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Behold! I lay in Sion a chief Corner-Stone, elefl, precious: and he that believeth on Him Jhall not be confounded.

'"TO the attentive reader the holy Scriptures continually offer new subjects of admiration and gratitude. Among other circumstances which will excite his wonder and thaakfulness,he will notice the accommodating condescension of God to the dulness of human understanding, in setting before men under so copious a variety of appropriate and familiar figures the nature and plan of Redemption through Christ. The sower sowing his feed; the good shepherd giving his, life for the sheep; the vine nourishing its branches; the king making a marriage for his son; the householder superintending his vineyard > the faVol. I. B ther ther receiving the repentant prodigal; the master settling accounts with his servants ; the wheat-field overspread with tares; the net cast into the sea, and gathering fishes of every kind: these are among the images, by which the office of the Son of God, and his dealings with man, are represented and rendered clear to our apprehensions. In the passage now before us the apostle alludes to our Saviour under the description of a massy corner stone placed in the; foundation of a building, that it may unite and bind together the principal walls, and may thus ensure the firmness and the durability of the structure. Christ is displayed to us as the chief corncr-stoae, of chosen strength, of inestimable value, fixed by the hand of God himself, and capable of sustaining for ever and ever the fabric of the universal church. Under this image Christ was originally pourtrayed by David and Isaiah. The Stone "which the builders refused, the same is become the head-slone of the corner. This it the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes (a). Therefore thus faith the Lord God; Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation, as one, a ttiedflone, a precious comer-flone, a sure foundation; he that believeth on him shall not make basic (b); shall not be hurried into dismay, shall not be confounded. To these words of Isaiah

(t*} Psalm cKviii. %i, zy (£) Isaiah, xxviii. 16.


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