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SECTION 1.-Creation-Garden of Eden-Endowments of Man

SECT. II-Fall of our First Parents, and their Punishment

SECT. III.-Cain and Abel

Sect. IV.-Seth and his Posterity

Sect. V.-Great corruption of Manners, the consequence of intermarriages

between the descendants of Seth and those of Cain

Sect. VI.-The Deluge—The Ark

Sect. VII.--Noah and his Family leave the Ark

SECT. VIII.-The Earth peopled again from the three sons of Noah

Sect. IX.-Babel-The Confusion of Tongues

Sect. X.-Posterity of Shem

Sect. XI.-History of Abraham

Sect. XII.-Covenant of Circumcision-God visits Abram, and promises him

a Son by Sarah-Destruction of Sodom-Escape of Lot

Sect. XIII.-Birth of Isaac-Command to Abraham to sacrifice his Son

Sect. XIV.-Death of Sarah-Purchase of a Burying Place

Sect. XV.-Abraham sends to his kindred for a wife for Isaac-Rebekah is

sent-Death of Abraham

Sect. XVI.—Esau and Jacob born-Esau deprived of the blessing of the

first-born by the fraud of Rebekah and Jacob

Sect. XVII.-Jacob goes to Padan-aram, and is entertained by Laban-He is

deceived by Laban, and receives Leah, instead of Rachel, to wife-

Rachel also given to him for seven year's service

Sect. XVIII.- Jacob's return-Pursued by Laban-Esau comes with a host

to meet him, but God turns away his displeasure

Sect. XIX.-Jacob's residence in Canaan-Dinah's misfortune-The Des-

truction of the Shechemites-Jacob goes to Bethel-Deborah dies-

God appears to him at Bethel, when he builds an altar to Jehovah

SECT. XX.-Reuben's Incest-Death of Isaac-Joseph's Dreams-Jacob's

fondness and partiality for Joseph—The envy of his Brethren-He is

sold into Egypt

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SECTION I.-The continuance of the Hebrews in the Land of Egypt-The cruel

edicts of the Egyptians against the male Hebrew children--The birth,

concealment, exposure, and adoption of Moses-Miserable bondage

of the Hebrews-Moses kills an Egyptian, and flies to Arabia, where

he enters into the family of Jethro, priest of Midian, whose daughter

he marries

. 77

Sect. II.-Moses sojourns in Midian forty years--Receives his commission

from God to go and deliver the People of Israel from their cruel bond-

age-The strong reluctance of Moses overcome-He is empowered

to work Miracles-Aaron is associated with him in the Commission : 83

SECT. III.-Moses takes leave of Jethro-Circumcision-Aaron, his brother,

joins him, and receives a full account of the Message of Jehovah-

They go to the Hebrews first, and then appear before Pharaoh, and

exhibit the miracles which they were directed to perform--Pharaoh's

heart is hardened and the condition of the People is more wretched-

God promises deliverance

. 86

Sect. IV.-Aaron's Rod becomes a Serpent-The Magicians of Pharaoh

imitate the Miracle-Moses and Aaron turn the water into Blood-

This also imitated by the Magicians-The Miracle of the Frogs—This

also imitated by the Magicians—The Dust converted into Lice-Magi-

cians confounded


Sect. V.-The Miracle of “ Divers kinds of Flies' -The Murrain-The Hail

-Pharaoh affrighted by the Thunder which accompanied the Hail-

But his heart remains obdurate-The Plague of the Locusts_Of the

miraculous Darkness


Sect. VI.-Institution of the Passover-The destruction of the first-born of

all the Egyptians—The Exodus



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· 107


SECTION VII.-Number of the People—Time of sojourning-Change of the

commencement of the Year-Redemption of the first-born- The way

which they were led-Joseph's bones-Succoth-Pillar of Fire and



SECT. VIII.-Pharaoh pursues the Israelites, and overtakes them at the edge

of the Red Sea-Alarm of the People-Promise of Deliverance-The

Sea divided by the Rod of Moses


SECT. IX.- Israel in the Wilderness—Want of Water-Marah-Elim-Want

of Food-Manna promised-Sabbath-Quails--Description of the Man-

na–Regulations for collecting it-Pot of Manna to be laid up for a



Sect. X.-Rebellion of the People at Rephidim for want of Water-The Rock

smitten-The People assailed by the Amalekites, Joshua defeats them 101

SECT. XI.-Jethro's visit to Moses-His wise counsel-Institution of Officers

--Jethro returns home


SECT. XII.-Moses called up into the Mount-Communicates the words of

Jehovah to the People-Tremendous exhibition on Mount Sinai-The

Ten Commandments uttered in a voice of Thunder-- Various other Laws 105

SECT. XIII.-Laws respecting Murder-Lex Talionis-Mischief by an Ox-

Opening a Pit-Penalty for stealing an Ox or a Sheep-The killing of a

Thief-Goods in Trust-Animals borrowed-Seduction-Idolaters-


SECT. XIV.-Provision for the Poor, the Stranger, Widow, and Orphan-

Loans to a Brother-Pledges-Speaking evil of Rulers-First-fruits-

Animals torn by Wild Beasts-Slander Forbidden-Duties to Enemies

-Sabbatical Year-Annual Festivals—The Passover-Feast of Taber-

nacles-And Feast of Harvest of Pentecost-Leaven forbidden in the

Sacrifices-Other Laws


Sect. XV.–The Angel of God promised to go before the People


SECT. XVI.-Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu called into the Mount-Glori-

ous appearance of God—Tables of the Law


SECT. XVII.-Offerings for the Tabernacle-Pattern-Curtains—Altar-Lav-

er-Holy, and Most Holy Place, and their furniture


SECT. XVIII.-Designation of Aaron and his Sons to the Priest's office-Sac-

erdotal Garments-Materials offered freely-Wisdom given to execute

the work-Amount of Gold and Silver contributed—Whence obtained 114

SECT. XIX.-Erection of the Tabernacle-Laws respecting Sacrifices and

Offerings-Sin-offerings-Unbloody Sacrifices_Drink-offerings—Flour-

offerings :


SECT. XX.-Consecration of the Priests and Levites-Holy Fire

SECT. XXI.-The Sin and fearful Punishment of Aaron's eldest Sons


Sect. XXII.-Clean and unclean animals—Leprosy, laws respecting it

. 121

SECT. XXIII.-Laws of Purity and Health


SECT. XXIV.-The Vow of the Nazarite


Sect. XXV.--Great Day of Atonement

· 125

Sect. XXVI.-Laws respecting the Priests and Levites—Sacerdotal Benedic-


· 126

Sect. XXVII.-Laws respecting Incest

SECT. XXVIII.-Miscellaneous Laws


SECT. XXIX.-Daily Service of the Tabernacle


SECT. XXX.-Tables of the Law


SECT. XXXI.-Departure from Mount Sinai-Order of march


Sect. XXXII.-Moses' Invitation to Hobab


Sect. XXXIII.-The People rebel against Moses-A Burning sent among

them-The Lord puis his Spirit on the Elders


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SECTION XXXIV.–New Troubles arise from an unexpected quarter


SECT. XXXV.-Men sent to explore the Promised Land

. 139

Sect. XXXVI.-The People rebel against Moses again-God's Displeasure-

Declares with an oath that none but Caleb and Joshua of all that genera-

tion should ever possess the Promised Land .


SECT. XXXVII.-The Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, Abiram and On, with two

hundred and fifty Princes of the Congregation


Sect. XXXVIII.-Second murmuring on account of the want of Water . 146

Sect. XXXIX.-Message to the King of Edom-Death of Aaron


Sect. XL.–Fiery Serpents infest the People on account of their rebellion 147

Sect. XLI.-Balak sends for Balaam to curse Israel


SECT. XLII.-Balaam blesses Israel

· 151

Sect. XLIII.-Seduction of the Israelites by the Daughters of Moab


Sect. XLIV.-Punishment of the Israelites


Sect. XLV.-Second Census of the People

. 155

Sect. XLVI.-Overthrow of the Midianites


Sect. XLVII.—The tribes of Reuben and Gad ask permission to take their

inheritance on the East of Jordan-Also the half tribe of Manasseh

- Their request is granted


Sect. XLVIII.-A retrospect of the journeyings of Israel in the wilderness 159

Sect. XLIX.—Deuteronomy, or recapitulation of the Law

. 161

Sect. L.—The Law to be inscribed on plaistered stones—The blessings from

Mount Gerizim, and curses from Mount Ebal


Sect. LI.-A Prophecy of the Destruction of Jerusalem, and Captivity of the



Sect. LII.-Covenant of Horeb renewed in the Plains of Moab


Secr. LIII.-Valedictory of Moses concluded .

. 169

Sect. LIV.—Inauguration of Joshua, and blessing of the Twelve Tribes

. 171

Secr. LV.-Death of Moses



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SECTION VI.--Ai again assaulted and taken by stratagem, and utterly destroyed

-Joshua erects an Altar in Ebal and offers Sacrifices-Writes a Copy

of the Law on Stones-From Mount Gerizim and Ebal pronounces the

Blessings and the Curses


Secr. VII.-The Gibeonites deceive Joshua and the Princes, and obtain from

them an oath that they should not be destroyed—The People would

have had them to violate their engagement and destroy this People

who had imposed on them—Joshua considers the oath obligatory—The

general subject of the Obligation of Vows

. 193

SECT. VIII.-Powerful combination of the Kings of Canaan to destroy the

Gibeonites-Joshua is made acquainted with their danger, and hastens

to their relief-Combined Kings defeated—Wonderful miracle of the

Sun standing still—The execution of five Kings


Sect. IX.-A new combination under Jabin-Joshua defeats him, and takes

Hazor, his capitol-Conquest of the whole hill-country-Parts uncon-



Sect. X.-Joshua divides the Land among the nine and a half Tribes-Caleb's

Speech and Portion-Othniel conquers Kirjath-zepher, and receives

Caleb's daughter Achsah as his reward-Lot of Judah-of'Ephraim-

Half Tribe of Manasseh—The case of Zelophehad-Children of Joseph

complain of the narrowness of their limits

. 200

Sect. XI.-Shiloh the residence of the Ark-Seven tribes yet destitute of an

inheritance—The lots of Benjamin_Of Simeon-08 Zebulon-of Issa-

char-Of Asher-Of Naphtali-of Dan-Joshua's inheritance


Sect. XII.-Cities of Refuge appointed-Cities for the Levites-Suburbs to

the Cities also granted


Sect. XIII.-The armed men of the two and a half Tribes have leave to

return-Joshua's testimony and exhortation—They build an altar near

Jordan-Impression of this event on Israel-Their deputation and sol-

emn message-Their satisfactory answer—The People rejoiced at the

successful issue


SECT. XIV.-Prosperous condition of Israel, Joshua's solemn address to the

Elders and People-His Valedictory–His proposal that they should

now choose whom they would serve- -Decease of Joshua and Eleazar 210

Sect. XV.-Judah and Simeon directed to attack the Canaanites—Though

successful they could not expel the Canaanites from every part of their

lot-Benjamin not able to expel the Jebusites—Manasseh very unsuc-

cessful in reclaiming their possession-Solemn message of the Angel

of God-Character of the generation who first possessed Canaan—The

People forsake God after the decease of this generation-God raises up

Judges-When the Judges were dead they again grievously provoked

God to anger


SECT. XVI.-Othniel delivers Israel-Ehud delivers them from Moab, and

slays ten thousand Men


Sect. XVII.-Shamgar-Deborah judges Israel-Barak associated with her-

The Tribes summoned to the help of the Lord against Jabin-Sisera

defeated His death by the hand of Jael-Song of Deborah and Barak 218

SECT. XVIII.-Midian oppresses Israel-A nameless Prophet is sent with a

message from God to Israel-The Angel of the Lord appears to Gid-

eon, who sacrifices a kid to Jehovah, and the Angel, after delivering

his message, ascends in the flame_Gideon throws down the altar of

Baal by Divine direction-Joash, Gideon's father, refuses to give him

up-A great host gathered against Israel-Gideon collects the People

-Asks for a two-fold sign, which is granted .

. 222

Sect. XIX.-Gideon collects his Forces--A mere handful in comparison of

Midian, yet the Lord tells him there are too many-All are dismissed

except three hundred-Gideon goes to the Midianitish host, and hears

a dream which encourages him—The enemy are thrown into confusion,

and slay one another- Two Princes of the Midianites are taken, Oreb

and Zeeb-Their heads cut off

. 225


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