christian world, if the spirit of those vaunters had died with them! Well is it for yourselves, if no portion of it has descended unto you! Every degree, even the smallest degree, of such triumph, of such confidence, is fin. For what is it, but to exalt man against his Maker.; to gratify human arrogance at the expence of the glory of God? Is it not sin to refuse unequivocally to submit yourself to the government of infinite power: of that insinite power which moulded you out of nothing, and con.ferred upon you those very faculties which you are employing as instruments of disobedience? Is it not sin to refuse to resign yourself to the direction of insinite wisdom: of that infinite wisdom which has unceasingly displayed itself In providing for your welfare 5 and has devised for your deliverance from sin and death

eternal a plan of redemption so stupendous •j Kin as


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