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tiei, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's fake (r). Hear his ardent declarations of affection for mankind, whether of the Jewish, or of the Gentile race. I fay the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost; that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow w my heart. For I could .wish. that my self were accurfidfrom Christ.; that/I were .subjected to the temporal vengeance about to .overtake the Jewish nation; or, as some learned expository understand the original phrase, thatlwe^e made, after the example -of. Christ, . a sacrifice unto death ; for--my bxethrcnrmy k{usni^i according to thcflejh. . My . hear/'x,: desire. gild prayer to God for Israelis, that 'they might Jif saved. I, Paul, the prisoner of Jesus.Christ for you Gentiles, desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you. Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith.;. ^s joy and rejoice (s). Observe his earnest solicitude to subdue the corrupt appetites of human nature. / keep under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself fiould be a

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(r) 2 Cor.itii. 9, io. \t) Rom. ir.' ;—4. x. 1. Epfs.

iii. I. 13. Philipp. ii. ly.Setoq, Rnm. ix.j.Podcliidgc in Joe. and Dr. Waterla«iirs Strains', vol. t. p. 77. V'

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cafl-awny (/). The.testimony which in these passages of his writings the apostle incidentally bears concerning himself, is true. It was confirmed'by his life andby his death. The indefatigable zeal which he exerted for the advancement of the gospel; the long course of sufferings which he cheerfully endured until they were closed by. martyrdom; bore witness upon earth and will bear witness at the day of retribution, that his heart was governed by the Spirit of God.

In concluding this discourse, for the length to which the foregoing observations have extended themselves, compels' me to defer to another occasion the consideration of the remainder of the subject; let me recommend to the attention of every person present, the character of that eminent apostle. Was he bound by the sovereignty of God, by the mercies of creation, of preservation, and of redemption, to be a faithful servant and soldier of. the Lord Jesus? So likewise are you. Did he confess the obligation? You have confessed the fame obligation times. without number. Was the hand of Omnipotence stretched forth to .help him? It is at all times stretched forth to help you. Were life and death eterQal

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. :,: ,• set set before hini? They are set before you likewise* Compare then his frame of mind with your own.: . Compare the proofs, which he gave, of acting stedfastly under the in-' fluence of divine grace, with the proofs which you conscience may be able to produce, that you are acting in your station of life in.obedience to the influence of the Holy Spirit. Examine whether, like St. Paul, with an humble and penitent heart, you have discovered and acknowledged, that by the deeds of the law, by human works, by perional righteousness no flesh shall be justified in the sight of God. Examine whether, like him, you have sought for salvation solely through the blood of the Cross. Examine whether, like him, you have looked for sanctification solely by the grace of Christ: whether, like hitnr you attribute to that grace alone whatever measure of holiness you enjny. Examine whether, like him, you love God and your Redeemer with all your soul. Examine whether, like him, you love your neighbour as yourself without dissimulation, with charity unfeigned, with a pure heart, fervendy. - Exa-' mine whether, like him, you keep under your body, and bring it into subjection. Thus may' you be powerfully assisted in forming your 5 judge

judgement, whether as yet, like St. Paul, you are under the effectual guidance of the Spirit of grace; whether you are at present authorised to hope, that you are one of those, to whom, as unto St. Paul, the

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- - - *** * * s E R M ON V. * . . . . . ~ * = * > . . so; On the Nature and Efficacy of Divine . Grace.

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HE necessity, and the universality, of * divine grace, the means by which it is to be obtained, and the fruits by which its influence is characterised, have already been laid before you. In pursuance, therefore, of my original design, I proceed to demonstrate on scriptural grounds the truth of the concluding lesson, which I stated as deducible from the text.

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