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0182-Stephen, Zutphen. 183-Defame.

184 Dover. Defier, defray, devoir, devour, diver, edifier, eighty-four, thievery, whatever, wood-fire.

0184 Stiver, steever, stover. 185-Devil, Odd-Fellow, Tivoli. Deafly, defile, hateful, heedful, heedfully, out-fly, out-value, toyful, youthful, youthfully, a tough lie.

0185-Westphalia. Stiffly, stifle, wasteful, wistful. 186-Odd-fish, thievish, whitefish.

187.-Defying, deific, diving, edifying, white-fog.

Staving, steeving, stuff


ing. 188--Eighty-five, a wood-fife. 189-A tough pie, a witty fop. 190-Thebes. Debase, depose, head-piece, heath-peas, outpace, tapes, tapis, tips, tipsy, topaz, tops, tubes, tubs, types, white-peas. 0190-Steps, stops, sweet-peas. 191-Thibet. Adapt, adept, ad

hibit, adopt, day-bed, debate, debit, depth, depute, deputy, hot-bed, tea-pot, tepid, tip-toe, tow-path. 0191-Seed-bud, seed-pod, ed, stooped, stupid. 192-Audubon, Theban, Utopian. Deepen, depone, headpan, twopenny, white-pine, woodbine. 193-Day-beam, witty poem. 194 Tiber, Tupper. Dapper, debar, dewberry, diaper, dipper, headborough, out-bar, out-bear, out-pour, out-pray, tabor, taper, tapir, toper, white bear. 0194-Steeper, stooper, stupor. 195-Audible, audibly, deeply, deploy, double, eatable, edible, table, tableau, twibill. 0195-Stable, stably, staple, steeple, steeply, stipple, suitable.

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sciences, senses. 1200-Audiences, dances, dunces, tenses, witnesses. 01200-Stone-houses. 201-Honest, honesty, honeysweet, incite, inset, inside, insight, nasty, nest, nicety, noised, nosed, onset, unassayed, unsaid, unseat, unset, unsought, unsowed, unswayed, unused, wednesday. 1201 Down East, Dunciad. Aduncity, density, dynasty. 202-Ensign, insane, unison, unseen, unsinew, unsown. 1202-Tennyson. Denizen. 203-Enseam, inseam, noisome, unseem, winsome, a noisy home.

1203-Heathenism. 204-Answer, nicer, nooser, nosir, wincer, a noisy war. steep-0204-Censor, sincere, sneezer,

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209-Naseby. Ensweep, newsboy, a noisy boy. 1209-Dine and sup. 210-Andes, Hindoos, Indies, Indus. Annuities, ants, aunts, ends, entice, gnats, hands, hand-saw, hinds, hounds, hunts, indice, induce, knights, knots, knouts, naiads, needs, nets, nights, nodes, notes, now-adays, nuts, units, wands, wants, windows, winds, wounds. 0210-Cents, sands, senate-house,


1210-Dundas, Tenedos. 01210-East Indies, West Indies. Dainties, dandies, doughnuts, hot-winds, tenets, tents, tints.

211-Endowed, entity, handed, haunted, indebt, indict, indite, kneaded, knighted, knighthood, knotted, ointed, ondit, needed, night-dew, noted, nudity, united, untaught, unthawed, unthought, untidy, untied,wanted, wonted, wounded. 0211-Sainted, sounded. 1211-Hottentot. Daunted, denoted, dented, dinted, denuded, identity, tainted, taunted, tended, tented, twenty-two. 01211

Stinted, stone dead,

stunted. 212-Anthon, Antony, Indian, Newton. Anodyne, antennæ, indign, intone, intwine, undone, uneaten, untune, wanton, a new tune.

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endower, endure, enter, entire, entry, haunter, hinder, honeytree, hunter, inter, kneader, nadir, needer, neither, nether, neuter, nitre, notary, noter, under, undoer, uniter, untrue, wander, winder, winter, wintry, wounder. 0214-Centaur, Cintra.

Asunder, centaury, centre, cinder, saunter, senator, sender, sentry, snow-water, sunder, sundry. 00214-Assassinator. 1214-Tender, tenter, thunder, tinder, widow-hunter. 01214 Stentor.


stander. 215-Handel, Wendell. Ant-hill, entail, handily, handle, hoehandle, intaglio, knightly, natal, naughtily, neatly, needily, needle, nettle, nightly, noddle, noo dle, unwittily. 0215-Sandy Hill. Saintly, sandal, sea-nettle, soundly, sundial, swindle.

1215-Daintily, dandle, dental, dwindle, tenthly. 216-Night-watch, nut-hatch, unteach, a new ditch. 0216-Sandwich.

1216-Tin dish. 217-Antigua, Antioch. Antic, antique, ending, endowing, haunting, hunting, indigo, induing, kneading, knighting,knitting, needing, netting, nighthag, night-key, nodding, nothing, noting, ointing, undeck, undoing, undying, unheeding, uniting, untack, wanting, wend ing, wind-egg, winding, wounding.

0217-Sandy Hook. Sounding. 1217 - Authentic, daunting, denoting, denuding, dinting, tainting, taunting, tending, tinting. 218Endive, native, notify, a night foe.

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ing, unmake, a new hammock, a new mug.

238-Enmove, nymph, new muff. 0238--Sea-nymph. 1238-Wood-nymph. 239-A new map, a new mob. 240-Honorius, Narrows, Nerissa. Annoyers, annuaries, honors, nurse, onerous, owners, unawares, winners, a new race. 0240-Seigniorize, seigniors, signers, sinners, sonorous, sunrise. 1240-Teniers. Donors, tanners, tinners, tuners. 241 — Henrietta, Henry - theEighth. Honey-wort, honored, inert, inherit, inroad, inured, inward, inwrought, nard, narrate, narrowed, onerate, unhardy, unheard, unhurt, unread, unready, unroot, unworthy, unwreath, new road. 0241-Seniority, snared, sneered, snored, snort, swine-herd. 1241-Oudenarde. Tan-yard. 242-Nairn. Inurn, a new urn. 243-Unarm, unharm, a


room, new rum.

244 - Honorary, honorer, narrower, onerary, new orrery. 0244-Snarer, sneerer, snorer. 1244-Itinerary. 245-Enrol, gnarl, knurl, knurly, inrail, narrowly, nearly, unreal, unrol, unroyal, unruly, unwarily. 0245–Šeigniorial, snarl. 246-Norwich. Energy, enrage, enrich, inarch, nourish. 247 Henrico, Newark, New, York, Noah's Ark. Anarchy, honoring, inhering, inuring, narrowing, unerring, unrig, whinnering.

0247-Snaring, sneering, snoring. 01247-Stone-work.

248- Narva, Nervii. Innerve, nerve, nervy, unreave, unroof, a new roof. 1248-Teneriffe.

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0261-Singed, snatched. 1261-Tinged. 01261-Astonished, staunched. 262-Enchain, engine, enjoin, inhesion, nation, notion, unchain, a new chain. 0262-Ascension, sun-shine. 1262-Don Juan. Attention, donation, dungeon, tension. 263-Noah or Shem. New gem. 264-Niger. Enjoyer, injure, injury, nature, new chair. 0264-Censure, century, cynosure. 1264-Tangier, Tanjore. Danger, tensure, tonsure. 01264-Stancher. 265-Angelo. Angel, inshell, a new jail, a new jewel. 0265-Seneschal, sensual. 1265-Heathenishly. 01265-Stingily.

266-A new judge, no judge. 267-Enjoying, gnashing, hinging. 0267-Singeing. 1267-Tinging, twinging. 01267-Astonishing. 268-Unchafe, a new chief. 269-Unshape, unship, a new ship. 1269-Deanship, donship, thaneship, township. 270-Knox, Yankees. Eunuchs, incase, inks, innocuous, nags, necks, negus, onyx, winks, a

new case.

0270-Cynics, sinks, snacks, snags, snakes. 1270-Donkeys, tanks, thanks. 271. Enact, ingot, iniquity, knocked, naked, uncaught, uncouth, uncut, unquiet, unyoked, new gate, new coat. 0271-Snake-weed, snake-wood. 1271- Denegate, hood-winked, tinct. 272-New-Guinea. Ancony, noggen, new guinea, new gun. 0272-Cinchona, sanguine. 1272 Duncan, Tonquin. A wooden gun, a tin can.

273- Enigma, honey-comb, in- | 288-Enfeoff, a new fife.
289-New fop, a knife and boy.
290-Knobs, nibs, unbias.
291-Any-body, inhabit, inhibit,
nobody, unapt, unbought, un-
obeyed, unpaid, unwept, un-

292-Hennepin, Nubian. Hen-
bane, knee-pan, unpin.
293-New beam, new poem.
294-Napier. Neighbor, nipper.
0294-Cinnabar. Snapper.
295-Hannibal. Enable, nebula,
nibble, noble, nobly, nopal, un-
able, unhappily, a new bill.
00295-Seasonable, seasonably.
1295 Hoodenpyle. Wooden-
pile, deniable, tenable, tunable.
296-Anne Page. Knappish.
297-Winnipeg. Honeybag, nap.
ping, unpack, new book.
298-New beef, a new puff.
299-Nabob, a new pipe.
300-Moses, Muses. Alms-house,
masses, mazes, misses, misuse,


come, a new game. 1273-Tinicum. 274-Hungary, Niagara. Anchor, anker, encore, hanker, hunker, incur, inquire, inquiry, knocker, negro, younker, a new car. 0274-Sinecure, sneaker, snicker. 1274-Thinker, tinker, tunker. 01274-Stone-quarry. 275-Yankee Hill. Ancle, angle, inkle, knowingly, knuckle, nickle, uncle, unequal, unglue, whiningly, winningly. 0275-Senegal. Cynical, snugly. 1275- Donegal. Ethnical, tinkle.

01275-Satanical, satanically.
276-Encage, encoach, engage, no
cash, new cage, new coach.
277-Hancock. Incog, inking,
knocking, unyoking, winking.
0277-Snaking, sneaking, syna-

1277-Hood-winking, thanking,

278-Encave, uncoif, new cave.
279-Encoop, un-cap, new cab.
280-Envious, infuse, invoice,
knaves, knives, navies, nephews,
novice, new face.
281-Envied, innovate, invade,
inveighed, invite, naivete, naph-
tha, neophyte, unfed, unfit, un-
fought, unwived.

never, unfair, new fire. 01284-Stono Ferry. 285-Neville. Naively, naval, no

vel, unveil, wine-fly. 0285-Sinful, snaffle. 1285-Down-fall, tin-foil. 286-A new fish, new voyage. 287-Envying, invoke.

301-Amassed, amazed, amused,
homicide, mast, misdo, missed,
mist, misty, moist, moose-wood,
most, must, musty.
1301-Thomas Hood.

282-New-Haven, Niphon. In-
woven, uneven, no fun.
283-Infamy, new fame.

284-Hanover, Navarre. Infer, 0302-Samson.

Atomist, doomsday, headmost, utmost. 302-Amazon, Messina. Mason, mizzen, moisten, muezzin.

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