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but I can give very little encouragement for hope to an hour or two of this vehement and tunultuous penitence, on the very brink of damnation. “Judas "repented,” but his agonies of foul hurried him to hasten his own death, “that he might go to his own “place:” and there is abundance of such kind of repenting in every corner of hell: that is a deep and dreadful pit, whence there is no redemption, though there are millions of such sort of penitents ; it is a strong and dark prison, where no beam of comfort ever. Thines; where bitter anguish and mourning for fins paft, is no evangelical repentance but everlasting and hopeless forrow.

A Thought on Death.


EATH, to a good man, is but passing thro’a

dark entry, out of one little duky room of his Father's house, into another that is fair and large, lightsome and glorious, and divinely entertaining. O, may the rays and fplendours of my heavenly apartment shoot far downward, and gild the dark entry with such a chearful gleam, as to banish every

fear when I shall be called to pass through!

P.131. The Beggary Flition. se Notes & Querie, /5 Tenis Vol. 111.6.20

The authorship milli litta haem has a times excited a good deal of attention It has been attributed, on no Very mificisus Grorindo to D. Joshuis Webola m.D; font from the Gentámans Magazine Vat. Ixx . p.41 it appears that it is the entire Inoduction or the Roy. Mama Atofa

, Miniter mBrisely bill rud Satham ń Staffordshire who work it al about the ape of heente-hoce He rnd the manuscript o theat, and iSurma others to mi? Shurt, pmkrin Whishamito who, from the thread hr.moss had of criticise Was hulksh them on lui iadition that mly Wola, copies should have hij deme

annexed to them, for the purpose of being fuesen med 5 lis relatim, and friends": Dr. Mower in bi Clefiial Saghsh Poetry, 129 afisay it wigakuis mag pp. 239,246 he English Min, balog'sdinburgh 1810, 2vd, a writectin cited itin said betri Harteriet, (for Phida life q. 1. 36asli laisvom bxlvishen "Sri frhn Morri's as the come

7 the author. Voir

inginnt Pieces, llence A Morning Hymn 121 The horts Prayer in Verk, 122 The Soaring tark, 123 Tae Fasting have, or Sylvia buatmish 124, Walking out of a rightful Dream, 125 advice to obscene Writers on

a Glefs. 126 Paraphrage on Nahum 1:1-7 128. The Song of



Petition 133 Endeatur to Please (Prose) .-37

37. The Church land 139 The Dangerinkate Repredance 140. A Hought a Death Since then Boggans Petition is included

Original Pieces it may be inferred that this Collection Was compiled and sdited by the Rev. Flores Moss Were this the perofer resour of mosi porn

mferener might be jotipid. Moss

hil poem. The Bezpén Beggar's petition, and there are other variations in this version of which he disapproved. Su Shane's





the above

and not the

vol. II. p. 238.

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