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SERMON VII. On the Duty of openly ranging ourselves on

the Side of the Lord.

EXODUS, xxxii. 26. . Tben Moses stood in the Gate of the Camp, and faid: Who is on the Lord's Side ?

Page 155
On the Sin of dissembling with God.

JEREMIAH, xlii. 20.
Ye dissembled in your Hearts, when je fent me

unto the Lord your God, saying ; Pray for us unto the Lord our God: and according unto all that the Lord our God Mall say, so declare unto us, and we will do it. . - 173

SERMON IX. On the Nature and the Consequences of

Excuses for not giving up the Heart to Religion.

LUKE, xiv. 18. And they all with one Confent began to make

Excuse. - : .. 94


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"On Stedfastness in Obedience to God.

NUMBERS, xiv. 24.
. But my Servant Caleb, because he had another
· Spirit with him and bath followed me fully,

bim will I bring into the Land. Page 215

On the Character of Naaman.

2 KINGS, V. 2, 3.
The Syrians had gone out by Companies, and

bad brought away captive out of Israel a little
Maid; and me waited on Naaman's Wife.
And she faid unto her Mistress ; Would God
my Lord were with the Prophet that is in
Samaria : for he would recover him of his
Leprosy! • • • 236

On habitual Remembrance of God.
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PSALM xvi. 8.
I have set the Lord always before me. Because
| He is at my right Hand, I shall not be
moved. - - - 256

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It is even a Vapour, that appearetb for a little Time, and then vanisheth away. For that ye ought to say ; " If the Lord will, we ball live and do this or that.But now ge rejoice in your Boastings : all such Rejoicing is Evil. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not; to him it is Sin.

- - Page 318 SERMON XVI. On the Guilt and the Consequences of de, spising the Divine Threatenings.

GENESIS, xix. 14. And Lat went out, and spake unto bis Sons-in

law, which married bis Daughters, and faid: "Up; get you out of this Place : for the Lord will destroy this City.But

be seemed as one that mocked unto bis Sons:in-law. - - - 340

SERMON XVII. On the Guilt of establishing unfcriptural

Principles of Conduct,

ISAIAH, V. 20.
Woe unto them that call Evil Good, and Good

Evil; that put Darkness for Light, and
Light for Darkness; that put Bitter for
Sweet, and Sweet for Bitter 1. - 363

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SERMON XVIII. An Exposition of the first part of the Lesson appointed for the Burial Service.

I COR. xv. 20. Now is Christ risen from the Dead, and ben come the first Fruits of them that pept.

Page 387 SERMON XIX. An Exposition of the second Part of the Lefson appointed for the Burial Service.

I COR. XV. 20. Now is Christ risen from the Dead, and become the firft Fruits of them that pept. - 409

SERMON XX. On the Happiness attendant on the Paths of


PROV. iii. 17. Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantness; and all ber Paths are Peace. - - 432


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