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thirty carriages with bacon and other pro- with his army from Kuntzendorff, and vifions, going to the French head quarters, marched to Peltzen, where he remained were burnt for want of time to carry to watch the motions of that general, in them off, in light of the garrison of case he should attempt to penetrate fure Caflel.

ther into Silesia ; but, on the roth nothing They took from the enemy in all 700 had happened. horse, and spoiled 2000 more, by the ene. They write from Poland, that general my's own confeffion.

Ziethen had begun to reconnoitre the This stroke must be very sensible to the Russian camp near Deliko, which he enemy, who were before in great want of found inattackable. That on that occabread, and have loit upon this occafion ton there liad been a smart skirmish, in a prodigious quantity of that, and also of which the Prussians bad gained fome admeal, part of which was carried off by vantage. And that on the 8th, general the Hussars, and the rest distributed to the Ziethen left the camp of Storcknoft, in peasants, who flocked in from all parts. order to obstruct the entry of the Russians

Upon their return, this body of light into Silesia, who are thought to have a detroops took 250 recovered men of the sign upon Breslaw enemy's troops.

Prince Henry, on the 14th instant, con By advices from Magdeburgh, dated the tinued quiet at Schlettau, as did Marshal 14th instant, we learn tbat general Lau. Daun in his camp near Dresden. He has dohn having changed his position from lately sent detachments into Lusatia, ca Hauptmansdorff 10 Waften-Wattersdoff, reinforce general Laudohn. bis Prussian majesty decamped on the 6th,


T ETTERS from Rome, dated the 7th tillations, which may be increased by ce

L. ult. say, that there has happened a menting, as above, fix, feven, eight, and very odd affair in the great convent of ca. even twelve plates of glass, at an inch dirpuchins at Ascoli, where the monks hav- tance from each other, and with little ing punished their cook a little too severely, skin-cushions between. he mixed a quantity of opium in their fauce

WEDNESDAY, July 3. at supper, and when they were fast alleep, The following orders were given at fhaved their reverences beards, and made Belleise, this day : “ Gen. Hodgson has his escape before they were able to rise in the greatest pleasure to acquaint the offithe morning. The poor monks are con cers and soldiers under his command, with fined to their convent, till their beards his majesty's entire fatisfaction, in the have acquired a decent fize to render it spirit, patience, and chearfulness with practicable for them to appear in public. which they have sustained the fatigues of

From Paris we are inform’d, that father this siege." La Borde, inventor of the electrical spinette, By private letters from Belleise we has found a method of procuring a strong learn, that the whole number of French electricity at a small expence : Take a troops in the citadel, when it was investplate of Alsatia or Bohemia glass, or a cir- ed, was 2600, whereof 922 were killed, cular piece of looking-glass a foot diameter: wounded, or made prisoners, during the at the centre on one side cement a small siege ; the remainder being 1678, have wooden pulley 14 or 15 lines in dia. been fince embarked for France. meter, on which the wheel-cord is to pafs; The English have established three hofand, on the other fide, a small piece of pitals, one at Palais, one at Bangor, and wood turned to the diameter of the pulley. the third at Sauzon ; in the latter are near This plate is to be moved round between 300 phyfical patients, and about 60 chiswo poinis, like a globe, rubbing it with rurgical ones; the other hofpitals are in a small skin cushion, and the fringe of proportion. the conductor touching the surface which T he Charming Nancy, Harris, which is rubbed, this will produce Atrong fçin is arrived at Belleine from London, is the

firft trading ship that has gone there fince wise for stopping their handkerchiefs, con-
the reduction of that isand ; her lading taining knives and forks, and a fet of
confifted of provisions of all kinds, besides China they had bought of him, and paid
cloathing, wbich were foon purchased by for, infitting they were forfeited, unless
the inhabitants; and it is said, that the they took the whole, which confifted of
profits to the freighters amounted to pictures, &c.
to thirty per cent.

TUESDAY, July 7.

Was held a court of common-counThe king has been pleased to grant un- cil, when a report from the committee of to John Hufrey Delaval, of Ford, in the city lands was read, in relation to the excounty of Northumberland, Esq; and to his pence of beautifying Guildhall, amountlawful iffue male, the dignity of baronet of ing to upwards of bool, which was une the kingdom of Great Britain.

animously agreed to, and ordered to be When the Algerine Ambassador made carried into execution forthwith, so as to his public entry, he was very desirous of be finished before next lord mayor's day ; having the lions, he brought over as a pre- where, it is said, his majefty and others of fent, led before him, which could not be the royal family will dine. granted; however, the fine horses and The last time the city of London treated curious sheep he intended for his majesty, a king it cost them above 60ool. This were admitted into the cavalcade, but could expence was extended out of the hall to not (as he expected) be drove into the ap- several adjacent taverns for the guards partments for the king to see them ; at and attendants. which his excellency seemed somewhat : WEDNESDAY, July 8. 1 disgusted, 'till he was assured by the lords St. James's. His majesty in council was in waiting, that it was contrary to the this day pleased to appoint Tuesday the cuftom of this country.... Wher Ite 'was 22d day of September next, for folemnizadmitted into the royal presence, the king ing his coronation ; and to order, that a told him he was sorry that his excellency proclamation should be issued for notifyhad such a bad day for his public entry. ing the same ; as also for notifying that No, Sire, says the ambassador, it is not a bad his majefty hath ordered a commision to day, it is a very fine, it is a glorious day for be passed under the great seal, constituting me, wben I bave tbe bonour to bebold fo great a court of claims, which court is to hold a monarcb as your majefty. .

their first meeting in the painted chamber FRIDAY, July 3. . of his majesty's palace at Westminster, on Admiralty-Office. His majesty's Thip the Tuesday the 21st day of this joft, July. Fowey, commanded by captain Tonyn, This day Charles earl of Egremont was, on the 23d part, in the afternoon, bearing by his majesty's command, sworn of his off the Lizard, fell in with a French pri- majesty's moft honourable privy council, vateer, which the came up with, and took and took his place at the board accordbetween one and two o'clock the next ingly, morning, and has brought her to Spit

FRIDAY, July 1o. head. She proved to be the Russian of St. James's. This day M. Zuccato, rex Bayonne, of 6 carriage and 16 swivel fident from Venice, had a private audiguns, with 64 men; and failed from St, ence of his majesty, to deliver his creMaloes.

dential letters. To which he was introThis day, the hon. Thomas Robinson, duced by the right hon, William Pitt, Efq; Esq; son to lord Grantham, and member Lately was held a court martial on of parliament for Christ Church in Hants, board his majesty's ship Arrogant, captain kissed his majesty's hand, on his being ap- Amherst, for the trial of capt. James Alpointed secretary to the right hon. the earl Jan, concerning the loss of his majesty's of Egremont, and the other British pleni- armed veffel the Speedwell cutter, by the potentiaries at the congress of Augsburg. Achilles, a French man of war; when capt. MONDAY, July 6.

Allan and the officers were honourably A person was committed to the Poul. acquitted; and the court were unanimously try-Compter by the lord mayor, for lock- of opinion, that the said cutter was an iling up and detaining two women an hour legal capture, it having plainly appeared to and an half last Saturday, because they re- the court, that she was taken in the Spafused to take fome goods be said they had nith harbour of Vigo. bought of him the day before ; and like


SATURDAY, July 11.

Glynn, Bart. Sir Samuel Fludyer, Bart. The king appointed the most hon. John and Sir William Stephenson, Kt. and marquis of Tweeddale to be bis majesty's Alderman, with twelve Commoners, atjustice general of that part of the kingdom tended by the Sheriffs, &c. went in proof Great Britain called Scotland, in the ceffion from the Mansion-house, and waitroom of Archibald, duke of Argyll, de ed on his Royal Highness the Duke of ceased.

York, at his house in Leicester-fields, with The subjects appointed at the university the freedom of this city in a gold box. of Oxford for the current year, for two T his evening between Postcombe and orations to be spoken in the theatre for the Lewkner, in the county of Oxford, lady prize given by the rev. Dr. Thomas Wil. Wenman and miss Wenman were robbed fon, prebendary of Westminster, are, for by two highwaymen; ber lady ship of the Latin oration, Salus populi, Suprema lex, eight guineas and a half and some flver, and For the English oration, The advantages of a broad gold Spanish pocket-piece; and a safe, bonourable, and lasting peace. the young lady of two guineas and a half. MONDAY, July 13.

THURSDAY, July 16. • A proclamacion was published at Weft- One Thomas Jennings, a cobler, was minster, Temple-bar, and the Royal-ex- tried at the general quarter-feffion of the change, that the king's coronation would city of Oxford, for stealing a small quanbe folemnized the 22d of September next. tity of leather from one Clarke, a brother After the proclamation was ended, the of. cobler, and and received sentence of tranficers of arms upon an invitation from sportation for seven years; but the next the lord mayor, dined with his lordship afternoon he was found hanging in at the Manfion-house, where they were Bocardo, on a staple in the ward. molt elegantly and politely entertained.

FRIDAY, July 17.
TUESDAY, July 14.

His majesty has been pleased to honour Mr. Pranckard, clerk to an attorney in Henry Ellis, Esq; now governor of Nova Philpot-lane, being writing at his desk, Scotia, with a grant of soo guineas, as a was alarmed by the cries of a servant- mark of his royal favour, in confideration maid in a room over-head; on which he of that gentleman's faithful adminiftration ran up to her affistance, and found her in of government in Georgia. a strong fit, which shocked him so much The hon. miss Beauclerk will be apthat he dropped down, and notwithstand pointed first maid of honour to the ing he was let blood immediately, he ex- queen. pired in a few minutes.

Dr. Drummond, bishop of Salisbury, is WEDNESDAY, July 15.

to preach the coronation sermon. Admiralty Office. Capt. Lobb, of his They write from Scotland, that general majesty's Noop the Swan, gives an account, count Laudohn, who commands at present that on the rith inftant, being on the the empress queen's forces in Silesia, obcoast of Holland, he took La Fleur priva- tained not long fince an authentic certifiteer of Dunkirk, of two guns and twenty- cate from North Britain, of his being nine men, commanded by Simond L'Her- descended from a younger branch of the mittee, which had been out two days, and antient family of Lowdon, of Lowdon, in had not taken any thing; and that find the shire of Air. The heiress of this house ing the vessel leaky, and it blowing fresh, in the 13th century carried the family he was obliged to fink her, after taking estate, which was very considerable by out her men,

marriage, to Sir Reynold Crausurd into The earl of Harcourt is appointed one that house, and by an heiress of the of the lords, to go over to conduct his the Cravfurds, who intermarried with Sir majesty's intended confort to England; Duncan Campbell, son to Sir Donald Camp. the dutchess of Portland is to be appoint- bell of Redcastle, that estate came to its ed groom of the stole ; lady Bolingbroke present poffeffors, first lady of honour; and lord Anson to Sir Hugh Campbell, of Lowdown have, the command of the squadron ap- was in A. D. 1604, created a peer by pointed to bring over that princess.

that title, through the favour of king This day about twelve o'clock, the right James the VIth. In the succeeding reign, hon. the lord mayor, Sir Robert Ladbroke, John lord Lowdown was raised to the digKnt. Sir Charles Afgill, Bart, Sir Richard nity of an earl, from whom the present

earl of Lowdon, a lieutenant-general in Saturday night last about ten o'clock, his majesty's service, and one of the fix- came on there the loudeft claps of thunteen peers in this parliament is lineally der that have been known for many years, descended.

and continued most part of the night. SATURDAY, July 18.

The lightning was most dreadful; the John Steel, alias Beaumont, was com- flashes followed each other so fast, that the mitted to New Prison by John Fielding, firmament seemed to be in a continued Efq; charged with divers highway rob- blaze for some time. Mr. Ord, of Sands, beries lately perpetrated by him in the near Sedgfield, in the county of Durham, county of Middlesex, Surry, and Kent. was killed by the lightning that night on It is observable, that most of the persons his return from Durham. The same night whom this man has robbed, he constantly a farm-house, at Ingleton, near Pierreswore them to secrecy, or not to describe bridge, was set on fire by the lightning, him or his horse for a certain time.

and burnt down. Several sheep and cattle • At Salisbury aflizes, which ended on in different places in Northumberland were Wednesday last, Mary Jefferies, for mur- killed ; and bad not a heavy rain succeeddering her bastard child, and Reuill L'Oi- ed, many more lives would in all probabi. seau, for aflaulting and robbing Thomas lity have been loft. Several brooks were Dymock, received sentence of death. swelled to an uncommon height; and

Before Mary Jefferies was brought out of great damage has been done to several prison, the morning of her execution, the houses adjoining, as well as to the hay confessed her crime, but laid great blame ground, by the rapidity of the curupon some persons, by whom, the declared rents. to the last, she was over-persuaded to Accounts have also been received from commit the murder.

divers other parts of England, of damages L'Oiseau behaved very penitently, after done by thunder, lightning, hail, &c. condemnation ; and confessed at the place of execution, that he intended to have mur

TUESDAY, July 21. . dered Dymock, as well as robbed him. The right hon. lady Sondes is appointed SUNDAY, July 19.

one of the ladies of the bed-chamber, to Yesterday afternoon about two o'clock,

his majesty's intended consort.

The hon, Miss Neville, Gifter to lord his royal highness the duke of York ar

Abergavenny, is appointed one of the rived at Scarborough, and was immediately

maids of honour to her intended majesty; saluted by 21 of the castle guns, and by all

as are also Miss Dashwood, daughter of Sir the thips in the harbour, with their colours flying. At night he went to the affem

James Dashwood, Miss Bishop, daughter of

Sir Cecil Bishop, and Miss Meadows, bly-room, and opened the ball with lady

daughter of Sir Philip Meadows. Caroline Montague ; afterwards played at cards; and this morning was waited on

They write from Bath, that on Sunday by the whole corporation in their forma

morning last, Mr. Edmund Roach, a Tal

low.chandler and dealer in horlos, of Jities, and walked with them to church,

Marshfield, was found dead near Westattended by Sir Wm. Boothly, Mr. St. John, Col. Morrison, &c.

wood, on the road leading to Colerne.

He left Bath on Saturday evening, MONDAY, July 20.

and his horse (trayed the same night to By Letters from Dublin, we learn, that Colerne. Monday the coroner's inquest sat in pursuance of his majesty's commands, on the body, and brought in their verdict, fignified to the lords justices, the name of wilful murder ; several marks of violence John Smyth, earl of Clanricarde, was on appearing. His pockets were turned inthe 16th of this month ftruck, by their side out, and his watch and money taken Excellencies, out of the list of his ma. away. jesty's privy council in that kingdom. Monday evening a woman, enquiring

His majesty has ordered major Wedder- for lodging at Colerne, was asked concernbourn, that brought over the first accounting her last place of abode, &c, and not of the action between the allied army giving satisfactory answers, gave some sufand the French, a present of one thousand picion; and the was thereupon ftri&rly pounds,

examined touching the said murder and They write from Newcastle, that on robbery: after some hesitation, the con.


feffed that her husband and fome others of her children by the fire ; one of wiiom, had robbed the aforesaid Mr Roach; and a girl about four years old, fet her cloaths gave intelligence where her husband was on fire ; and, before the mother returned, to be met with ; and he was accordingly was burnt in ro terrible a manner, that apprehended the next morning at Kingfloa se expired im two hours after, in the St. Michael, in Wilts. He appears to be greatest agonies. a feafaring man; and on his examination .

SUNDAY, July 26. confessed the robbery, but denied the mur. His majesty was not at chapel this day, der ; declaring that he found the deceased nor was there any drawing-room, on acJying dead on the road, having as he fup- count of a Inght indisposition with which posed, been killed by a fall from his horse, his majesty has been attacked; tho' he and that he thought it no crime to roba is now perfectly recovered. dead man.

Five pair of colours that were taken THURSDAY, July 23.

from the French, in the late battle in GerThe right bon. lord Anfon and many many, were this day presented to his maother persons of distinction, went to Dept. iefty. ford, where the ceremony of altering the

TUESDAY, July 28. name of the Caroline yatch to that of the This day a proclamation was issued, for Royal Charlotte was performed ; and a

recalling and prohibiting British seamen great concourfe of people was assembled on from serving foreign princes and states, the occafion. . The lords of the admiralty and for proloneing to ti

and for prolonging to the 12th of Septemhave appointed capt. Dennis to the com- ber next the usual bounties to seamen and mand of the said yacht.

able bodied landmen that mall voluntarily A certain nobleman has undertaken to enter themselves on board his majesty's ride from London to Edinburgh, with

Mips of war. freth, horses every stage, in 12 hours.

This morning early 20 French prisoners, About 40,000l. are depending on the issue. confined under the court hall at Rochester, FRIDAY, July 24.

broke out and made their escape. Three This day was committed to New-gate at

of them were taken Bristol, Patrick Ward, a marine, belong

This day a man died near Golden ing to the Devonshire tender, charged on Square, occafioned by drinking 14 large the coroner's inqueft, with the murder of glasses of geneva for a wager. Mr. Henry Morgan, of Shierhampton.

WEDNESDAY, July 29. The said Ward was near the water-fide Rear admiral Holmes, commander in with some of the ship's company, and chief of his majesty's tips at Jamaica, having a gun in his hand loaded, which gives an account to Mr. Cleveland, that he seemed to use in a very regardless man in the morning of the 13th of June the ner, Mr, Morgan who stood at a small Hampshire man of war fell in with the distance off, observing it, civilly desired St. Anne a French ship of war from Port him to take care, otherwise some danger au Prince and chased her right down upon might enlue ; without any further provo the Centaur to the leeward. The Anne cation, this inhuman wretch came up and was kept between the two thips till the discharged the piece at him, and the ball run clore in thore, and becalined about a entering just below bis heart he instantly league to the northward of Donna Maria expired.

Bay, when the began to fire her ftern SATURDAY, July 25.

chace. Soon after one o'clock, the Admiralty-Office. Captain Henry Scott, Centaur got close along-side when the of his majesty's Noop the Badger, being struck her enlign. She is a very fine thip, off Holy Illand, on the 17th instant, fell constructed for 64 guns, and had on board in with, and took a French privateer be. Ox 24 pounders, twenty-fix 12 pounders, longing to Dunkirk, called the Loup, cap- and eight 8 pounders, with 389 persons; tain Dirhamel, commander, of twelve was commanded by M. Aguillon, and was carriage and eight swivel guns, and 70 carrying home a cargo of indigo, coffee, men, with five ransomers on board ; and and sugar, to the value of one million of has brought her into Yarmouth roads. French livres. Mr. Holmes sent her inta

A poor woman at Hammersmith, going Jamaica. out for some things the wanted, left two Marriage, Deaths, Promotions, and Prefermenis, &'c. will be inferiod in cur next.

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