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RACHEL: a Tale. With a beautiful frontispiece,
Handsomely printed in foolscap 8vo. price 5s. boards.
Be cured

Of this diseas'd opinion, and betimes;
For 'tis most dangerous.

DISPLAY. A Tale. By Jane TAYLOR, Author of

Essays in Rhyme,' and one of the Authors of Original Poems for Infant Minds.” Fifth Edition. With a beautiful frontispiece, price 6s. boards.

“ We never met with any composition so completely and beautifully simple both in sentiment and style, which at the same time interested us so strongly by the naïveté of its descriptions, sometimes heightened by the most delicate touches of humour and pathos; by the heart that pervades the narrative, and the air of reality which is thrown over the characters.”

Eclectic Rev. Aug. 1815. ESSAYS IN RHYME, on Morals and Manners.

By Jane Taylor, Author of Display,' &c. Second Edition, price 6s. bds.

“ We have seldom met with a volume of Poetry, that bore more strikingly the impress of native thought, or that supplied the mind

more richly with materials for deep reflection.” Eclect. Rev. 1816. THE BLIND MAN AND HIS SON, a Tale ;

the Four Friends, a Fable;--and a Word for the Gipsies. Dedicated to Mr. Montgomery. Handsomely printed in foolscap 8vo, with a beautiful frontispiece. Price 4s. 6d. boards. ** The profits arising from the sale of this publication will be

applied in aid of the Society for the relief of Aged Females

in Sheffield. A MOTHER'S ADVICE to her ABSENT

DAUGHTERS. With an additional Letter on the Mapagement and Education of Infant Children. By Lady PENNINGTON. With a beautiful frontispiece. Eighth Edition, just published. Handsomely printed in foolscap &vo. Price 4s 6d. bds

Books published by Taylor and Hessey.


BEST INTERESTS. By Mrs. Taylor, of ONGAR. Sixth Edition. Handsomely printed in foolscap 8vo, with a beautiful frontispiece, price 5s. boards.

« The subjects of these Essays are well chosen, and ingeniously diversified: and the fair writer displays a degree of piety, with a knowledge and application of the Scriptures, which increases the value of her work.”

Monthly Rev. 1814.


the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Family. By Mrs. Taylor, of ONGAR. Sixth Edition. Handsomely printed in foolscap 8vo. with a beautiful frontispiece, 5s. bds.

“The duties of a wife, a mother, and a mistress of a family, are admirably pourtrayed and most successfully urged in this little volume. It is a book that will be placed in the hands of those who are to fill those enviable situations, with the utmost advantage. The short religious portion at the conclusion is warm, affectionate, and just, but not tinged with the slightest spirit of fanaticism.”

British Critic, May, 1815.


SERVANT: consisting of friendly Advice and real Histories.

By Mrs. Taylor, of Oxcar. Second Edition. Handsomely • printed in foolscap 8vo, with a frontispiece, price 3s. 60. boards.

“We are happy to announce another publication of this judicious and useful writer, particularly as we think that the present will be found among the most valuable of Mrs. Taylor's productions. The size of the volume is attractive: and the style, though correct, is so unaffected and simple, that every word will be un derstood by the class of readers for which it is designed."

Monthly Review, March, 1816.


RECTIONS, Counsels, and Cautions, tending to the prudent Management of Affairs in common Life. Compiled by Tuomas Fuller, M.D. A new Edition. Handsomely printed in foolscap 8vo. price 5s, boards.


pressly adapted to be read in Families. By the Rev. HARVEY MARRIOTT, Rector of Claverton; and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord KENYON. Second Edition. In one volume 8vo. 9s. bds.

“ The volume before us is one of considerable merit, and in a family, or a country parish, will be found of much practical utility. The discourses which it contains are clear, simple and persuasive.

British Critic, Feb. 1817.


BROTHER, on the CONDUCT to be pursued in LIFE. By W. Hussey. Third Edition, in 2 vols. With a fine frontispiece. Price 9s, boards.

“ This is an elegant little work, and we can safely recommend it to our juve eaders, as containing much sound practical advice, without any parade of refinement, or affectation of singularity.”

Crit. Review.

The STUDENT'S JOURNAL, Arranged, Printed,

and Ruled, for receiving an Account of every Day's Employment for the space of One Year. With an Index and Appendix. In post 8vo. half bound in red morocco, price 4s. 6d.

" I propose from this day to keep an exact Journal of my ACtions and Studies, both to assist my Memory, and to accustom me to set a due value on my Time.”

Introduction to Mr. Gibbon's Journal.

THE PRIVATE DIARY : formed on the Plan of

the STUDENT'S JOURNAL, for general Use. Half bound in blue morocco, 4s. 6d.

THE LITERARY DIARY, or, Complete Com

mon-Place Book, with an Explanation, and an Alphabet of two Letters on a Leaf. Post 4to, ruled throughout, and half bound in morocco, price 12s.

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