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and write them * in s_Or, uyon~\ their hearts: and ' I will be to them a God, and they mall be to me a people, it. And ni they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, laying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. 12. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their fins, and their iniquities will I remember no more. 13. n In that he faith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. ISIow that whicft decayeth and waxeth old, is ready to vanish away.


THEN verily the first covenant had also * ordinance f. Or, ceremonies'} of divine service, and a a worldly san^ ctuary. 2. For there was a tabernacle made b the sir! c wherein was the d candlestick, and the e table, and the * fhew-bread; which is called * the sanctuary r_Or, holy~\. 4 And after the second E vail, the tabernacle which is callet the holiest of all: 4. Which had the gplden censer, aa the h ark of the covenant overlaid round about win


1 f Zech. 8. 8. — They shall « Exod. iy. 23. Thou shalt »lsi

dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, make a Table of Shittim-wood

and they shall be my People, and I two Cubits shall be the lengtj

•will be their Cod in Truth and thereof, and a Cubit the Breadtj

Righteousness. 5 thereof, and a Cubit and a half tit

11. ,n t 1 Joh. 2. 20, 27. See height thereof,

on Joh. et. 45. and Joh. 14.26. f t Exod. 2c. 30. Thou Sd

13. n V » Cor. 5. 17. If any set upon the Table Shew-breai H

Man be in Christ, he is a newCrea- fore me alway. f Lev. 24.$,^

turt: eld things are past away, be- JO Thou shalt take sine Flour, 10

hold all things are become t/tw. bak? tvtlve Cakes thereof: r*

CHAP. IX. tenth deals shall be in one Caki

1. * Exod. 25. 8. Let them make And thou shalt set them in t* me a Sancluary; that I may dwell Rows, six on a Ro\y, upon A amongst them. j. pure Table before the Lord.

2. b t Exod. 40. 2,&c. On the 3. s '.'Exod 26. 3 r. Thou ftd first Day of the fust Month shalt make a Vail of blue, and punij| thcu set up the Tabernacle of the and scarier, and fine twined L» Tent of the Congregation, &c. nen of cunning Work: with Chi

c f Exod. 26. 35. Thou ihalt set 20mbims shall it be made. .'Hd the Table without the Vail, and the 6. 10. Which Hope we have, as« Candlestick overagainst the Table on Anchor of the Scul, both sure I the side of the Tabernacle toward stedfast, and which entreth im the South: and thou shalt put the that within the Vail. Table on the North side. „, 4- h t Exod. 25. 10. They ft>

d Exod. 2 e. 3 1. Thou shalt make" make an Ark of Shitrim wood : f* a Candlestick of pure Gold: of Cubits and a half . shaJl be J beaten Work shall the Candlestick length thereof, and a Cubit iM be made.— "*old, wherein was the 'golden pot that had manna, and Aarons rod that budded, and 1 the tables Of the covenants i And m over it the cherubims of glory shadowing the aercy-feat: of which we cannot now lpeak particularlyI Now when these things were thus ordained, n the priests rent a'ways into the first tabernacle, accomplishing the ser*>ce of God: 7. But into the second went the high priest abne 0 once every year, not without blood, which he of»red p tor himself, and for the errors of the people. 8*. The holy Ghost this signifying, that * the way into the



the breadth thereof, and aCu- shalt make two Cherubims of Gold: and a half the height thereof, of beaten Work shalt thou make xod. 2<S. 33. Thou shalt hang them,in the two ends of the Mer. the Vail under the Taches, cy-seat. And there will I meet ir thou mayft bring in thither 5 with thee, and I will commune rithin the Vail the Ark of the Tc with thee, from above the MercyImoiry.— feat, from between the two Cherw

'f Exod. 16. 33, 34. Moses said time which are upon the Ark of the mto Aaron, Take a Pot, and puc Testimony.

D Omer full of Manna therein, and i o 6. " f Numb. 28.3. Thisisthe ty it up before the Lord, to be Offering made by Fire which ye ept for your Generations. As the shall offer unto the Lord; two x>rd commanded Moses, so Aaron Lambs of the first Year without aid it up before the Testimony to spot Day by Day ; for a continual lekept. 1 j Burnt-offering.

k T Numb. 17. 10. The Lord 7- 0 t Exod. 30. 10. Aaron shall lid unto Moses, Bring Aarons Rod make an Atonement upon the gain before the Testimony, to be Horns of it once in a Y(ar, with the Xpt for a Token against the Re- Blood of the Sin offering of Ajels ; and thou shalt quite take a-20 tonements.—" \ Lev. 1.6. 1, iy, pay their Murmurings from me, 34. The Lord said unto Moses, hat they die not. Speak unto Aaron thy Brother,

'■ '-f Exod. 2 J 21. Thou shalt put that he tome not at all times into the |ke Mercy-feat above upon the holy place with/n the Fail, before , and in the Ark thou shalt 25 the Mercy-feat, which is upon the theTiftimony that I shall give Ark; that he die not: for I will f Deut. 10. 2, y. I will appear in the Cloud upon the Meron the Tablet the Words that cy-fcat. Then shall he kill the in the first Tables which thou Goat of the Sin-offering that is for and thou Jbaltput them in 30 the People, and bring his Blood And I turned my self and within the Vail.— And this {hall •down from the Mount, and be an everlasting Stature unto you, e Tables in the Ark which I to make an Atonement for the made, and there they be as the Children of Israel, for all their Sins, d commanded me. si King. , ronce a Tcr.r.— fVer.'aj. 9. There was nothing in the Ark p See on Heb. <f. 3. "i the two Tables of Store, which 8. j Heb. 10.19,2(7. ~ts put there at Horeb.— 1 Sec on Joh. 14. C.

m f Exed, 25,18,22, Thcu ■ ..


holiest ofaU, Was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing: 9. Which tons a figure for the time then presents in which Were offered both gifts and lacriiices, that s could not make him that did the service perfect, as pertaining to the conscience, 16. Which stood onljt) in u meats, and drinks, and 1 divers washings, and carnij

* ordinances s_Or, rites, or, ceremonies^ imposed on them utfjfcj the time of reformation. 11. But Christ being come 4j

* high priest of good things to come, c by a greatet a more perfect: tabernacle, not made with, hinds, that is, fay, not or this.building12. Neither by the blood goats and calves, but A by his own blood he entred in' 0 into the holy place, f having obtained eternal redemptiii for us. 13. For if ? the blood of bulls, and of goat% an$ the h allies df an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth


9. " V Heb. 7. 18, 19. There Is who of God is made unto us Wij verily a disannulling of the Com- dom, and Righteousness, and 5 mandment going before, for the ctification, and Redemption. Weakness and Unprofitableness there- 13. « f Lev. 16. 14, 1 5, id, of. For the Law made nothing per- 5 He shall take of the Blood of (H fe£f.— f Heb. ic. 1. The Law Bullock, and sprinkle ic with his Fiji having a Shadow of good things ger upon the Mercy-feat Eifc to eome, and not the very Image ward: and before the Mercy seat of the things, can never with those shall he sprinkle of the Blood «fkl Sacrifices which they offered year i o his Finger seven times. Thm by year continually, make the Com- sliall he kill the Goat oftheSi^ trs thereunto perfeS. See on Acts offering that is for the People, J3. 39. and bring his Blood within theVi

10. u fLev. 11. a See on Col. and do with that Blood, as he 3. 16". I j with the Blood of the Bullock,

x Nilmb.- 19. 7, &c. Then the sprinkle it upon the Mercy ] Priest sliall waft his Clothes, and he and before the Mercy-feat. Ml shall bathe his Flesh in W»t(rt—&-e. he fliall make an Atonement for o)|

11. b See on Heb. 3. i.- holy Place, because of thf^ c '.' Heb 8. ». iocleannefs of the Children o

12. d 7 Eph. 1. 7. t I Pet. 1. and because oftheir Tranfg: 19. f Rev. 1. 5. t Rev. 5. 9. in all their Sins.— And. I. See on Acts 20. 28. go unto the Altar rhatisbefon

e t Zech. 3. 9. Ver. 26, 28. the Lord, and make Atonement See on Heb. 7. 27. 25 for it; and Jball take of the Blcul

f V Dan. 9. 24. Seventy Weeks of the Bullock, and of the Blood at are determined upon thy People, the Goat, and put it upon the Horn! and upon thy holy City, to finish of the Altar round about.Heb.104 the Treiisgresjion, and to make an It isnotpossiblethattheBiWorBii; aid of Sins, and to make Recancilia- 30 andof Goatsiiwuld tiiLeawajfijLÆ tion for Iniquity, and to bring in e- h + Numb. 19. 2^ >7><ffiM "jerlasting Righteousness.— 1 Cor. 1. Speak unto the Children of Hykj, 30. Of him are ye in Christ Jesus, that they bring thee a rod ffc'w :he purifying of the -flesh *, 14. How nluch more shall the 1 blood of Christy who k through the eternal Spirit,1 offerK1 himself m without * spot [Ox, foul;'} to God, n purge pour conscience from 0 dead works p to serve the living Sod? 15. And for this cause q he is the Mediator of the lew testament, that r by means of death, for the redemptiBi of the transgressions that were under the first testament, hey which are called might receive the promise of eterfll inheritance. 16. For where a testament is, there must lib of neceffity * be [Or, be brought in] the death or the estator. 17. For a * testament is of force after men are kad: otherwise it is of no strength at all whilst the tetator liveth. tS. Whereupon, neither the first teftawnt was * dedicated [Or, purified] without blood. 19. For lien Moses had spoken a every precept to all the peok according to the law, b he took the blood of calves nd of goats, with water, and * scarlet [Or, purple] wool, ad hyssop, and sprinkled both the book and all the peo«, lo. Saying,/ • This is the blood of the testament

Y which

fthbut Spot, and upon which yet without Strength, in due time ever came Yoke. For an Unclean Christ died for the Ungodly, f * Won,they shall take of the /Ifhet Pet 3 .18. Christ also hath once suf

the burnt Heifer of Purification for fered for Sins.—

«, and running Water stiall be 5 17. s + Gal. 3. iy.—Though ic

»t thereto in a Vessel, <£v, be but a Mans Covenant, yet if it

H- 1 t 1 Pet.i. 19. t 1 Joh- 1 be confirmed,no Man disannulled, f t Rev. i; 5. See on Act or addeth thereto. o-s8. 18. 111 Exod. 24. 6, &c. And

Seeon Rom. t. 4.: ioMoses took halfofthe Blend, and put

t..* Eph. 5. a. See on Heb. ir in Basons; and half of the Blood ■v; ■ he sprinkled on the Altar, Sec.

■Lev. 22. jo. Whatsoever hath 19. a Exod. 14. 3. And Moses Blemish, that stall ye not offer.— came and told the People all the teut-15. II. If there be any ble-1 y Words of the Lord, and all the Jttdgy n(l therein, as if it be Lame, or mentt: and all the People answer* AW, or have any ill blemish, thou ed with one Voice, and said, All ialt not Sacrifice it unto the Lord the Words which the Lord hath ij God. said, will we doi

t Heb. 10. 33. 50 b t Exod. 14. y, 6. And he sent

0 f Heb. 6. 1. —Not laying t- young Men of the Children of Isun the Foundation of Repentance rael, which offered Burnt-offerings, rom dead Works, and of Faith tO- and sacrificed Peace-offerings of 'ardsGod. Oxen unto the Lord. Ver.

"t Luk. 1. 74' t 1 Pet; 4. z. + .der Ver- 18. t Lev. 16. 14, iy, eeon Rom. 6. 13. 5 j8. See on Ver. 13.

+ Heb.7. i2. f Heb. 8.6. 20. c f Exod. 44.8. See on ie on 1 Tim. 2. y. Mat. 16. i8.j

! t Rom. 5, 6. When we were

which God! hath enjoined unto you. 21. Moreover, d he spviuksed likewise with blood both the tabernacle, andaW the vessels oM:he ministry.^!. And almost all things are by the law purged with blood •; 'and e without stiedding of blood is no remission. 2.3. It was therefore .necessary that the f patterns of things- in the -heavens ihould be purified with these':, but the heavenly things themselves with better sicrificesthan these. 24-For "Christ is notentred into the holy places made with hands>wfc»cfeare the figures of h the true; but Into heaven it self, now L to appear in the presence of God fbr us: 2<j. Nor yet that he mould offer himself often, as the high priest entreth into the holy place,k every year with blood of others: 26. (For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world) but now 'once in the >" end of the world,, hath he appeared tx> put away fiVi by the sacrifice of himself. 27. And as it is appointed unto men once "to die, but ° after this the judgment: 2^» So Christ was * once offered * to bear the sins r of many"; and unto them that' look for him, shall he appear the second time, without fin, untoialvation.

/ ,b.lw .. -. CHAP.

21 * + Exod. *9. u, *oY AftS, fore-runner h for *s entred, era thou slialt take of the Blood of the Jesus.—-' Buttock, and put it upon the flomt h t Hlb.*. j. of the Altar with'thy Finger, and • t Heb. 7. iy. t 1 Joh.1.1. pO«r al! the Blood beside the bot- y See on Rom. 8. 34. torn of the Altar. And thou (halt 25. k See on Ver. 7.

offer every Day a Bullock for a --26. l + Ver. i;.- f 1 Pet 3. ifc' Sin-offering, for Atonement: and See on Heb. 7. 27. thou shalt cleanse the Altar, when TM T 1 Cor. iti. frr. —They are

thou hast made Atonement for it, 10 written for our Admonition, upon and thou shalt anoint it to sancti- "whom the Ends of the World W fie it f Lev. .8. 15. Moses took come, t Eph. i. 10. See on M»r. the Blood, and put it upon the Horns I. 15. ©f the Altar round about with his 27. " See on Rom. j. u. Finger, and purified the Altar ;x, ° 2 Esdr. 14. 35. After Dati and poured the Blood at the Bottom shall the Judgment come, when ye of the Altar, and sanftifiedvjt to shall live again: and then fbaTI make Reconciliation upon it.- the Names of the Righteous be f Lev. 16. 14, 16. See on Ver. . manifest,and the Works ofche Ua13. - , godly shall be declared.

22. '• I Lev 17 1 r. For the Use 28. P f Rom. 6.10. f rvKf of the Flesh is in the Blood, and I >8. See on Heb. 7.17. have given it to you upon the Al- q See on 1 Pet. 2. 24.' ,

'tar, to make an Atonement for r *.' 1 JFoh. 1. j. Ye know tint

your Souls: for it is she Blood that, he was- manifested to takeaway tf mid'rth an Atonement for the Soul. ^ Sins.— f Mat. 16. 28. j Rom. >

23. f HeS 8. <r. 15. See on Mat. 20. 28.

24. 6 t Heb. 6. 20. Whither the "» •'■

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