History and Description of the Ancient City of York: The strangers' guide

W. Alexander, 1818

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Página 44 - In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.
Página 29 - The outside to the river is faced with a very small saxum quadratum, of about four inches thick, and laid in levels like our modern brickwork. The length of the stones is not observed, but they are as they fell out in hewing. From the foundation twenty courses of these small squared stones are laid, and over them five courses of Roman bricks. These bricks are placed, some lengthwise, some endwise in the walls, and were called lateres diatoni...
Página 74 - Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Ed-ward I, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV...
Página 87 - Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour ? What though we wade in wealth, or soar in fame ? Earth's highest station ends in, " Here he lies," And " Dust to dust
Página 29 - ... filled with mortar and pebble. "These bricks are about seventeen inches long of our measure, about eleven inches broad, and two and a half thick. This, having caused several to be carefully measured, I give in round numbers, and do find them to agree very well with the Roman foot, which the learned antiquary Graves has left us, viz. of its being about half an inch less than ours. They seem to have shrunk in the baking, more in the breadth than in the length, which is but reasonable, because of...
Página 85 - Candlemas, the choir is illuminated at every service by seven large branches, besides a wax candle fixed at every other stall These, with two large tapers for the altar, are all the lights commonly made use of. But on the vigils of particular holy days the four grand dignitaries of the church have each a branch of seven candles placed before them at their stalls.
Página 42 - Alcuinus, in his retreat, are suited to his humble sphere ; but they are neither inglorious nor unprofitable. I spend my time in the halls of St. Martin, in teaching some of the noble youths under my care, the intricacies of grammar, and inspiring them with a taste for the learning of the ancients ; in describing...
Página 104 - Beloved and lamented. . In private life he was Benevolent and Sincere; His Charities were extensive and secret ; His whole heart was formed on principles Of Generosity, Mildness, Justice, and universal Candour. In public, the patron of every national Improvement ; In the Senate, uncorrupt ; In his commerce with the world disinterested. By genius entitled in the means of Doing good ; He was unwearied in doing it.
Página 103 - It is placed upon an elegant enriched marble pedestal, six feet high, with scrolls at the angles, and on the frieze of which are introduced the emblems of Wisdom, Fortitude, and Eternity. Sir George is represented leaning upon a pillar, holding in his right hand a scroll, on which is written : " The Petition of the Freeholders of the County of York.
Página 42 - Martin, in teaching some of the noble youths under my care the intricacies of grammar, and inspiring them with a taste for the learning of the ancients; in describing to others the order and revolutions of those shining orbs which adorn the azure vault of heaven; and in explaining to others the mysteries of divine wisdom, which are contained in the holy scriptures: suiting my instructions to the views and capacities of my scholars, that I may train ,up many to be ornaments to the church of God, and...

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