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the house of God, that it be with a design to worship him, and not only out of curiosity to hear a sermon, as I fear too many do. How many idle people are there, who seldom, or never, put their foot within side a church door, unless it be through a case of necessity? Is not all that corruption of morals which has overspread this kingdom, owing to the neglect of this important duty of social worship?

Many there are who, by this neglect, have blotted out of their minds all distinction between good and evil, and have commenced cool and deliberate libertines. They have so far debased their notions of religion as to look upon it as a duty that may be observed by the bye, when neither their pleasures nor their profits interfere. They have clouded their reason so far as to take a pleasure in deceiving themselves in those points that are of the highest consequence to them, as if the safest way to avoid a precipice was to run blind-fold by it. In their worldly concerns they are diffident and timerous; in their religious conduct they are rash and credulous; in worldly affairs they deliberately weigh every circumstance; in religion they are so far from thinking or reflecting, that they venture their immortal treasures upon occasional reflections, ci

These are the characters of such as regard not God, but make him only a secondary or subservient Deity, and sacrilegiously, bestow upon sense and appetite that worship to which he alone has a claim.

To men of this stamp, all arguments drawn from religion will prove useless and unavailing, and it will be next to an impossibility to make them entertain the most distant thought of a reformation, because they do not perceive their disorder, but rather approve of their conduct; and, unless our irregularities are clearly seen, and deeply lamented, we must for ever remain incurable.

Astonishing ! that man, who boasts of his reason, should act so trifling and inconsiderate a part; should be so careless of his eternal concerns, not to say, bent upon his own destruction.

However, let us not all be thus inconsiderate, but rather let us be persuaded to act as becomes reasonable creatures, by a frequent and chearful discharge of this reasonable and important duty of social worship; and then we shall be better fitted to join (with transporting and ineffable delight) among the heavenly host, in singing eternal hallelujahs, under the smiles of our God and Redeemer. To whom be ascribed, &c.







Fast Day, appointed in Memory of the great Storm


On the 28th of August, 1712.

| REVELATIONS xix. part of the 6th and 7th.

Ilallelujah : for the Lord God omnipotent

reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice.

If we take a survey of mankind in the majority, we will find, that it is the universal opinion that this world was formed by an eternally existing Creator. And the reason is, because no man, in his senses, could ascribe that which hath all the characters of a wise design and contrivance imprinted on it, to the effect of blind chance, or the fortuitous concurrence of atoms.

But you will find many, in all ages, and of every religious persuasion, so perplexed about the good and evil accidents of life, as to doubt whether this Creator gires himself any concern in governing the world now he has made it. And yet, what can be more absurd, or more evidently display the short.sightedness of man? If there was no supreme intelligence, no providential eye over the universe, it must suffer infinite distractions, undergo numberless Gala

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