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other Terbits to Montreal, under the con- Huron loves prayers, and worships the duct of some Agniers, who with a very Creator of all things, to whom he has rebad grace presented two belts of wampum, course in all his necessities. I am inclined one to testify their forrow, for having fired, to follow his example: let Oonndeflon , without knowing he was in the canoe ; the who left me for I know not what, return other, to dry the tears of his countrymen. and inftruet me; and as I have not a numGarreau died in a few days, and the other ber of canoes sufficient to carry off so many two Jefuits returned to Quebec. During people, lend me thine for that purpose;" there transactions, the Hurons who had with these words, he delivered two belts, settled in the ine of Orleans, having no and retired. The French colony must fecurity for ther lives in that habitation, have been very weak, or the governor very transported themselves to Quebec, where pufillanimous ; for no umbrage was taken they met with but an indifferent reception, at the freedom of this deportment. The which they resented accordingly. They in Hurons were divided in opinion: the fasecret sent proposals to the Agniers, to mily of the Bear resolved to keep their be naturalized and united with their word with the Iroquois : part determined to canton, and there were readily accepted; stay among the French; and the resthad in but in the mean time, the Hurons repent a manner engaged to unite themselves with ing of the step they had taken, refused to the Onondagas : at the next meeting, faexecute what they themselves had pro ther Le Moyne performed the part of posed; and the Iroquois were determined speaker. “ Ononthio, (said he) loves the to force them to a compliance : with this Hurons; they are his children ; but he view, they detached small parties that mar- holds them not in leading-strings; they sacred, or carried off every Huron they are of age to take their own resolutions : found ftraggling in the country; and he opens his arms, and leaves them at full when they thought these hostilities had liberty, to go wherever they please : for rendered them more tractable, they sent my part, I shall follow them whithersoever thirty deputies to Quebec, in order to con they go ; if they go to thy habitation, Agduct them to their district.

nier, I shall accompany them, and inThe former tameness of Lauson en struct thee how to pray and worship the couraged these lavages to behave with ex Creator of all things: but I dare not hope traordinary infolence. They demanded thou wilt listen to my instructions: I know a public audience, in presence of all the thee well; I know thy intractable disposiFrench and Hurons, This being granted, tion; but I shall be satisfied with the dotheir chief or orator stood up, and addres- cility of the Hurons: as for the canoes, fing himself to the Hurons ; “ Brother (said thou seeft we have scarce sufficient for nehe) some time ago thou heldest out thy cessary uses---thou must therefore make arms, entreating me to conduct thee to my new ones, if thou hast not enough.” Then country; but, as often as I attempted to the chief of the family of the Bear spoke do it, thou hast always gone back, and in to the deputy in these words. “Brother, order to punish thy inconstancy, I have I am at your service--I throw myself into struck thee with the hatchet---take my ad- your canoes with my eyes shut, resolved vice : give me no more cause to treat thee to suffer even death, should it be necessary: in that manner; but, arise and follow me." but I and my family will first go.--I will So saying, he presented two belts, one not suffer my brethren to embark at the to help the Hurons to rise, and the other fame time ; if they mould think proper to as a pledge, that for the future, the Ag- join me hereafter, I Mall not oppose it; niers would treat them like brothers. He but, I Mall be glad that they see how I am afterwards turned to Mr. Lauson, and treated by thee, before they take that respoke to this effect. “Ononthio, unfold solution." Then he produced three belts, thy arms, and let thy children whom thou which the deputies accepted. Their next huggeft in thy bosom, go along with us; care was to make a number of new cafor, thould they play the fool again, per- noes, which being finished, they imbarked haps, in chastifing them, some of my blows with the family of the Bear, and father Le may light upon thee---take that belt, which Moyne kept them company. In a few will help to extend thy arms. I know the days after their departure, the deputies of

• Such was the name given by the Indians to father Le Moyne.


the Onondagas arrived at Quebec, and come in quest of friends and brethren; - summoned those Hurons who had engag- that if they had a mind to act in a regular ed to join them, to the performance of manner, they would return to their own their promise. They were incensed, when country; then the Hurons would perform they understood that the Bear had followed the promise they had given, when they the Agniers, and intermingled threats with mould no longer consider them as enemies; their remonftrances. At length, Mr. Lau that in the mean time the Hurons, to thew fon ventured to tell them, that they failed their fincerity, should give hostages, and in point of respect to their father; that wait for them at Montreal. The deputies part of the Hurons were disposed to fol. were pacified by this declaration, and being low them; but their wives and children well feasted, returned to their own country, had been terrified by their arms : that it seemingly satisfied with the success of their was not in the garb of war they ought to negotiation. (To be continued.]

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Mr. JOHN GRIFFIN's Directions for entering the Port of

PADSTOW. T HE port of Padstow being little The ftarboard fhore, which is very

i known, though the only safe high land, must be kept clofe on board one between the Land's end and Bidde, coming in, there being a sand called ford (I may fay Bristol on the English the Doom-bar not more than a cable Thore) and a harbour somewhat diffi. length from the land, when the rings cult to enter with the wind from S. S. are let in, so that when you have thos W. to N. N. W. with which winds within the land, with the above wind, Shipping can neither clear the land to you are generally becalmed, and next the eastward or westward if they are flaw may take you back, by which once engaged with it, and nothing vessels are often thrown on the Doombut a wild fhore lined with rocks, bar, and loft. Now in standing into this where it is next to impossible to save harbour, amd particularly with an Ship or life, and where numbers of ebb-tide, be sure to have your teakles ships and valuable cargoes have been on the boat with a hawser in her, and a lost, for want of a proper description lead line..--- your anchors and cables of Padítow harbour, and some rings clear, and as soon as you are shot withand bolts being let into the clifts, in the land, and find you have lost your which is bolted to, close to the land way, if it be on the ebb, let go your (or to the length of a boat's oar) on larboard anchor, if on the flood, your the starboard shore coming in*; as the starboard ; out boat, and ashore with channel is narrow, tho' a good depth your haw ser to the rings, and you are of water, and where ships of 15 feet safe.----The rings are about 45 fathom draught of water may ride with safety, alunder, and after being fast to one, tun or lie on Thore in the mud. To pre, a warp to the other, and fo to the third, vent the destruction that has often hap: where lie till near high water, which, pened, I have let in here three sub on spring tides, you have inthe channel ftantial bolts and rings to the afore- better than five fathom, and on the mentioned clift and, whitewashed the fand 14 or 15 feet. If need be, you fame several feet round the rings, as a may Nip your cable with a buoy, that guide to ftrangers to find them; and may be taken up by the boat when the for fear a boat should not be able to veffel is got to the harbour of Cove, land (which seldom happens) I have which is more than half a mile above fixed the outer ring in a place where that. I intend to make a proper people may come down and receive eraught of this harbour, the islands a lead line thrown from the boat, by adjoining, with depths of water, &c. which a hawfer or cable may be hauled I am, Sir, &c. on shore, and fastened to the rings.


A List of the Members of the House of COMMONS, with the Places

for which they are chofen, and their Town-Refidence. N. B. Those marked with * were not Members in the last Parliament. ABERCROMBY, James, Clackmannan Anson, Thomas, Litchfield, Spring-garden n county

* Archer, Hon. Andrew, Bramber * Adams, George, Saltalh

Archer, Henry, Warwick, Grofvenor-square Ainabie, William, Rippon, Grosvenor-square *Archer, Hon, Andrew, Coventry Aldsworth, Rich. Nevil, Tavistock, May-fair • Armitage, Sir George, York city, Henri. Amyand, G. Barnstaple, Laurence, Pultney-là. etra-street, l'avendith-square Ancrim, Earl of, Richmond, Pall-malt Ain, Pierce Acourt, Heycefkury, Park-nreet

AM, Wm. Acourt, Heytesbury, Park-Atreet Campbell, John, [now Duke of Argyle) Dun. * Athburnham, Wm. Hastings, Albemarle-ft. barton Caunty, Somerset-house Afley, Sir John, Shropshire, Hyde-park-corner Campbell, Daniel, Lanerk county Bacon, Edward, Norwich, Bruton-ftreet Campbell, Capt.Ja. Stirling co St. James's-pl. Bagor, Wm. Staffordshire, George-Itreet, Ha. nover-square

*Campbell, Lord Ft. Campbell to. &c,

Campbell, Lord ft. Dunbarton, &c. Baker, Sir Wm. Plympton, Winchester-ftreet Carnarvon, Marquis of, Radnorshire, CharlesBampfield, Sir Richaro, Devonshire, Pall.mall ftreet, Berkeley-square Bankes, Henry, Corfcastle, Brewer- ftreet Carnegie, Sir James, Kincardine county Barrington, Lord, Plymouth, Cavendith square Cartwright, William, Northamptonshire, Barrington, Sir J. Newton, Alants, Bromley-ftr, Henrietta-ftreet, Cavendish-square Barrow, Charles, Gloucefier, Howard-freet Carisfort, Lord, Huntingdon fhire, Hill-ftreet Bateman, Lord, Woodstock, Brook-ftreet *Cafwall, Timothy, Hertford Bathurit, Benj. Monmouth, Cloysters, Westm. Cavendith, Ld. Geo. Derbyth, Devonshire-house *Beauclerk, Hon. Aubrey, Thetford, St. James's Cavendith, Ld. Fred. Derby, Devoníhire-house square

Cavendith, Ld. Jn. Knaresbor. Devonshire-house Beckford, Julines, New Sarum, Weft. *Cavendish, Rd. Wendover, New Burlington str. Beckford, William, London, Soho-square *Cecil, Hon. Thomas, Rutlandshire, abroad Berkeley, Norborne, Gloucestershire, Grofo Champion, Anth.St. Germains, Devereux-court venor- ftreet

Chaplin, John, Stamford, Grosvenor-street Bertie, Lord Robert, Boston, St. James's-place Chester, Thomas, Gloucestersh. Sackville-Atr. *Bertie, Ld. Brownlow, Lincolníh Berkeley-sq. Chetwynd, William, Stafford, Dover-Street Bertie, Peregrine, Weitbury, Craigg's-court Chetwynd, Wm. Rd. Stafford, Audley-ftreet Bentinck, Capt. J. Rye, at sea

*Child, Francis, Bishop's-castle, Temple-bar *Beft, Thomas, Canterbury, Albemarle-ftreet Cho'mondeley, Thomas, Cheshire, Pall-mall Bishop, Sir Cecil, Boroughbridge, Berkeley sq Cholmondeley, Nath. Aldborough, Yorksh, Blacket, Sir Walt, Newcastle on Tyne, May-fair George-street, Hanover-square *Blackiston, William, Hindon

Clayton, Sir Kenrick, Bletchingly, Hill-ftreet Boone, Charles, Caftlerifing, Margaret street Clayton, Wm. Great Marlow, Brook-ftreet *Bootle, R. William, Chester city, Highgate Clevland, John, Saltarh, Admiralty Boscawen, Hon. George, Truro, Strutton-ftreet Clive, Colonel, Shrewsbury, Berkeley-Square Boscawen, Hon. Col. Truro, Piccadilly

Clive, Rd. Montgumery town, Swithin's-lanc Boulton, Hen. Crabb, Worceller, Crosby-sq. *Coates, Admiral, Bcdwyn • Bouverie, Edw. New Sarum, Clifford-Atreet Cocks, Charles, Ryegate, Conduit-Street ! Brand, Tho. Gatton, St. James's-Atreet Codrington, Sir Wm. Tewksbury, Conduit-fr. Brett, Sir Piercy, Queenborough, Camberwell Coke, Wenman, Oakhampton, Clifford-Areet Bridgman, Henry, Ludlow, Berkeley-Square Colleton, James, Leftwithiel, Bond-ftreet *Broome, Lord, Eye, Hill-ftreet

Colebrooke, Sir Ja. [dead ]Gatton, Soho-square • Brudenell, Ld, Marlborough, Albemarle-ftr. Colebrooke, Geo. Arundel, Threadneedle-Street Brudenell, Col, Marlborough, Chesterfield. Atr. *Compton, Hon. Spencer, Northampton, Brudenell, James, Hastings, David-fireet Brook-ftreet Brudeneil, Geo. B. Stamford, Hedge-lane Conolly, Thomas, Malmsbury, Dover- ftreet Bull, Robert, Newport, Cornwall, Brook-ftr. Conway, Hon. Hen. Thetford, Lit. Warwick-tr. •Buil, Daniel, Calne

Cooke, Geo, Middlesex, Lincoln's-inn fields Buller, James, Cornwall, Parliament-Atreet

Cornwallis, Hon. Ed. Westminft, St. James's-pl. Buller, John, Eastloe, Pall-mall

*Cornwallis, Hon. Hen. [dead] Eye, Hill-freet *Builer, Weftloe

Cornwall, Velters, Herefordshire, Dover-ftreet Bullock, John, Maldon, Pall-mall

Cotton, Sir Lynch, Denbysh. Duke-str. Westm. *Bunbury, Thomas Charles, Suffolk

Courtenay, SirWm, Devonshire, Grosvenor-fq. Burdetr, Sir Rubert, Tamworth, Hanover-sa. Courtenay, HenryR.Horiton, South Audley-ftr. •Burgoyne, Col. Midkurst, Cheerfield street Coventry, Thomas, Bridport, Se: jeant's-inn Burrard, Harry, Lymington, Conduit-ftreet Craven, William, Warwickshire, Strand Burrel, Peter, Launcelton, Upper Grofv. Atr. Craufurd, Patrick, Renfrew county Burrel, Merrick, Grampound, Throgmort, itr. *Craufurd, John, Berwick, Broad-street Burton, Barth, Camelford, Upper Grosv, Areet Creswell, EfcourtT.Watton Baffet, Parliam.stri

Burt, William Matthew, Great Marlow Cunliffe, Sir Ellis, Liverpoole, Berkeley-quare Butler, John, Suflex, Hül Atreet

Cunningham, Ld. Sandwich, Geo.str.Hanov.ją. *Byde, T. Plumer, Hertfordshire

Curzon, Alhton, Clitheroe, Brook-street
Cadogan,C.Sloan, Cambridge town, Bruton-ftr, Curven, Henry, Carlisle
•Calcraft, Colonel, Pool, Parliament-street

Cuft, Sir John, Grantham, Marlborough-street
Calvert, Nicholson, Tewksbury, Abingdon-Str. *Cust, Peregrine, Bishop's-castle
Calvert, John, Hertford, Grosvenor-square Dalrymple, Sir Hugh, Lauder, &c. Bruton - Areet
Campbell, Dougal, Argyleshire, Craven-street Dashwood, Sir Francis, MelcombeReg.
Campbell, Price, Nairn co, Hanover-square Dachwood, Sir James, Oxfordlh, Grosvenor.sq.



Dawkins, Hen. Southampton, Arlington Street Frankland, Vice Ad. Thrisk, Bond-ftreet
Delaval, Sir Fr. Blake, Andover, King-Atr.Soho "Frazer, Colonel, Inverness county
Delaval, Geo, Northumberland, St. Alban's-fr. Frederick, SirCha. Queenborough, Berkeley-fq.
*Dempfer, George, Forfar, &c.

Fuller, Rose, Maidstone, Gerrard-Street
Dennis, Peter, Heydon, Pali-mall

Gage, Lord, Seaford, Arlington-ftreet *Dering, Ed. New Romney, New Burlington-ftr. Gallway, Lord, Pontefract, Up. Brook-street Dickeson, Marshe, Brackley, Gray's-inn *Garlies, Lord, Morpeth, Piccadilly Dickson, John, Peebles county, Suffolk-ftreet Garth, John, Devizes, Bond-Itreet Digby, Lord, Wells, Clarges-street

*Gascoigne, Bamber, Malden, John-Street, Dodd, John, Reading, Curzon-Atreet

Gray's-inn Douglas, Archibald, Dumfries co. Piccadilly Gashry, Francis, EaAloe, Bloomsbury-íquare Douglas, Sir James, Orkney and Zetland *Gerrard, Bennet, Agmondesham *Dowdeswell, Wm. Worcestersh. Up.Brook-ftr. Gibbons, Sir Jn. Wallingford, Geo. ft. Weftm. Downe, Lord, Cirencester, Curzon-ftreet Gilmour, Sir Alex. Edinburgh county Drake, Sir Francis, Beeralfton, Bruton-ftreet Glanville, William, Hythe, New Bond-ftreet Drake, Wm. Agmondesham, Grosvenor-square *Glover, Richard, Weymouth Drax, Thomas Earle, Wareham

Glyn, Sir Richard, London, Budge-row Drummond, Adam, Lymington

Glynne, Sir John, Flint, Strand *Ducket, Thomas, Caine

Godolphin, Francis, Helftone, Pall-mall •Duke, James, Honiton

Gore, Thomas, Cricklade, Berkeley-square Dummer, T. Lee, Newport, Hants, Charles- Gordon, Lord Adam, Aberdeenshire, Halfstreet, St. James's

moon-ftreet, Piccadilly Duncomh, Thomas, Morpeth, Grosvenor-ftr. Granby,Marq. of, Cambridgesh. Albemarle-ftr, *Dungarvon, Lord, Warwick

*Grant, Sir Alex, Nairn, &c. Billiter-lane Edgecumbe, Hon. George (now Lord Edge *Grant, James, Elgin co. Panton-square

cumbe] Foway, Upper Grosvenor- ftreet *Gray, Ckarles, Colchester, Albemarle-street Edwards, Wm. Haverfordwest, St James's-place Grenville, Hon. Geo. Buckingham, Up, Br, str. Egerton, Samuel, Cheshire, White-hall Grenville, Hon. James, Buckingham, South

Ilchester St. James's Atreet, Audley-square Egmont, Earl of 3 hop Bridgewater square

Grenviile, Hon. Henry, Thirsk, Clifford - Atreet Elliot, Edward, St. Germains, Parliament-street

*Grey, Lord, Staffordshire, Sackville-street Elliot, Gilbert, Selkirk county, Admiralty

Grey, John, Bridgnorth, South-Audley-ftreet

Grey, Sir Henry, Northumberl. St. James's-sq. Ellis, Welbore, Aylesbury, Privy-garden

Griffin, Tho. Arundel, Holles-fir. Cavend. fq. Elwell, Sir John, Guildford, Grosvenor-street

Grifin, Sir John, Andover, Brook-ftreet Erskine, Sir Henry, Kilrenny &c. Pall-mall

Grosvenor, Tho. Chester city, Hanover-square Evelyn, John, Helston, St. James's Place

Gulston, Joseph, Pool, Soho-square Fairfax, Robert, Kent, St. james's street

Gwynn, Howel, Old Sarum, St. Alban's-ftr. Fane, Thomas, Lyme Regis, Sackville-Street

Gybbon, Philip, Rye, Saville-row Fane, Henry, Lyme Regis, Sackville-street

*Hamilton, Wm. Midhurst, Curzon- ftreet Fanshaw, Simon, Grampound, Saville-row

Hamilton, Wm. Ger, Pontefract, St. James's-st. Farnham, Lord, Taunton, Hill-Street

Hamilton, Jn. Wigtown co. Charles-At. Fazakerly, Nich. Preston, Grosvenor- ftreet

Hanbury, Capel, Monmouthsh Privy-garden Featherstone, Sir Mat, Portsmouth, Whitehall

Harboard, Harboard, Norwich, Pall-mall Finch, Hon. Ed. Cambridge University, St.

Harley, Robert, Droitwich, Lincoln's-inn James's-place

*Harley, Hon. Tho. London, Aldersgate-ftreet Finch, Hon. Hen, Malton, Scotland-yard

*Harpur, Sir H. Derbyshire Fisher, Brice, Boroughbridge, Craigg's-court

* !Harris, W. Christchurch, Lincoln's-inn-fields Fitzriy, Colonel, Bury, Cavendish-square

Harris, John, Ashburton, Pall-mall *Fitzherbert, Wm. Bramber, Caftle-str. Ca

*Harvey, Eliab, Dunwich, Red-lion-square vendith-square

Harvey, John, Wallingford, Lincoln's inn Fitzmaurice, Lord (now Earl of Shelburn)

n] Harvey, William, Effex, Soho-square Chipping, Wic mb. Hanover-square

Hawke, Sir Ed. Portsmouth, Geo, ftr. Hanov, sg. Fitzwi'liams, Hon. J. Windsor, South Atreet F.etcher, Ardr. Haddington co. Argyle-Atreet

Hav, Dr. Geo. Sandwich, Doctors-Commons Flud; er, Sir Sam. Chippenham, Balinghall-fr,

*Hayes, James, Downton

*Heathcote, Sir Gilbert, Shaftsbury, CharlesFoley, Tho. Droirwich, Upper Grosvenor-ftr.

street, Berkeley-square Fonnescau Tho. Sudbury, Old Palace-yard

*Henneker, John, Sadbury Fonrereau, Zach, Aldocrough, Suffolk

Herbert, Edward, Ludlow, Efex-freet This Fonnereau, Phil., Aldborough, Suffolk

Herbert, Hon. Robert, Wilton, Hill-ftreet Forreiter, Alex, Oakhampton, Lincoln's-inn

Herbert, Hon. Richard, Wilton Forrefter, Brooke, Wenlock, York-buildings

Hern, Francis, Bedford town *Forrester, Cecil, Wenlock *Forretter, Tho. Dorchester, Upper Grosv. Or,

Hervey, Augustus, Bury, Whitehall

' *Hewett, Seij. James, Coventry Fox, Rt. Hon. Henry, Dunwich, w bitehall


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