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William earl of Harrington, customer and of Scotland. The peers of Scotland are to collector of the ports of Dublin, Skerries, afsemble at Holy Rood House in Edinburgh, Malahide and Wicklow; and Richard Rige on the 5th of May next, to choofe the sixby, Esq; keeper and master of the rolls in teen peers. the court of Chancery in Ireland.

His majesty in council was this day An act for applying the money granted pleased to order the lord high chancellor of in this session towards defraying the charge Great Britain, to cause writs to be forthof the pay of the militia in England when with iffued for electing members for the unembodied, and of the cloathing of part convocatioes of the clergy, which writs arc of the said militia now embodied, for one to bear teste the 25th of this inft. March, year, beginning March 25, 1761.

and to be returnable the 22d of May next. An act for the better preservation of the The king has been pleased to issue a progame in Scotland, and for repealing an clamation, declaring his majesty's pleasure ac patred in the 24th year of his late ma. for continuing officers, not already rejefty's reign under the same title. . moved or discharged, in Great Britain, Ire.

A bill for granting one million for the land, and the isles of Jersey, Guernsey, Aluses therein mentioned, and for exempting derney, and Sark, for four months from any fums granted or to be granted to the the date of the said proclamation ; in reroyal family, from the payment of taxes.... gard that the space of fix months, from For the relief of insolvent debtors.....For the time of the demise of his late Majesty, enlarging the harbour of Whitehaven...For hath been found not fufficient for paffing raifing a certain rum for discharging the and compleating new grants, commissions, navy debt, and for raising 500,000l. to be and appointments. " applied to the naval services of the presenç

SATURDAY, March 21. year....For granting to the king a certain The East-India company received the sum out of the finking fund....For render- disagreable news, that the Ajax, Capt. ing more effectual, an act for the limita- Lindsay, homeward-bound from Bengal, tion of the crown, and better securing the was taken by the Prothée, a French 64 gun rigtin of the subject relating to the commis. ship, off Cape Clear, after a smart engagefions and salaries of judges, and for the ment, and carried into Brest. Captain payment of judges salaries out of all or Lindsay was killed in the action, before any of the revenues which thall be applica- the ship struck. The Ajax had a largo ble to the uses of the civil government. quantity of diamonds, filk, muflin, and

After which his majesty made a most other valuable effects on board. The gracious speech to the house, See page 154. Denham Indiaman failed from Bencoolen, of the Magazine

before the Ajax left Bengal, and has not FRIDAY, March 20, . been heard of lince; which occasions fome His majefty in council was this day uneasiness. pleased to declare the right hon. George His Excellency lieut. gen. Yorke, arriv. Duok earl of Halifax, lieut. gen, and gene- ed in London from Holland. He has left ral governor of his majesty's kingdom of his secretary at the Hague, to take care of Ireland.

the British affairs at that court, in his The right hon. Sir Francis Dashwood, absence. Bart. treasurer of his majesty's chamber,

MONDAY, March 23. was, by his majesty's command, sworn of Was held a chapter of the hon, order his majesty's most honourable privy coun- of the Bath, at St. James's, when his Ma. cil, and took took his place at the board jesty was pleased to create the following accordingly.

persons knights of that Order, viz. Lord His majesty has been pleased to issue Carysfort, late knight of the thire for Huohis royal proclamation, for diffolving this, tingdonshire, Lieut. gen. Yorke, his Mapresent parliament, and declaring the cal- jesty's minifter plenipotentiary at the ling of another. The writs for calling a Hague. Sir James Gray, bart. his Majesty's new parliament, are to bear teste on Sa- envoy extraordinary at Naples. Majorturday the 21st of this inft. March, and to general Amhorât, commander in 'chief of be returnable on Tuesday the 19th day of his Majesty's forces in North-America. MaMay next.

jor-general John Griffin, colonel of the Likewise a proclamation, in o:der to the thirty-third regiment of foot. George Por Elding and summoning the fixseen peers socke, Eig; admiral of thie Blue. Sir Wil


Diam Beauchamp Proctor, bart. late knight Bute, to be one of his principal secretaries of the shire for Middlesex. Sir John Gib- of state ; his lordship was this day (worn, bons, bart. late member for Stockbridge. and took his place at the board accordingly. Francis Blake Delaval, Esq; late member A Frenchman, who calls himself Monf. for Andover. Charles Frederick, Esq; Sur Courcel, having had the address to obtain veyor-general of the Ordnance. And, George letters of recommendation from Prince FerWarren, Efq; late member for Lancaster dinand, was received in London, as a per

This day lord Pulteney, and general son very proper to be employed in our Cornwallis were elected members, to repre- service; but his conduct being narrowly fent the city of Westminster in parliament, watched, he was found to be a spy of the without opposition.

French court, entrusted with a very large This morning about eight o'clock, Dar sum of money, to purchase shipping for the kin, alias Dumas, the famous highway. use of our enemies. man, was executed at Oxford, for robbing

THURSDAY, March 26. Mr. Gamion, an apothecary in Weft- Orders were given out at the Cockpit, Smithfield, upon the king's highway, near Whitehall, for the removal of the fecreNettlebed, in that county. He prayed a tary's office from Whitehall, to the apartfew minutes at the foot of the ladder, ments late the duke of Cumberland's, at whilft the executioner was tying the cord, St. James's. and then went op very briskly, took off his This day came on at Guildhall, the elecneckcloth, unbuttoned his collar as well as tion of representatives, to serve the city of his waiftcoat, put the rope about his neck, London in parliament, when Sir Robert begged several times that the spectators Ladbroke, knt. Sir Richard Glyn, bart. would hang upon him immediately, and William Beckford, Esq; and the hon. Thou telling the executioner that he would give mas Harley, Esq; were declared by the a fignal for turning the ladder, instantly sheriffs to have the majority of hands, but dropped a white handkerchief; but without a poll was demanded by the friends of Sir waiting a moment, threw himself off. He Samuel Fludyer, bart, which began imme. hung upwards of an hour, when a large diately, body of bargmen attended, and, the in

SATURDAY, March 28. tant he was cut down, triumphantly car A dvice was this day received from Plye ried him off to St. Thomas's parish, dug a mouth, that the Vengeance frigate, capt. grave, and, after cutting his body open, Nightingale, arrived there last Tuesday, filled it with quick-lime, and then buried and brought in the Entreprenant, from it; as they said, they were determined he Bourdeaux, richly laden, for Domingo; thould not be diffected. :

has ports for 44 guns, but mounts only 26 TUESDAY, March 24.

twelve and fix pounders, and 203 men, Capt. Howe, of his Majesty's Thip the besides passengers : fhe engaged the VenBiddeford, has taken the Chamillant, a geance a considerable time, and had 15 French Sloop-privateer of four carriage, men killed, and 24 wounded; and the and two swivel guns, and fifteen men. Vengeance had fix killed, and 27 wounde

Capt. Brogiove, of the King's Noop Al ed: both ships are much damaged. The bany, took on the 16th instant, off the inle Vengeance also brought in with her the of Wight, the Hazard, a small French pri- Tyger privateer of St. Malo's, of four vateer,

guns, and 45 men, which she took on the The Grace armed cutter, commanded 230 inst. off the Lizard. by lieut, Macbride, has taken a French The Comette frigate, of 32 guns, and Thallop privateer of 24 men, 2. carriage, 250 men, prize to the Bedford man of war, and 6 swivel guns.

capt. Dean, is also arrived at Plymouth, WEDNESDAY, March 25.

The Bedford saw her safe into the Sound, His Majesty having appointed the earl of and went to sea again.

ERRA TA. In our last, p. 89, 2d col. after expected in the last line, add, if not more, not only with repet to ide. And p. 90, after Cato, frike out the last line of the ad col. being the words abovementioned, which were transposed in that manner.

Tx Marriage, Birtis, Dearbs, Proforment., & will be inferted in our main

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For APRIL, 1761.


The LIFE of LUCIUS CARY, Lord Viscount Falkland, Secretary of State to King CHARLES I.

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*HIS worthy person was Fleet ; but being sent to travel under the " the eldest son of Henry, care of a discreet tutor, he soon fhook off

the first viscount Falkland, all levity and extravagance, and became

by Elizabeth his wife, wife, sober, and prudent. When he was

A fole daughter and heir of about nineteen he came to a very great A

S ir Laurence Tanfield, lord fortune bequeathed to him by his grand

chief baron of the Exche father the lord chief baron, without pale quer, and was born, as is supposed, at Bur. fing through either his father or mother ford in Oxfordshire, about the year 1610. (who' were then both alive) and which His education for some years was in Ire. was left entirely to his own disposal. Very land; for his father being appointed lord shortly after he had poffeffion of this eftare, deputy of that kingdom in 1622, carried and before he was of age, he committed him with him thither. He received part a fault against his father, in marrying a of his academical learning in Trinity- young lady, whom he passionately loved, College, Dublin, and the remainder, on his without any confiderable portion ; and at return from Ireland, in St. John's College, this, his father was very much offendet, as Cambridge.

it disappointed all bis hopes and expeétaHe bad so well prosecuted his studies that tions of redeeming and repairing his own when he came into England, being then broken fortune and desperate hopes, at only eighteen years of age; he was not court, by some advantageous marriage of only master of the Latin-tongue, and had his son, about which he then bad some read all the poets and others of the best probable treary. The son was very con. authors with great judgment; but he un- scious to himself of his offence and trans. derstood, spoke, and writ French, as if he gression, and the consequence of it. And had lived many years in France. Yet he though he could not repent, having proved at first but a wild youth, and for married a lady of a moft extraordinary wit Lome indiscretion was thrown into the and judgment, and of the most signal virApril, 1763,


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