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God; that their preaching had in that case been in vain, an imposture and a delusion; that the Corinthians had believed in vain, and were yet in their fins, had placed reliance on a falsehood, and were destitute of pardon and without a possibility of salvation; and that all who had fallen asleep in Christ, all who for His sake had encountered persecution and misery, all who had died in His faith and in full assurance of life eternal through Him, had perished. Having thus fully set before them the consequences which would neces. sarily ensue, if the pestilent doćtrine with which they were affailed were founded in truth: a doćtrine which would prove that Christ had not risen from the dead; that He had wrought no atonement for fin; that He was unable to perform his promises; that no hope remained for the righteous; that the whole fabric of the Christian religion was a human contrivance, the produćtion of deliberate fraud and unexampled hypocrisy: he cheers them in the words of the text with a solemn statement of the real fact as to the resurreàion of their Lord, and the blessed result of His resurreàion with regard to all those who trusted in Him. But now ir Chris rism from the dead and become the first fries of them that slept. “Be not shaken in mind,” . . . . . * for


.. 1. .. \1r: . # ".;? ^

for thus we may conceive the apostle addressing his beloved followers; " Be not shaken **. in mind, nor carried about with every wind ** of doctrine. Hold fast without wavering "the profession of your faith, and especially 5o of that most important article, on which ** the truth of the gospel and every promise * which you cherish of pardon and future **, happiness depend, the resurrection of your "" Saviour from the dead. Regard not these ** unrighteous deceivers, who are come among "you, subverting your fouls, ministers of "the prince of darkness transforming them^ selves into apostles of Christ i the chief "of, whom, Hymeneus, I am constrained ** to deliver unto Satan, I am compelled to "** subject to the penal infliction of a mira.** culouj and severe disease, that he may r** learn not to blaspheme; and that, being "thus driven by the punisliment of the flesh ?*- to a conviction of his guilt, his foul may per"chance be saved in the day of the Lord (b). M Christ is risen from the dead. He rose on "* the third day, according to the Scriptures. rft'.God did not leave his foul in hell, in the ** abode of separate spirits; neither did He ** suffer His Holy One to fee corruption. And ■* He is become the frsl fruits of than that slept.

r\ {i) i Cor. v. 5. 1 Tim. i. 20.


*c He is the first-born from the dead, that in **" all things He might have the preeminence'. ** 'For' it pleased the Father that in Hitfi «* should all fulness dwell. As by the'obla** tion of the first fruits, the divine blessing ** was drawn down upon the whole harvest: ** so has Christ sanctified all the people of ** God, for whose sins He died, tfoY wliofe "justification He arose. If you IjeUeve that "Jesus died and rose again ; believe that:theni "also which sleep in Jesus will God bring * with Him."

By establishing the fact of the resurrection

of Christ, the apostle had provided a'tdnclu

iive answer to every objection which cbuld be

urged against the future resurre'cti6rirof:the

dead, on whatever principle the objection

might be founded. Was the resurrection of

the dead pronounced impossible'? The repfy

.was at hand. "Christ is risen. Thfc fame

"power which raised Him is able to raise

"all men." Was the resurrection described,

in the language of profane despisers among

the heathen, as an unworthy and undesirable

hope? The reply was ready. u Christ h

ni* risen. Can that hope be unworthy ; cam

'-**': that hope be undesirable to men; which,

^*"when the Son of God became man, was

^: perfected in Him?" Was the refurrectidh

> repre


represented as an -u ncentaui event1!; -T'h e Christian was prepared to answer, "^ŒhY'iftis $: risen:} and'is becometlMfirstfrti'tii of tbem'thfrt ?\ slept; > HeyWho hath- proved Himself to W JseitheSori of God by rising from the dea<3, ,*. hath :declared that all who are in the''grave iVViftall hears his voice'and stvall come forth.0' So deeply; however -was St. Pa ui impressed .'whh. the importance of^the 'subject,*' that -hfe labours with^ ext#esr!<S earnestness in theteV jnainder of the chapter. toJo©nftt'mAan^ AilhSfcrate the troth of the doctrine that-all m*h shall be raised iromthe dead; and tOeiptai'A jtjhe.i blessednese of the change, which stv^S then be experienced by the righteous. >; u .Forfact•bsf'mau cttirte death; by mah'tdi/te also the resitraeBion of the dead. For nsht Adtiih all 'diet; eve/f fe in Christ'shall all be made diivt. Death''came by man: in Adam all die. Adam, transgressing the divine command,' by obedience to which he was to hold his happystate, was expelled from Paradise, left by continuing to eat of the' tree of Hfehe'fliouilcf live for ever. Barred by the flaming sword of the cherubim from all access tb'its vivifying fruit,. he was abandoned to his'natural mdrtality. His mortal-nature descended to hid children; from them it has descended to' u-? \- fro;n-,m-it shajl descend to the ktest^gei »?.»' .; Deration .neration; of mankind* So death passed upon all n*|n. By Adatrn's transgression every .,rnan has been subjected to the sentence, Dufl thou arts and unto dufl Jhalt thou return. But God is a God of mercy. Where sin abounded, he decreed that grace should much more abound. He decreed that the ruin brought on, the human race by the prince of evil spirits whoaniraatedthe serpent, by Satan, the father of lies.. who was thus a murderer from tfee beginning, should not be without hope and without end. He decreed that by a being of that very, nature which the Devil had; degraded and subdued; by a descendentV according to the flesh, from chose miserable sinners, whom he now triumphantly led captive^ at his will; the loss of man should ba regained, the great Enemy should in his tur-a be vanquished and hurled into perdition. He decreed, that the feed pf the "woman should hri(ife the serpent's head. He decreed,'that, as by man came death, by man should also come the resurrection of the dead: that as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Christ undertook the office of mercy and .re* conciliation. He undertook, though with-: out siq, to be made in the likeness of sinful. flelh; to lay down his lifq on the cross, there; to. accomplish by his meritorious. sufferings/ n..;., . .. au

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