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to' other requisites, the compass of many..

discourses. On the present occasion, there-;. fore, I must content myself with calling your attention to some few of those fruits, and with selecting such as are of prime importance.

To this man will I look, faith the Lord? even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirits and trembleth at my "word. Blejfed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Thus faith the high and lofty One, that inhabit eth eternity, whose name is holy: I dwell with him that is of a contrite and humble spirit (a). Have these fruits of the Holy Ghost, humility, and repentance, been wrought in you? Are you thoroughly penetrated with the conviction of the inherent heinousness fcf sin? Do you acknowledge that every transgression of the divine law is treason against the sovereign of the universe: ingratitude to your most bounteous benefactor: abomination in the sight of a God of holiness: '& forfeiture of the whole of that future reward, which was promised only to perfect obedience: and a just ground for the punishment denounced against all, who after receiving, as all men have received, ability

(«) Isaiah, ljhfi. 2. Matt. v. 3. Isaiah, lv'i, 15.

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to perform their duty, shall be found guilty of any act of rebellion? Are you convinced* tkat by wilful transgression you have proved yoursdlf rebellious? Are you convinced, by contemplating the depravity of the nature common to all men, and by the result of your gersonal experience, that you must despair, if abandoned to yourself, of resisting the future allurements of sin? Do you feel an abhorrence of sin because of its sinfulness? Are you earnestly solicitous to be delivered fretn sin, not merely on account of the penalty which it entails, but on account of its , native deformity, its offensivenefs in the sight of God? Do you begin to fee the beauty and, . excellence of holiness? Are you submissively.. willing to be rescued from guilt and its consequences, and to be reconciled to God, by such methods, whatever they may be,.as he in his wisdom shall ordain ?, Then hath God granted unto you the grace of repentance i Then hath he wrought in you by his Spirit that self-abasement, which is the foundation of justifying faith in the Lord Jesus!

The juflshall live by faith: and faith is'the fruit of the spirit [b). Is that ,ffuit manifested in you? Do you receive with reverent; .ae

{t) Habb. ii. 4. Ronuj. 17. Gal. iiL J r-pv. «•,,.

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quiescence the scriptural revelation of the pa. ture and the office of the Mesfiah : With. respect to mysteries, concerning which the limited understanding of man is of itself ut: terly incompetent to pronounce any decision; , do you bring every thought into captivity. before the declarations of God? Do you. behold your Redeemer as the teacher of the . will of God to man : Do you behold his blood as the fountain opened for the washing away of fin Do you look to him as the Lamb. of God; the only, the all-sufficient sacrifice, sors? Do you cordially believe that there is. salvation in no other: that there is no other, name under heaven given among men, whereby you may be saved Do you looks up to him as your advocate, your continual, interceffor with the Father * Do 'ou eleyaté o your thoughts to him as the King of Kings, feated on the throne of glory at the fights, hand of God, Lord of angels and arch. angels, of principalities andpowers throughout the whole extent of creation; as head o over all things to his church, dispenser of . light and firefigh additifs, the ris: *::: dead,” the appointed judge of j #" D&#ouličnotice as altogether indefensible," as irregoncilably repugnant to the ** o . . . • * * n to

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si redemption, every pretension to the pardon of fin, evey claim to the inheritance of the faints, grounded on any supposed merit of your own? Do you desire to be found at the last day justified exclusively through the righteousness of Christ; acceptable solely through the merits of his atonement? Then has the grace of our Lord Jesus, the author and finijher of our faiths been exceeding abundant to you with faith which is in Christ, even thefaith which is the operation of God (c).

All Christians however are not as yet perfect Christians. All who are genuine members of the true church, the mystical body of our Lord, are not yet come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfcEl man; unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ {d). There may be some in this congregation, who, at the fame time that they humbly trust that they have laboured to obtain grace unto repentance and faith, perceive such ample grounds for deploring their deficiencies in both, that they tremble lest they should be regarded in the sight of God as effectually poUessed of neither. Christ will not break the bruised reed. His lambs he will carry

(<) i T-m*. ii- ski Heb. xii. *. Col. fc-i% {J) E^h. iv. l).

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