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while he deduced his arguments my; but served as a volunteer, and from the practice of former times, signalized his courage on every ocArundel, earl-marshal of England, cafion. At last he was Nain in the a warm stickler for the prerogative, battle of Newbury, in the twentyendeavoured to disconcert him by third year of his age; being, withthe following farcasm : “ My lord, out all question, one of the best acwhen these things were doing, your complished, most virtuous, gallant, ancestors were keeping sheep.” To and liberal noblemen of the age in which he replied, without hesitation, which he lived. His only fon Ro“ When my ancestors were keep- bert, earl of Sunderland, inherited ing sheep, as you say, your ances- his father's understanding, and foon tors were plotting treason.” This raised himself to a conspicuous point repartee was productive of violent of view among his fellow-fubjects. heats in the house of peers. At After having been employed in selength the earl of Arundel was sent veral embassies, in which he aci to the Tower, as having been the quitted himself with great honour, aggreffor; but was discharged, upon he was sworn of the privy-council; offering to make an acknowledg- and conducted himself with such adment. He was succeeded by his fon dress, that he acted as prime minisWilliam, lord Spencer, who inhe- ter to Charles II. and his brother, rited the virtues of his father, and who succeeded him; and even made died in the forty-fifth year of his his party good with king William, age, leaving his estate and honours who declared him chamberlain of to his eldest son Henry, born of his his houshold, and advised with him lady Penelope, eldest daughter of in all affairs of importance. He Henry Wriothesly, earl of South- certainly possessed all the powers of hampton. This young nobleman infinuation; could accommodate espoofed the lady Dorothy Sydney, himself to all times, and all circumdaughter of Robert earl of Leicester, stances, and was juftly considered as before he was of age. This was the one of the ablest politicians in Eulady celebrated by Waller under the rope. He very wisely resigned his name of Sachariffa. She and her employments, and retired to his husband were both highly accom- fear of Althorp, where he peaceably plished, and very amiable in their breathed his last in the year 1702. difpofitions. Lord Spencer at first By his lady, Anne Digby, youngest joined the opposition in parliament; daughter of the earl of Bristol, he but finding the views of his confe- had three fons, and three daughters. derates were such as neither law nor Robert, lord Spencer, died at Paris : conscience could warrant, he re- Henry, the third son, died in the nounced their association, and fol- cradle: but he was succeeded in lowed his sovereign king Charles to honour and estate by his second son, York. He afterwards attended him Charles carl of Sunderland; who, to Northampton and Oxford, where during his father's life, had reprehe was raised to the dignity of earl sented boroughs in five several parof Sunderland, by letters patent, liaments, and married the lady Aradated June 8, 1643. He refused to bella Cavendish, youngest daughter accept of any command in the ar- of Henry duke of Newcastle ; by



whom, however, he had no male derland was sworn of the new privy, issue. He afterwards espoused the council, and appointed lord lieutelady Anne Churchill, second daugh, nant of Ireland: but his bad ftate ter and coheir of the great John of health not permitting him to visit duke of Marlborough.

that kingdom, he resigned the of. Considering his natural and ac- fice, was constituted lord privy-feal, quired talents, which were very ex- and, in the sequel, vice-treasurer of traordinary, this alliance, and his Ireland. He afterwards attended connexion with the treasurer, the the king at Hanover; and, on his earl of Godolphin, could not fail to return, was appointed one of the raise hiin to the moft important of. principal secretaries of state. In fices of the state. He was appointed the year 1718 he was declared lord her majesty's envoy extraordinary president of the privy-council; next and plenipotentiary, to make the year appointed first commiffioner of compliments of condolance on the the treasury, and, upon his resigndeath of the emperor Leopold, and ing the place of president, his maof congratulation to his son and suc- jesty constituted him groom of the ceffor the emperor Joseph ; and to stole, and first gentleman of his bedendeavour, by the queen's media- chamber. He was now known to tion, to compose the differences beo be the first in the king's favour and tween his Imperial majesty and his confidence. He acted as one of Hungarian subjects. This embassy the justices in his majesty's absence, he performed with equal ability and and was installed knight of the success. He was careffed at the Garter in the year 1720. He conImperial court, where he received, tinued at the head of public affairs, as a present, the emperor's picture, which he managed with integrity adorned with diamonds. From and ability, till the day of his death, Vienna, he accompanied his father. which happened in the year 1722. in-law the duke of Marlborough to He was a nobleman of an engaging the courts of Berlin and Hanover, character, with a good capacity well where he met with a most distin-' cultivated, a lover of the arts, and guished reception from the late king a patron of genius. By his second of Prusia, and the elector of Hano- lady he had four fons, of whom the ver, who afterwards ascended the eldest, Robert lord Spencer, died in throne of England.

his infancy. He was succeeded by In the year 1707 he was appoint, Robert, his second son, earl of Sun. ed one of the commiffioners for derland, who died unmarried, at trearing of an union with Scotland; Paris, in the twenty-eighth year of sworn of her majesty's privy-council, his age. Then the title devolved to and nominated one of her principal the third son, Charles earl of Sunsecretaries of state : but when the derland; who, by the death of Wilwhig-interest declined at court, he liam marquis of Blandford, only fon was removed from this employment, and heir of Francis earl of GodolHowever, immediately after the ac- phin and his wife Henrietta, dutchess cession of George I. the earl of Sun- of Marlborough *, succeeded to that . * The honours of John duke of Marlborough were, in ihe year 1706, limited by all of parliament to his daughters, and the heirs male of their bodies fucceffively.

title in the year 1731, as also to an auxiliaries in the army of prince annual rent-charge of 8000 l. pur- Ferdinand of Brunswick; and in suant to the will of John duke of the year 1758 died at Munfter, uni. Marlborough, : At the decease of verfally regretted, as a nobleman his aunt Henrietta, dutchess of of untainted honour, and unboundMarlborough, which happened in ed benevolence. By his dutchess, the year 1733, that title likewise Elizabeth, daughter of lord Trevor, devolved to him, as heir to his he had three sons, and two daughmother the lady Anne Churchill, ters, still living. The eldest son, second daughter and coheir of the George, the present duke of Marlsaid John, duke of Marlborough. borough, was born on the 26th

"This nobleman was appointed day of January, in the year 1738, lord lieutenant and custos rotulo- and his godfather was king George rum of the counties of Oxford and II. Buckingham, one of the lords of His titles are, duke of Marlbohis majesty's bedchamber, and cap- rough, marquis of Blandford, earl tain and colonel of the second troop of Sunderland and of Marlborough, of horse-guards. He was after- baron Spencer of Wormleighton, wards installed knight of the Gar- and baron Churchill of Sandridge. ter, promoted to the command of Arms. Quarterly, argent and the second regiment of foot-guards, gules ; in the second and third, a and raised to the rank of brigadier- fret, or: over all, on a bend, sable, general. In this station he attended three escalops of the first. his majefty at the battle of Det Creft. In a ducal coronet, or, a tingen, where he behaved with great gryphon's head, between two wings, gallantry. He continued to rise in erected, argent, gorged with a plain the service to the station of lieu- collar, gules, beaked, or.' tenant general, was sworn of the Supporters. The dexter, a gryphon privy-council, appointed lord stew. party per fefs, argent and or: finisard of the houshold, and nominated ter, a wyvern, argent, wings exmore than once one of the regency panded, each collared and chained, in the king's absence. In the year fable; and each collar charged with 3755 he was made keeper of the three escalops, argent. privy-feal. He afterwards com- Morro. Dieu defend le droit, Fr. manded an expedition to the coast God defend the right. of France, where he took Cher Chief Sears. Blenheim near Woods bourg. Then he was sent over to stock, Oxfordshire; Marlborough Germany, to command the British house in London.

COMPENDIOUS HISTORY OF FRANCE. [Continued.] VLOVIS, like a very weak the Rhine and the Meuse, whose ca

politician, had by will divided pital was Metz, besides those terri. his dominions among his four sons, tories which the Franks possessed in Thierry, the eldett, inherited the Germany, and great part of Aqui country of Australia lying between tain. Clodomir became king of Orleans; Clothaire of Soissons; and and gave battle to Balderic, who was Childebert of Paris. Such was the was totally defeated. Then Herdivision of that country, which about manfroy took possession of the conthis time began to be distinguished quered country, and refused to conby the appellation of France. The form to the articles of the alliance. union which for some time subsisted Thierry was greatly exasperated at between the four brothers, arose this perfidy; but he fuppressed from their common apprehension of his resentment during the life of a formidable neighbour, Theodoric Theodoric, who was uncle to the king of the Oltrogoths in Italy, queen of Thuringia. He was also whose power was greatly reinforced father to the wife of Sigismund, by his absolute authority over the king of Burgundy, who bore to that kingdom of the Visigoths, which prince a son called Sigeric: but she he now governed in the name of his dying, Sigismund espoused another daughter's son Amalric, heir of wife, who by false insinuations ex. Alaric deceased. Clovis had no sooner cited the father's resentment against expired, than Theodoric seized up- her son-in-law, to such a degree, on some towns in the dominions of that he ordered the young prince to France, and a war ensued; but this be strangled at a banquet. Such dispute was soon compromised, and horrible deeds are not to be won. the Goth left in possession of the dered at in an age of ignorance and towns he had taken. In about barbarity! The three kings of seven years after this event, the France, Clodomir, Childebert, and peace of France was suddenly dif- Clothaire, taking it for granted that turbed by the invasion of Danish py- Theodoric would no longer protect rates, who failed into the mouth of the the murderer of his grandson, and alriver Meuse, and made a descent on, lured by the hope of booty and conAustralia, when they ravaged the quest, invaded Burgundy without any country of the Attuarij, between that pretext of quarrel, defeated Sigif river and the Rhine ; the same that mund, who with his second wife and now constitutes part of Guelderland. two sons, falling into the hands of. This, however, was but a momen- the victors, was sent prisoner to tary calamity. Theodobert, the son Orleans, where Clodomir caused of Thierry, tho' no more than eigh- them to be stilled in a well. In the teen years of age, being sent against mean time Sigismund's brother Gothem with a body of troops, defeat- demar, having assembled a body of ed their king Cocheline, who fell in troops, foon recovered all that the battle, and took a great number of French had conquered. But Clodo. prisoners with their whole booty. mir, reinforced by his brother the Thierry was at this time employed king of Australia, who by the bye in making preparations for a war of had lately espoused the daughter of greater importance. He had engaged the murdered Sigismund, they dea' in a league with Hermanfroy, king of feated Godemar in a pitched battle Thuringia, against Balderic, brother at Veserance, near the town of Viof that prince, whose dominions they enne. The victory however was faagreed to share equally between them. tal to Clodomir, who engaging himThey took the field in conjunction, self too far in the pursuit, was known


by his long hair, and Nain by the most powerful of the Ostrogoth nofugitives. Godemar, hoping this blemen: a misunderstanding which circumstance might restore the form effe&ually hindered her from emtune of the day, rallied his troops, baraffing herself with the affairs of and, making a stand, presented on France. Thierry seized this opthe point of a lance the head of Clo- portunity of attacking Hermanfroy, domir, imagining that such a spec- and engaged his brother Clothaire, tacle would dispirit his subjects. But king of Soissons, in the quarrel. it produced a contrary effe&t, by in- They invaded Thuringia with a spiring them with such a thirft of re- great army, and Hermanfroy havenge, that they fought with redou- zarding a pitched battle, was totally bled ardour, obtained a compleat defeated. The consequence of this vi&ory, and ravaged the whole defeat, was the loss of his kingdom, country with fire and sword. Never- and afterwards of his life, of which theless, Godemar found means to he was deprived by the order of recover the greater part of Burgun- Thierry. In the mean time, Childy, while the three surviving fons of debert, king of Paris, declared war Clovis, were busied in ravithing dif- against Amalaric, king of the Vistferent parts of the kingdom of Or- goths, who had espoused his fifter leans from the three minor fans of Clothilda, and used her brutally on their brother Clodomir.

account of the difference of religion, Theodoric the Ostrogoth, who had he being an obstinate Arian and the also poffefed part of Gaul, died a- a good catholic. Childebert, in rebout two years after this transac- venge of this usage, marched into tion, leaving his kingdom divided Languedoc, defeated him under the between his two grandsons, Ama- walls of Narbonne, plundered that laric, king of the Visigoths, in Spain, city, and carried off his fifter Cloand Athalric, about ten years of thilda, who died, however, on the age, the son of Eutharic; who being road to Paris. Then Childebert, dead, the tuition of the minor de- being joined by his brother Clovolved to his mother, Amalafunte, thaire, resumed their former design the share of Amalaric, confift- of making a conquest of Burgundy, ed of Septemaine, or Languedoc, which Godemar ftill poffeffed. He and he fixed the seat of his empire again ventured a battle; again they at Narbonne; while Athalaric inhe- obtained a victory, and in the first rited all the rest of his grandfa- campaign, deprived him of Autun ther's dominions, and was acknow- . and Vienne. In the beginning of ledged king of the Ostrogoths. Her- the next year, these two victors manfroy, king of Thuringia, 'had were guilty of such perfidious cruelbeen always attached to the Goths; ty as proved a disgrace to human naand therefore Thierry, king of Au- ture. They persuaded their mother strasia, did not think it prudent to Clothilda to bring the three sons of call him to account for having re- their brother Clodemar to Paris, on fused him his share of Balderic's do- pretence of putting them into porminions, until a great misunder- session of their father's kingdom, · standing arose in Italy between the Two of these innocents were stabbed princess regent Amalafunte, and the by the hands of their inhuman uncle


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