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Pfal. lxxvii. 12. I will meditate also of all thy work; and talk of thy

Pfal. civ. 34. My meditation of him fhall be sweet ; I will be glad ir
the Lord.

Pfal, xix. 14. Set the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my
heart be acceptable in thy light, O Lord, iny strength and my Redeemer.

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The profits, if any, to be immediately remitted to the London society,

who are collecting for the widow's and children of such as may lose
their lives in the public service; and whereof a single family in our
place is already assured of Ten Gaincas.



The subscriptions being a free-will offering of the Town and Parish, though occasionally a religious performance has been made use of, is to be understood as their gratuity alone.

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You have been, from the time of your capacity to apprehend any thing of importance, accustomed to join in Family Worship, and, to the praise of Divine Grace, never, that I can recollect, discovered a weariness, but the contrary. This leads me to hope that devotion, fo natural a mother to every virtue, is, and always will be agreeable to you. So good has Almighty God been, as to give all of you, who have families, tuneful voices, which ought to make singing with melody in your hearts, a frequent employment along with this, in absence of your husbands. If a small portion of scripture be read, and such a paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer as you are provided with, or the Lord's Prayer alone, this will make your houses temples to the Most High. When the children grow up they may do both for you. Accustom them, if you please, to choose other short plain forms annexed to Sermons on Family Worship; and I trust your godliness and content

ment together will make the provision, under Heaver made by very tender partners, great gain. Their regularity hitherto, in methods which accord to their own conviction, makes me forefee death, after what our Divine Saviour has gone through on our account, as an enemy stripped of his worst terrors. Grant the above as what may be understood to be one important dying request, and when we part it will, I trust, be to meet very soon in his presence where there is fulness of joy, and at his right hand where there are rivers of pleasure for ever more.

Your affectionate, and I must add

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AN is a spectator capable of beholding the beauty

of the universe, which ought not only to be his amusement, but to be understood by him as his special prerogative. It is a study of immense extent, and the more progress any one makes, the more he enjoys; the more in his own mind and among other people, as occasion of fers, he is able to give glory to the Infinite Authcr.

Sensible proofs are the surest foundations of our knowledge ; and, accordingly, the Supreme Being hath revealed himself to the world by facts. His works do manifest his existence and attributes to a considerable degree ; and on that account, the Rudy of nature, as one branch of our instruction, should be regarded by all.“ They are foughe

out of all them that would liave pleasure in God," and the more narrowly they are inspected, the more grand and noble they appear, and their art the more exquisite. They keep the skilful in constant rapture! At the same tinie 66

every man may see it,” as Elihu in the book of Job xxxvi 25. well observes, “ Man may be6 hold it afar off. There is no speech nor language,” says thé deyout Psalmist, “ where their voice is not heard." Pfal xix. 3.4. “Their line is gone through all the earth, and as their words to the end of the world.” An Atheist, or even one grossly ignorant, is an impious opposer of all these bright evidences; a rebel against his reason, as well as against his God Owing to this it must be, that inanimate creatures are fo often called upon, in fcripture, to

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