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Exhortations to diligence consistent with Calvinistic

sentiments 63

Election of the Apostle's, including Judas 64

1 Thessalonians i. 2—4 considered 69

2 Thessalonians ii. 13,14, 71

"A remnant according to the election of grace"

distinguishes a. personal from a national election 78

"Enduring all things for the elect" 81

"Days shortened for the elect's sake" 83

"If possible deceive the elect" 85

"Gather the elect" 86

Election of Jacob, not of Esau, Rom. ix. 10—13.. 89

Use of the terms reprobate and reprobation 90

Election of Grace, rejection of justice 92

The elect are individuals, and distinguished by

character 94

Whether covenant implies conditions 97

The wicked " made for the day of evil," Prov. xvi. 4. 99

"Vessels of wrath fitted for destruction" 100.

Language and feelings of humble Christians 101

Prescience and decrees do not affect free agency.. 104

Quotations from Abp. Bramhall 105

How the Jews " could not believe" 108

Judicial blinding and hardening Ill

Isaiah vi. 9, 10 113

"Ordained to eternal life," Acts xiii. 48 113

Romans viii. 29—31 considered 118

Romans ix. considered 125

Case of Pharaoh 130

God's decree positive with respect to the elect,

negative with respect to others 137

Rejection of the Jews, and calling of the Gentiles.. 139

1 Peter ii. 7,8. "Whereunto they were appointed" 141

Obedience respects a command not a decree 143

Crucifixion of Christ decreed, yeta criminal act.... 145

Disobedience not made' inevitable' 146

Irreverent language 147

Jude 4. "ordained to this condemnation" 148

Use of scripture language draws down the imputa-

tion of Calvinism 151

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