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off which ■* trouble you. 13. For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty j only d «/c not liberty for an occasion to tie flesh, but e by love serve one another. 14. For f all the law is fulfilled in one word, evcn in this; Thou shalt * love thy neighbour as thy self. 15. But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. 16. This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and *ye shall h not fulfil sOr, fulfil mQ the lust ot the fieih. 17. For the 1 flesh lufteth against the the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to tie other j * so that ye (ij cannot do the tilings that

N 4 ye

Wry hast thou troubled us? tire the Scripture, Thou stialt love thy

Lord stall trouble thee this Day. Neighbour as thy self, ye do

And all Israel fined him with Stones, well.

»nd herned them with Fire, after « 'Lev. 19. 18. * Mat. 11. 39.

that they had stoned them with 5+ Rom. 13. 8, 9- See on Job.

Stones, f 1 Cor. 5. 13. — Put a- Jj. 34.

w/ frm among your selves that v6. h \ Rom. 6. m. i Rom.-8.

*'icked Person. '."Gal. 1.9. As j. f 1 Pet. 2. 11. See on Rom.

*« said before, so say I now again, 13. 14.

"fany Man pr-each any other Go-10 17. » f Rom. 7. 13. I see ano

fpe! unto you, than that y« have ther Law in my Members, warring

received, let him be accursed. against the Lav es my Mind, and

'See on Gal. 1. 7. bringing me into Captivity to the

13. d t 1 Pet. 2. 16. t* Pet. La w of Sin and Death- t Rom 8. 5-'9. See ori Jude ver. 4. See 15 6", 7. To be carnally minded is

«n Joh. 8. 3.S. Death, but to be spiritually mind

't 1 Cor. 9. 19. Though I be ed is Life and Peace: Because the

«K from all Men, yet have I made carnal Mind is enmity against God:

07 ses Servant unto all, that I for it is not subject to the Law of ■"gnt gain the more. tGal.6. 2. 20 God, neither indeed can be.

Stton Joh. 13. 34. k t Rom.7 15, 19. That which.

'4-f t Mat. 7. 12. All things I do, I allots not: for what I would,

whatsoever ye would that Men that do I not ; but what I hate,

"Ould do unto you, do ye even Ib that I do. For the Good that I to them: for this is the Law and 25 would, I do not: but the F.viJ

the Prophets, tjanv a. 8. If ye which / vculd pit, that / 4*.'

tgg the Royal lav according to |

U) The Greek here, should not be rendered cannot, but do not, that is, do not do the things which the Flejh dictates, because the Spirit lusting and striving against the Flejh is stronger than the Flesh, and gets the Victory. This Sense is manifest, because this Verse contains a Reason and Motive why we should walk in the Spirit, which it would net be, were the stronger than the Spirit, and generally prevailed over theSpirit. By Flejh, is meant the Corruption of our Natnre, or that Priniiple which inc'ipes and carries Men to evil; by Spirit, that Frhufyh which dictates wfc>t is right, and inclines to good, which are very near M*. Lock's

Words, ye would. 18. But if ye be l led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law. 19. Kow m the works of the fleih are manifest, which are these, n Adultery, ° fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousnefs, 20. Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21. p Envyings, murders, 1 drunkenness, reveilings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that r they which do such things, shall not inherit the kingdom of God. 22. But the s fruit of the Spirit is love, (1) joy, peace, long-suffering, u gentleness, a goodness, b faith, 23. Meekness, temperance; against


18. J f Rom. 6. 14 Sin fliall 21.s f Eph. j. 9. See on Job.

not have Dominion over you: J 5 2.

for ye are net under the Law, but ° *." Col. 3. 12. Put on thereunder Grace, f Rom. 8. 2. The fore (as the elect of God, holy and Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ 5 beloved) bowels of mercies, kindness, Jesus, hath made me free from the humb'eness of Mind, meebiefs, Law of Sin and Death. . long-suffering.

19 '" f 1 Cor. 3. 3. 7 Eph. 5. * V Rom. iy. 14. I my self.

3 '.' Col. 3. 5. See on 1 Cor 6.9. also am perswaded cf you, my Bre

n See on Mat. 5. 27. J0thren, that ye also are fujl of

0 See on 1 Cor. 6. 18. Goodness, filled with Knowledge, 31, p See on Rom. 13. 13. able also to admonish one ano'

1 See on Rom. 13. 13. ther.

r t'Eph 5. y. t Col. 3- 6*- . b V 1 Cor. 13. 7. [charity] he. t Rev. 22. 15. See on 1 Cor.i^Ueveth all things, hopeth all 6. 9 things.—

Words,in hjsNote on this and the former Verse. After which he says: But because by prevailing Custom and contrary Habits, this Principle was very much weakned, and almost extinct in the Gentiles, [See Eph.f J 7, to 21.J he exhorts them to be renewed in the Spirit of their Mind, ver. 23. and to Put off the old Man, that is, fleshly corrupt Habits, and to put on the new Mm, wiikh he tells them, ver. 24 is created in Righteeufiufi tnitrue Holiness. This is also called,renewing of the Mind, Rom. 11. V rtn wing of the inward Man, 2 Cor. 4. 16. which is done by the Assistance cf the Spirit of God, Eph. 3. 16. The Reader may likewise consult Bp. Taylor 5 Discourse of Repentance, Chap. VII. Sect. 5.

(1) By Joy here, I do nor understand that jay or peace of Conscience which is ohe Reward of Duty; but a Toy. which is it self a Duty, and* .Duty respecting our Neighbour, because it is placed among those Virtues which respect our Neighbour, as Lcve, Peace, &c. The Joy therefore here meant, is probably that which a Man rakes iri the Joy and Hip pinefs of others, that Virtue whereby a Man endeavours to cause Joy to ethers, by gratifying and pleasing them in all lawful and reafontilt things, fer their good, and to their Edification. See Bisliop BulfsEf •glijb Works, pag. 8S<5. I the rather mention this, because some fincere and good Christians understanding hereby, that "}iy ar.d Peace cf


such there is c 'no law: 24 And they that are Christs,. i have crucified the fiesli, with the * affections £Or, saffians'] and lusts. 25. If we % live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 26". Let us not be desirous of f vain glory? provoking one another, envying one another.


BRETHREN,* * if s_Or, although] a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are b spiritual, ° restore such an one in the A spirit of meekness \ considering thy self, J lest thou also be tempted. 2. f Bear ye one anothers


JJ. cGal. 3. 19.Wherefore then spiritual judgeth all things— r serveth the Law? it was added Cor. 3 1. I, Brethren, could not because of Transgressions, I till speak unto you as unto spiritual, tk Seed should come.— f 1 Tim. but as unto carnal, even as unto. J. 9. Knowing this,that the Lav is j Babes in Christ-. mmade fora righteous Man, but c Ecclesiasticus 8. e. Reproach for the Lawless and Disobedi- not a Man that turnethfrom Sin, it.— but remember that we areallwor

JJ. i t Rom. 6. 6. \ Gal. 2. thy of Punishment. Jam. 5. 19, so. See cn Rom. 6. 2. xo *°- Brethren, if any of you do err

55. e f Rom. 8. f. They that from the Truth, and one convert ire after the Flesh, do mind the him; Let him know-,that he which things of the, Fhfb : but they that converteth the Sinner from the Erase after the Spirit, the things of ror of his Way shall save a Soul tin Spirit. ijfromDeath, and shall hide a mul

26. ' * Phil. 2. 3. See on Joh. titude of Sins. M'.44- d See on 2 Tim. 2 ay.

CHAP. VI. 'JtlM^io. 12. Let him that

i. 1 t Horn. 14. 1. Him that thinketbhe stjindeth,ukt heed left he b»f«iinthe Faith receive yon.zosall. '.' 1 Cor. 7. j. Defraud you V Rom. 15. 1. We then that are not one the other, except it be Strong ought to bear the Infirmities with consent for a time,— and of the Weak, and not to please our come together again,. tta( Satan selves. Heb. 12. 13. Make tempt you not for your incontiflraight Paths for your Feet, lest 2ynency. ■

that which is lame be turned out 2. f '.' Rom. 1.5. 1. The Words of the Way, but; let it rather be under ver. 1. '.' I Thes. 5. 14, haled. —Warn them that are unruly,

b t 1 Cor. s. 15. He that is com*

Conscience which is the Reward of Duty, and not finding it in them: •elves, may be silled with groundless and perplexing Fears of their State 3nd Condition. For questionless a Christian may be in a good State, and not feel tkiijenfilejij which God was pleased to afford, especially in the beginnings of Conversion. The Mind may be clouded with melancholy, which, with other particular Circumstances, may interrupt ihwjsnljfise *oy; but this notwichP.anding, such a Person, may be serving God acceptably.

burdens, and so fulfil the S law of Christ. 3. For if a man

* think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. 4. But let every man * prove his own work, and then ihall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and

* not in another. 5. For a every man shall bear his own burden. 6. Let him that is taught in the word, m communicate unto him that teacheth, in all good things. 7. Be not " deceived; God is not mocked: for ° whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8. For he that-psotfeth to his fiesli, shall of the fleih reap corruption: but he that soweth to the Spirit, ihall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 9. And let us not be q weary in well-dobc: for in due season we ihall reap if we r faint not. 10. M


consort the feeble-minded, sappers and he that soweth iountisdy, (hill

the Weak, be patient toward all reap also bountifully.

Men. YGaLs. 13. 8. p V Job 4. 8. Even as Ihn

. * | Job. 15.12. '.' Jam. 2. 8. seen, they that plow Iniquity,ail

f 1 Joh. 4. a 1. See on Joh. <;fin> Wickedness, reap . the simS

J3.34. Prov. 11. iS. —To him that fir,

3. " '." Gal a. 6. See on * eth Righteousness shall be a fa! Cor. 8.3. Reward. Prov. aa. 8. He thrt.

4. * See on 1 Cor. n. 18. soteeth Iniquity/hall reap VaniryH * t See Luk. 18. 11. —God, I ioHos. 8. 7. They have (mn tl*

thank thee, that / am not as ether Wind, and they shall rets fl

Hen are,. Extortioner*, Unjust.— Whirlwind— Hosea 10. n, ij

5. ' See on Mat. 16. 27 Scrv to your selves in Rightecufi <S. »n 7 Rom. 15. 27. —If the ness, reap in Mercy.— Ye had

Gentiles have been made partakers 1 $ plowed Wickedness, ye haver^pJ of their spiritual things, their Duty Iniquity.— Ecclesiasticus 7. | is aJso to minifler unto them in My Son, fovt not tipon the FiW carnal things, i i Cor. 9. ri, 14. rows of Unrighteousness, and tkj If we have so#n unto you spiritual shalt nor reap them seven-soli things, is it a great thing if we shall ao t Rom. 8. 13. If ye live afttt' \ reap your carnal things? Even so Ftejh, ye stall die: but if ye thro hath the Lord ordained, that they the Spirit do mortifie the JW' ^ which preach the Gospel, should live the Body, ye stall live. Jam!' of the Gospel. 1%. The Fruit of Righteousness*

7. " 11 Cor. 6. 9. See the Re- i^sonn in Peace, of them that mtr ■ferences and Note on Mat. 24, 4. peace.

0 t Luk. i6\ 35. —Remember 9. 4 f a Thes. j. 13. —Be

that thou in thy Life-time recciv- weary in well-doing. idfi thy good things, and likewise r t Heb. 1 a. 3, J Consider M

La7.arus evil things: but now he is ac that endured such contradict)"" jjj temforted, but thou art tormented. Sinners against himself, lest )'e5 t Rom. a. 6. Who will render to wearied andsaint in your Minds.7 every Man according to hisDeedt. Nor faint when thou art fW t 2 Cor. 9. 6. He' which soweth ked of him". sparingly, stall leap also sparingly ; 3 j

ire! have therefore opportunity,let us do TM good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the b houlhold of faith. 1. Ye see how large a letter 1 have written unto you with nine own hand. 12. As many as desire to make a fair Ihew n the flesli, they c constrain you to be circumcised; A only est they mould e suffer persecution for the cross of Christ. 3. For neither they themselves who are circumcised f keep he law} but desire to have you circumcised, that they may jlory in your fleih. 14. But God forbid that 1 sliould glory,. 1 save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, * by whom s_Or, tkseby2 the world is h crucified unto me, and 1 unto the irorld. 15. For ' in" Christ Jesus neither circumcision araileth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a k new creaks. 16. And 1 as many as walk M according to this


10.1 Joh. 9. 4. I must work d 7 Phil. 3. 18. Many walk, of lk Work of him that sent me whom I have to!d you often, and fills it h Day: the Night com- now tell you even weeping, that 111 when no Man can Work. they are Enemies to the Crass of jok. 11. 35. Yet a little while is y Christ.

Se Light with you: walk while '7 Gal. y. n. See on Gal. tltve the Light, lest Darkness 4. 29.

fcœe upon you.— 13 * Mat. 23. 3, 53, —They

'■" ilim.6. 18. That they [the fay, and do mt. Wo unto you tkh] do good, that they be rich in 10 Scribes, and Pharisees, hypocrites; w Works, ready to distribute, for ye pay Tythes of Mint, and felling to communicate. Tit. 3. Annise, and Cummin, and have •* This is a faithful saying, and emitted the weightier Matters of the things I will that thou affirm Law, Judgment, Mercy, and Faith: nlhntly, that they which have these ought ye to have done, and lieved in God, might be careful not to leave the other undone, thiaingood'Works.— 14. E V Phil. 3. 7, 8. See on

V 1 Thes. y. 15. —Ever sol- 1 Cor. 2. 1.

that which is good,both among h i Rom. 6. 6. f Gal. 2. 20. stives, and to all Men. V 1 20 See on Rom. 6. 2. "•5-8. If any provide not for iy. * f Gal. J. tf. tC0L3.11, own, and specialty those of his See on 1 Cor. 7. 19. Hcusc, he hath denied the k t J Cor. y. 17. See on Joh, and is worse than an in- 3. 3.

aj 16. 1 t Psal- isy. J- As for t Eph. 2. 19. Ye are no more such as turn aside unto their crooked ngers and Foreigners, bur Fel- Ways, the Lord shall lead them )w-citizens, and of the Houjliold of forth with the Workers of IniquiM ry: but Peace shall be upon If-.

Y Gal. s. 3. Neither 7V-3orael. JJ'iWho was with me, being a "'•' Phil. 3. 16. Whereto we Grctk, was compelled \o be cir- have already attained, let us walk fcmciscd, '. by the fame Rule.-*

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