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ginning, the k first-born from the dead •, that * in all things COr, among dis} he might have the pre-eminence. 19, For it pleased the Father, that in him mould all 1 fulness dwell; 20. And (* having made B> peace COr, making peace~} through "the blood of his cross j by him to n reconcile 0 all thing* unto himself, by him, I fay, whether they be things inearth, or things in heaven. 21. And you that were p sometii alienated, and enemies * in your m:nd q by COr, by your trim zV] wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled, 22. In tb 1 body of his flesh through death, to 5 present you hoi; and u'nblameable, and unreprovable in his fight: 23. Ify n continue in the faith, a grounded and settled, and" not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye has heard, and which was h preached to every creature wl is under heaven-, c whereof 1 Paul am made a minister* 2*4. Who now d rejoice in my sufferingse for you> and I

* '• Acts 26". 23. t 1 Cor. iy. 1 V Eph. 3. 17, That Ch

20. f Rev. 1. 5.. See on Rom. 8-. may dwell in your Hearts b;

29. Faith; that ye being rooted ar

19. 1 t Joh.3.34. t Col. 2.9. grounded in Love. Eph. 2. 21, s

Seeonjoh. 1.16. Sin whom [Jesus Christ] all

:o. 111 f Eph. 2. 14, 1 j. See on Building fitly framed togeti 33. grotoeib into an holy Temple in

n t 2 Cor. f. 18. See on Rom. Lord. In whom aJso ye

y. To.- builded together, &f an habitatic

"t Eph. 1. 10 That in the Dis-10 of God through the Spirit,

pensation of the Fulness of Times, 2.7. Rooted and built up in

lie might gather together in one, and stablilhei in the Faith.

all things in Christ.— . b V Rom. 19. 18. See on

21. v -jr Eph. z,ii, i, 12. See on 24. 14. 1 Cor 611. iy c Y Acts 1. 17. He was num-'

q '. Tir. 1. 15. Unto the Pure, bred with us, and had obtauies all things are pure: but unto part of this Ministry Acts 1*. afl them that are defiled and tinbe>- Barnabas and Sau,l returned from Heving, is nothing pure; but e- Jerusalem, when they had fulfilled ven their Mind and Conscience is de- 2° their Ministry\.r— Acts 10. l^-? fi'ed. Neither count I my Life dear uwj

22. r t Eph 2. 15. Having abo- to my self, so that I might smith fished in hfs Ffefi the enmity, even my Course with Joy, and the Min the Law of Commandments con- -nijlrj which.I have received ofthe rained in Ordinances, for to make 2'Lord Jesus.— Acts 21.19..— ijm in himself of tnyain, one new Man, [Paul] declared particularly what so making Peace. things God had wrought among

3 t Luk. 1. 7?. -1- Fph. .1. 4. the Gentiles by his Ministry. Set f Fph 5. 27. t Tit. a. 14. See on on 2 Cor. 3.6. j Cor r- • 3=> H- 1 t 2 Cor. 7 4. See on A3$

23. " Jofi'iy.6". If a Man abide 5. 41.

not in trie, he-is cast forth as a f See on Eph. 3. 1. L' anch, and is withered.—

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f i . , putting oif

, .incision of

herein alia c operation dead. 13. •ircumcisiou um, having t the handwas contrary'it to his and powers, over them hi jre judge you drinkingj, oc in

of twain, one new ; Peace; and that oncile both unto .ly by the cross, bavmity thereby. Heb.' is verily a disitnulmndmev.t going before., ssi and unprofitableHeb. 9. 10. Which Meats and Drinks, vVasliings and carnal mposed on them until \ifirmatitn. Heb. i o. .cth avoey the first?that blisli the second. Gen.3.1,5. +Psal.68. . 53. la. t Mat. 12. 29. .22. ,+ Joh. 16. n. t Eph.4. 12. See on


. ev. 11. a. Speak unto Idren of Israel, saying, , the Beasls which ye fhaH g all the Beaits that are Earth, f Rom. 14. 2, 3 , ■ believeth that he may things: another who is eateth Herbs. Let not him 1, despise him that eat; and let not him which fiot, jud^e him


knit together c in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the A acknowledgment of th§ mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ j 3. whom s_Or, wherein] are hid all the e treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 4. And this 1 fay, f lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. 5. For though I be c absent in the flesti, yet am I with you in the spirit,, joying and beholding h your order, and the stedfastnefs of your faith 44 Christ. 6. As ye have therefore ' received Christ Jesus the Lord, so k walk ye in him i ' 7. 1 Rooted and built up isl him, and stablistied in the faith, as ye have been taught, TO abounding therein with thanksgiving. 8. "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, afte* the "tradition of men, after the p * rudiments r_Or, eki merits] of the world, and not after Christ, g. For in him dwelleth all the q fulness of the Godhead bodily. 10. Anl


in the enduring cf the fame Suf- hort you that ye should earnestly ferings, which we also suffer: or contend for the Faith which *W whether we be comforted, it is once delivered to the Saints, for your Consolation and S'alva- k f i Thes. 4. 1. See on EpfcJ tion. y 4. 1.

c V Col. 3. 14. See on Joh. 7. 1 f Eph. 2. 21, 22. f Eph. 3. 13 34. 17. See on Col. i. 23.

A t Phil. 3.8. See on J Cor. 2. '» See on 1 Cor. 15. 58. •, 2. Alsoonjoh. 17.3. 8.11 V Jer. 29. 8. Thus fail

3. e f 1 Cor. 1. 34. —Christ the ,0 the Lord of Hosts, the God ofll Power of God, and the IVsdom of rael, Let not your Prophets Æ God. Eph. 1. 8. Wherein he hath your Diviners that be in the mm abounded towards us in all Wisdom of you deceive you, neither hearkJ and Prudence. Col. 1. p, 19. [VVeJ to your Dreams which ye cause J donotceafe to pray ior you, and j 5 be dreamed. f Rom. 16. I7-'^J to desire that, ye might be silled them which caule Divisions and Oj With the Knowledge of his Will, fences, contrary to the Deism in all Wisdont and spiritual Uud.r- which ye have learned, and tvt\ standing. It pleased the Father1, tbm. f Heb. 13.9. Be not carrit that in him should all fulness dwell. i0vitnt With divers and strange Dt Col. 3. 16. .Let the Word of Brines.— See on Mat. 24.' 4. i Christ dwell in yea richly in all 0 | Mat. iy. i. Why do tl Wisdom-— Disciples transgress the Tradition

4. f j Eph. 5: 6. t Ver.-is. tl.eLlders? t Gala. 14. [ I PtJ SceonKcn>. J(S-. 18. #5—being snore exceedingly zfl

5;. f i,Cort '5. 3. See on 1 lous of the-Traditions of nj Thef. 217.,'.", , Fathers.

h f • Cor. 14. 40. Let all firings s' P See on GaL 4. 3, '9. - . be done decent!) and in order. - 9 '' t Col; 1.19.. See oa Joh

6.'f JudeiVer.'j.—It wasneedful 30 ) 5, 16. rn •. .

for axe to write iihto you,and ex.

peare * complete inhim, which is the s head of all principality and power- 11. In whom also ye are 11 circumcised ivith the circumcision made without hands, in a putting off :he body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ: 12. b Buried with him in baptism, wherein also 'e are risen with A/?»,through the frith of the 0 operation )f God, who hath d railed him from the dead. 13. Ind yoa being e dead in your sins, and the uncircumcisiou >f your flesh, hath hequickned together with him, having brgiven you all trespasses, 14. f Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was dontray to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his iross. 15. And having E spoiled principalities and powers, ie made a Ihew of them openlv, triumphing over them in Mt [Or, himself}. 16. Let no man therefore judge you f in* meat ox- in drink [Or, for eating and drinking}, or

4 4 nl

Jo.T'.'Joh. r. i(S. Of hi> Fulness make in himself of twain, one new we all we received, and Grace for Man, so making Peace; and than •race. Eph. 3. 19. —That ye he might reconcile both unto night be -filled with all the Fulness God in one Body by the, cross, havfGod. 5 ingsiain the Enmity thereby. Heb:

1 tCoI. 1. \6. \ Eph. i. io. 7. 18. There is verily a disanuU teon Rom. 8. 38. ling of the commandment going before,

'li u't Deut. 30. 6\ f Jer.4. for the weakness and unprofitable\ tRom. 2. 29. + Phil. 3. 3. ness thereof. Heb. 9. 10. Which ieeonActs 7.51. 10 stood only in Meats and Drinks,

'fRom. ■€. 6. f Col. 3. 8, 9. and divers Washings and carnal feon'Eph. 4. 22. Ordinances imposed on them until

1*. b f Rom. 6. 4. Therefore the time of Reformation. Heb. 10. Km buried with him by Baptism p. —He taketh away the first, that Death: that like Ss Christ 1 5 he may establisli the second. . raised up from the Dead by 1$. E t Gen. 3.15- + Psal.6'8. Glory of the Father, even so 18. fIsa-53-i2- t Mat. 12.29. 'ealsosliould walk in newness of t Luk. n. 22. + Joh. 16. u. ■ise. f Eph. 4.8. + Eph. <S. i s. See on

c,tEph. 3. 7. See on Eph. 2ojoh. 12. 31.

.19. 16. h Lev. 11. a. Speak unto

1 See on Acts 2. 24. the Children of Israel, saying,

> '3- ' f Eph. 2. 1,5, 6*. See on These are the Masts which ye jhatt oh. S. 25. tat among all the Beasts that axe

J4- f Rom 6. 14. —Ye are rot25 on the Earth, t Rom. 14.2, 3 , */f fie tan,, but under Grace. 10. One believeth that he may. torn. 7.+. My Brethren, ye also eat all things: another who is « become dead to the Law by the Weak eateth Herbs. Let not him W if ChriB. f Eph. 2. iy, 16. that eateth, despise him that earning aloliShed in his Flesh the F.n- 30 eth not; and let not him which "''/•even the Lam of commandments, eateth not, judge him that, eateth: WMaiaed. in Ordinances, for to *Q{ in * respect s_Or, fart'] of an ' holy-day, or of the newmoon, or of the sabbath-^*: 17. Which are a k h.dow of things to come \ but the body is of Christ. 18. 1 Let no man * beguile s_Or, judge against] you of your reward, * in a volun ary [OTt fowg << voluntary in] humility, and worlh:pping of angels, intruding into those things in which he hath not ieen, vainly puft up by his fleshly mind; 19. And not holding the n head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministred, and knit together} increafeth with the increase of God, ao.Wherefore if ye be ° dead with Christ p from the*rudiments [Or, elements] of the world; q why as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances, 21. (Touch not, taste not, handle not: 22. Which all are to perish with the using) r after the commandments and doctrines of men? 23. s Which things have indeed alhewof "wisdom, in ll will-worship, and humility, and * neglecting [Or, swifting) or, not [faring] of the body, not in any honour to the iatisfying of the flesh.


for God hath received him. Why foolish Prophets, that follow theit

dost thou judge thy Brother? or own Spirit, and have seen gfibm

■why dost thou set at nought thy '.' r Tim. i. 7.' Desiring to bf

Brother? for we shall ail stand be- Teachers of the Law, understand*

fore the Judgment-feat of Christ. J ing neither what they fay, nor where

Rom. 14. 17. The Kingdom Of of they affirm.

God is not Meat and Drink, but 19." f Eph. 4. iy, 16". See M

Righteousness, and Peace, and joy Rom. 12, 5.'

in the holy Ghost.' 20. ° + Rom 7. 4, 6. fGaU

1 Lev. 13. iy&i. —Concerning10 19. See on Rom. 6. 2.

the Feasts of the Lord which y<i 'p See on Ver. 8.

Jkall prociaim to be holy Convoca- •»Y Gal. 4. 3. Even so we,wnea

rions, even these are my Feasts, we were Children, were inW<{<

&c. + Gal. 4: 10. Ye observe under the Elements of the World. Days, and Months, and Times, and J S 22. r flse; 29. 13. -This P«*

T.ars. pie draw near me with their

.'7. kt Heb 8. 5. Who serve un- Mouth, and with'- their Lips do

to the Example and Shadow of hen- honour me, but have removed their

hwtly things, as AJoies was admo- Heart far from me, and their/^ niihed of God, when he was about ~° toward me is taught by the Prectft'l

10 make the Tabernacle.— Heb; Men. j Mat. j 5 9. In vain dothef

923. It was therefore necessary worship me,' teaching fir D>8riui

rhat the Patten; of tilings in the the ctmntan&ment's of Men. t T^

Heavens stiould be purified with 1. 14 Not giving heed to Jewift these.— r Heb. 10. 1. The Law'2 y Fables, and ctntmitndmtnts of M;«

Laving zShedoiv of good* things to: that turn frormrhe Truth.

cope.— 23. 5 f 1 Tim: 4. 8. Stdilj &*".

. %S.' See on Rom. \6. 18 •; «/*<? profiteth little'.—

* f Ezek. J3.3. Wo unto the ■-■'" t'Ver. *fc-'»^ -X

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