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- Thy servant * - - - - In the Lord's work, * . . . THOMAS M A N T CN. * * * - *** -: * * * * - * - - -


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An ordinance cf the Lords and Commons assembled in parliament, for the calling of an affembly of learned and godly tlivines, and others, to be consulted with by the parliament, for the fettling of tlie government and liturgy of the church ej England; and for vindicating and clearing °f the dotlrine of the said church from false aspersions and inter* pretations. June 12. 1643.

■1T7" Hercas, amongfl the infinite blessings of Almighty God upon this TM*' nation, none is, or can be more dear unto us than the purity of our religion; and for that, as yet, many things remain in the liturgy, discipline and government of the church, which do necessarily requirs a further and more perfect reformation, than as yet hath been attained: And whereas it hath been declared and resolved by the lords and commons assembled in parliament, that the present church government by zrchbilhops, their chancellors, commissars, deans, deans and chapters, archdeacons, and other ecclesiastical officers, depending upon the hierarchy, is evil and justly offensive and burdensome to the kingdom, a great impediment to reformation and growth of religion, and very prejudicial to the state and government of this kingdom; and therefore they are resolved, that the fame (hall be taken away, and that such a government (hall be settled in the church, as may be most agreeable to God's holy word, and most apt to procure and preserve the peace of the church at home, and nearer agreement with the church of Scotland, and other reformed chuiches abroad: And for the better- affecting hereof, and for the vindicating and clearing of the doctrine of the church of England from all false calumnies and aspersions; it is thought fit and necessary to call an assembly of learned £odly and judicious divines, who, together with some members of both the houses of parliament, are to consult and advise of such matters and things, touching the premisses, as shall be proposed onto them by both or either of the houses of parliament, and to give their advice and counsel therein to both, or either of the said houses, when, and as often as they shall be thereunto required. Be il therefore ordained, by the lords and commons in this present parliament assembled, that all and every the persons hereafter in this present ordinance named,

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And such other person or persons as shall be nominated and appointed by both houses of parliament, or so many of them as shall not be letted by sickness, or other necessary impediment, Cull meet «nd assemble, and are hereby required and irjoisled upon summon!

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AJsmbly at EDINBURGH, August 19, 1643. Seff. 14.

Commission of the General Assembly to some Ministers and Ruling Elders, for repelling to the Kingdom of England.

THE General Assembly of the Church of Scotland finding it necessary to fend some Godly and Learned of *bis Kirk to the Kingdom of England, to the Effect under-written; Therefore gives full Power and Commission to Mr. Alexander Henderson, Mr. Robett Douglas, Mr. Samuel Rmhsrfoord, Mr. Robert Bailie, and Mr. George Giilespie, Ministers, John Earl of CaffiJs, John Lord Maitlaud, and Sir Archibald Johnston of Waristoun, Elders, or any three of them, whereof two /hall be Minister, to repair to the Kingdom of England, and there to deliver the Declaration sent unto the Parliament os England, and the Letter sent unto the Assembly of Divines now fitting in that Kingdom; and to propone, consult, treat and conclude with mat Assembly, or any Commissioners deputed by them, or any Committees or Commissioners deputed by the Houses of Parliament, in all Matters whiui may further the Union' of this Island in one form of Kirk-government, one Confession of Faith, One Catechism, one directory for the Worship of God, according to the Instructions whiah they have received from the Auembly, or shall receive from Time to Time Heresster from the Commissioners' of she Assembly, deputed for that Efrect: With Powtfr also *0 theSi to convey to his Majesty the humble Answer sent from this Assembly to his Majesty's Letter, by such occasion as they shall think convenient; and such like, to deliver the Assembly's Answer to the Letter sent from some well assected Brethren of the Ministry there; and generally authorizes them to do ill Thing;, which aay farther the se much- desired Union, and nearest Conjunction

15 junčion of the Two Churches of Scotland and England, conform to the Instructions aforesaid.

Many of the Persons who were called by the foresaid Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, (in that broken State of the Church) to attend the Assembly, appeared not; whereupon the whole Work lay on the Hands of the Persons hereafter mentioned.

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