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Nor is there by the eye of God

One spot or blemish found.
Thus, blessed with pardon, peace, and hope,

In thee so freely given:
We, with thy saints, shall soon give up

This wilderness for heaven.

8's, 7's, & 4's. JESUS is our great salvation,

Unto him we raise our songs ;
As his chosen generation,
Bless his name with joyful tongues.

Praise increasing
To our Lord and King belongs.
When involved in sin and ruin,

And no helper there was found;
Then (when all were evil doing,)
Grace did more than sin abound;

Jesus call'd us,
With salvation in the sound.
Let us then show forth his praises,

Keeping his commandments here;
Till his mighty power shall raise us
Up to meet him in the air;

Then in glory
We shall with our Lord appear.

C. M.
JESUS, who on his glorious throne,

Rules heaven, and earth, and sea,
Is pleased to claim me for his own,

And give himself for me.

Himself he gives to be my food;

His faithful word my guide;
Thus daily is my strength renewed,

And all my wants supplied.
His love constrains my soul to love ;

His truth dispels my fear;
He intercedes for me above;

He guards me safely here.
For this, I'll count as gain each loss,

And cleave to Christ alone;
Well may I glory in his cross,
While he prepares my crown.

C. M. THE Saviour !—what an ardent flame

Of mercy filled his breast !
When, firmly towards Jerusalem,

He moved before the rest.
Good-will to men, and zeal for God,

His holy soul engross;
He seeks to be baptised in blood !-

He speeds towards the cross !
With sufferings for our sins in view,--

Woes, only to him known!
He, nearer to those sufferings drew;

'Twas love that urged him on.
O! lifted Saviour! to thee drawn,

Our hearts shall sound abroad Salvation to the dying man,

The rising, reigning Lord.


C. M.
To Jesus shall my grateful tongue,

Its noblest tribute bring;
His love, and power to save, the song

Which I delighted sing.
He saw me deep in sin and curse;

He came to my relief;
He bare for me the shame, the cross;

He carried all my grief.
Since from my Saviour I receive

Such proofs of love divine:
Had I more hearts and lives to give,
Lord, they should all be thine.

THE Saviour left his throne above,

So free, so infinite his grace : 'Emptied himself,'(but not of love,)

And bled for Adam's helpless race: 'Tis mercy

all, immense and free; 'Tis mercy! for it found out me. No condemnation hence I dread;

Since Christ, and earth, and heaven are Alive in him, my living head, - [mine;

Clothed in his righteousness divine, I may approach the Great White Throne, Yea plead his word, and claim the crown.

108. 8's & 7s. GLORY, blessing everlasting,

Be to him who endured the cross!

W ho redeemed our souls, by tasing

Death, the death deserved by us. His is love! full, free, unbounded,

Acting, blessing without end ; Our touch'd hearts in love well grounded,

Cleave unto the Sinner's Friend.
Pond'ring thus the wondrous story,

Of His kindness, cross, and shaine,
Sing we “everlasting glory,
Be to God and to the Lamb."

C. M. "TWAS love that brought my Lord away,

From glory, shared on high ;
For me his Father's will t obey,

To labour, bleed, and die.
My mercies and my hopes, I owe

To this amazing love;
The thousand thousand gifts below ;

The endless bliss above.
Yea, though I walk through death's deep

shade, No evil will I fear; O! Shepherd near! thy counting rod And staff console me there. 110,

C. M. JESUS, in thy delivering name

What-blissful glories rise ! Jesus! the angels' sweetest theme,

The wonder of the skies.

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Lord, didst thou leave thy throne on high,

For scorn, and shame, and woes ? And didst thou bleed, and groan, and die,

For thy rebellious foes ?
Amazing love ! nor tongue can tell

The wonders of thy power,
That vanquished all the force of hell

In that tremendous hour !
Can I one glad return impart,

For favours so divine ?
O Lord ! accept a grateful heart,
And make it only thine.

C. M.
To our Redeemer's glorious name

Awake the sacred song;
O! may his love (immortal flame !)

Tune every heart and tongue.
He left his radiant throne on high,

Left the bright realms of bliss,
Came to us, in our stead to die !-

Was ever love like this?
Blest Lord ! while we, adoring, pay

Our humble thanks to thee;
May every beart with rapture say—
"The Saviour died for me !"

7's. NOW begin the heavenly theme,

Sing aloud in Jesus' name; All who his salvation

prove, Triumph in redeeming love.

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