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parated from the body, just arrived on the confines of the invisible world. Suppofe yourself addressed by one of its glorifiéd inhabitants. « Behold thefe abodes of blifs : o these ineffable manifestations of divine 6 power and wisdom and love: these worlds 6 beyond worlds diversified with countlefs

modes of existence, filling infinity and eter" nity. Behold these innumerable hosts of “ angels. Behold these thy brethren Jac6 cording to the flesh, the justified children * of thy father Adam, patriarchs; y prophets,

“ and apostles, saints of every tongue and .“ people, and nation! Loov There is Chrift, " the Redeemer of all, King in thy nature of withe universe ! Lo! There is the throne of « God! These, hadît thou accepted the offer« ed mercy, thefe had been thy glories !iotto 6 search out these wonders, to thare this bleff" edness, that had been theinployment, " 'that thy bliss, for ever! This is the Re*** furrection of life which thou haft loft. “ Thou standest"--for ler penal torture bé for a moment supposed not to impendia Thou - ftandeft on the brink of annihilation. Snatch 66 thy last glance. The blackness of eternal “ night is about to close thee in everlasting “ oblivion.” What would be thy sensations ? How truly wouldit thou estimate life and all


its events! With what longing regret wouldst thou look back upon the very miseries of mankind! With what fervency wouldst thou implore for a renewal, were it possible, of probation! “ Return me," thou wouldst exclaim, “to earth! Weigh me down with “ fickness! Fetter mein dungeons ! Encom66 pass me with sorrow from the cradle to the “ grave! I shrink from no evil! I decline “ no suffering! Return me to earth, what“ ever anguish may await me there, that “ through the riches of grace I may possess even “ but a possibility of attaining to the humblest “ of these glories ; of beholding though from “ the remotest distance the countenance of • my Redeemer ; of contemplating from the “ farthest corner and verge of the universe “ the presence and majesty of my God!" The dream of annihilation is dissipated. Thy existence is irrevocably prolonged to eternity. What then are thy groanings, what thine agonies, when thou beholdest the throne of judgement, the book of condemnation, the ministers of vengeance, the gulf of everlasting perdition, the prison of unregenerate men and apoftate fpirits, the weeping and wailing and gnalhing of teeth of the assembled enemies of Jehovah!

But But fear not thou who art stedfast and immoveable, abounding in the work of thy Lord, Christ is risen from the dead, and become the first fruits of them that slept. In thine appointed hour thou shalt rise also. He died to atone for thee: He arose to justify thee : He ascended into Heaven to prepare a place for thee: He sat down on the throne of majesty on high to be Head over all things for thy salvation. Look up to Him and persevere. Thy labour shall not be in vain., Well done, good and faithful servant! Thou shalt enter into the joy of thy Lord !


On the Happiness attendant on the Paths of


PROV. iii. 17.

Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantness; and all

ber Paths are Peace.

A MONG the internal demonstrations of " the truth of Christianity, the excellence of the appropriate lessons respectively addressed in the facred writings to different defcriptions of men holds a distinguished place. To the wicked the Scripture speaks the language of indignation, tempered with offers of mercy. To the penitent it promises forgiveness. The righteous it animates with triumphant hope. To the ignorant, it holds forth instruction ; to the unwary, caution ;

to the presumptuous, humility ; to the feebleminded, support; to the wavering, perfeverance; to the dispirited, encouragement; to the afflicted, confolation. Who but that Power, who discerns every variety of the human disposition, every winding of the human heart; could have been the author of a religion thus provided with à remedy for every corruption, a defence under every weakness? Who but that Power, whofe love to fallen man was so immeasurably great, that He gave His own Son to die for all mankind upon the cross; to die that all who believe on Him might be redeemed from the penalty of guilt, and might attain everlasting life: who but that Father of mercies and God of all comfort would have so graciously directed by the superintendence of His Spirit the sacred writers of the Bible, that no individual of the human race, to whom His revealed word shall be faithfully made known, can perish for want of knowledge; nor can fail of discovering as the reward of humble and diligent and devout enquiry the doctrine, the admonition, the reproof, the exhortation, the promise, or the counsel, precisely adapted to the situation in which he stands?

The passage of Scripture, which we now have before us, breathes the voice of the most VOL. I. Ff


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