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C. M.
IN all my troubles sharp and strong

My soul to Jesus flies;
My anchor hold is firm in him,

When swelling billows rise.
His mercy bears my spirit up;

I trust his faithful word ;
This, the foundation of my hope,-

“Jesus is Christ my Lord !"
His word and oath are my support,

On which I do depend;
When death shall cut this body down,

He'll stand my faithful friend.
Loud hallelujahs sing, my soul,

To thy Redeemer's name ! In joy or sorrow, life or death, His love is still the sam 139.

ll's. HOW firm a foundation, 0 saints of the

Lord, Is laid for our faith in his excellent word ! What more can he say than to us he has

said, Who to the Lord Jesus for refuge have fled ? In every condition, in sickness, in health, In poverty's vale, or abounding in wealth; At home and abroad, on the land, on the sea, As our days may demand shall our strength

ever be.

I am with


O be not dismayed! “ I, I am your God, and will still give you

He says,

aid ;

“ I'll strengthen you, help you, and cause

you to stand, “Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand. When through the deep waters I cause

you to go, The rivers of woe shall not you overflow; “ For I will be with you your troubles to

bless, And sanctify to you your deepest distress. “ When through fiery trials your path-way

shall lie, My grace all-sufficient shall be your

supply: “ The flame shall not hurt you; I only design “ Your dross to consume, and your gold to

refine. “Ev'n down to old age all my people shall

prove, My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love; “And when hoary hairs shall their temples

adorn, “ Like lambs they shall still on my bosom

be borne.

“ The soul that on Jesus has leaned for

repose, I will not, I cannot desert to his foes;

“That soul, though all hell should endeavour

to shake, “ I'll never-no, never-no, never forsake!" 140.

L. M.
WHO shall the Lord's elect condemn ?

Shall God, who justifies our souls ?

like a mighty stream
O'er all our sins divinely rolls !
Who shall adjudge the saints to hell ?
Shall Christ, who suffered in our stead ?
Who, our salvation to fulál,
Arose triumphant from the dead !
Shall he condemn who lives above,
And for us ever pleadeth there ?
Shall aught divide us from his love ?
Shall any tempt us to despair
Shall persecution, or distress ?
Or famine, sword, or nakedness ?
Nay! He who loved us bears us through,
And makes us more than conquerors too !

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S. M.
JESUS the Saviour reigns !

Let saints adore their Lord :
Bright cherubs his attendants stand,

Swift to fulfil his word.
In Zion is his throne;
His honours are divine :

Through earth he makes his


known Through heaven his glories shine. How holy is his name !

How well deserved his praise ! Justice and truth, with mercy join,

In all his works of grace. 142.

L. M. EXALTED Prince of Life, we own

The royal honours of thy throne :
'Tis thine to sit, at God's right hand,
Whence seraphs fly at thy command.
Exalted Saviour, we confess
The mighty triumphs of thy grace;
Where love, and tenderest mercy, shine,
And temper majesty divine.
High thy resistless sceptre sway,
Till all thine enemies obey :
Wide may thy cross its virtues prove,
And conquer millions by thy love!

143. 4-6's & 2-8's.
THE Lord Immanuel reigns,

His throne is set on high;
The garments he assumes

Are light and majesty :
His glory shines with beams so bright,
No mortal eye can bear the sight.

And can this mighty King
To sinners condescend ?

And will he write his name,

Our Brother and our Friend ?-
We love his name, we love his word;
Join all our powers to praise the Lord !

All hail triumphant Lord !
Let heaven's hosannas ring!
And earth in humble strains,

Thy praise responsive bring:
Worthy art thou who once wast slain,
Through endless years to live and reign.


S. M.
JESUS, the Conqueror, reigns,

In glorious strength arrayed ;
His kingdom over all maintains,

And bids the earth be glad.
We sing his saving graec,

His pardoning love we own,
He died tatone, He lives to bless

High on his Father's throne,
Our Advocate with God,

He undertakes our cause ;
We fain would spread through earth abroad,

The triumphs of his cross.

L. M.
THE God of Jacob chose the hill

Of Zion for his ancient rest;
And Zion is his dwelling still;
His church is with his presence blessed.

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