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* “ The ardour and activity with which ftant we were visited with a moft violent. the grenadiers pushed and pursued the shock of an earthquake, but not quite lo enemy, and the trophies they have taken, durable by about a minute ;.. which if it justly intitle them to the highest enco. bad, my opinion is, few houses would be miums; and the intrepidity of the little left standing ; it was ten minutes paft fix band of Highlanders merits the greatest in the morning, an hour when numbers 'praise.

were in their beds; but the violence of * Lieutenant-colonel Beckwith begs the shocks (for there were two or three leave to add, that the humanity and gene- of them with a trifing intermission) were roúty with which the soldiers treated the such, that the streets were instantly filled great flock of prisoners they took, in his with naked people, some with shirts and opinion, does them as much honour as lifts on only, and numbers without their fubduing the enemy."

either." [The little band of Highlanders above

MONDAY, August 10. mentioned; were commanded by captain We learn from Petersburgh, that on Patrick Campbell, of Barcaldine, of co- the names-day of his Imperial Highness lonel Campbell's regiment.]

the Great Duke, and his Imperial Highness WEDNESDAY, Auguft g.

the young Great Duke, a poor sailor, to This day, Hafren Bey, ambassador from celebrate the holiday with extraordinary Tripoli, had an audience of his majesty, devotion, had placed a candle before a fato deliver his new credential letters. vourite faint on board a lighter, that was

His majesty has fignified his pleasure, lading at the warehouses, to which it Set that the parliament of Dublin, which stood fire; and as no affistance could possibly be prorogued to Tuesday the 25th inftant, given, the whole was utterly destroyed in be further prorogued to Thursday the 22d a few hours. It is impossible to fix the day of O&ober following.

loss with any certainty ; but it is generalTHURSDAY, August 6.

ly computed, that the quantity burnt is The thanks of the merchants of Liver- 500,000 poods of hemp, and 200,000 pool were presented to the right hon, the poods of fax, which may be reckoned at earl of Halifax, for his lordship's great at one million of roubles. tention and unwearied endeavours to pro

WIDNESDAY, August 12. mote the commercial interests of these By a letter from Gibraltar, dated July kingdoms, whilft he presided at the board 6th, we have the following particulars : of trade; which his lordship received in “His majesty having been graciously the politest manner. The merchants of pleased, as a mark of his royal approbathe city of Bristol' have also presented tion of the many and eminent services of their thanks to the said nobleman on this vice-admiral Saunders, to nominate him occafion.

to be one of the knights companions of At the assizes at Warwick were tried, the most honourable order of the Bath; before Mr. Justice Foster, two actions up and to commission major-general Parllow, on the statute of George II. for bribery commander in chief of this garrison, to and corruption at the late election of inveft him with chę enligns of the said members, to represent the borough of order; and his majesty having been plea. Tamworth; when the juries (which were sed to signify his royal pleasure, that the special in each action) brought in verdicts ceremony should be performed in the most for the plaintiffs..

honourable and distinguished manner, that The Rev. Mr. Langton, dean of Clogher circumstances would allow thereof, therein Ireland, having been to pay a visit to by to mark his majesty's just sense of the the duke of Devonshire, at Chatsworth in constant zeal and signal abilities which Derbyshire, in his return home to his vice-admiral Saunders has exerted in the brother's house, riding too near a preci- service of his king and country; Satur. pice, the ground gave way, and he and his day the 4th inft. was appointed for perhorse fell down ; the horse was killed on forming the ceremony. About noon, the the spot, and Mr. Langton expired about admiral came from his ship to the waterthree hours after,

port (or usual landing-place) weariog the FRIDAY, August 7.

star of the Order; his Aag Aying in his A letter received from Lisbon, dated barge, and attended by the captains of his June 28th runs thus : "On the third in. Squadron in their barges. At his landing

he he was received by major-general Parllow, heavy cannon, ill past two o'clock; when and faluted with nineteen guns from the the reception they had met with from his garrison.“ The procession was made from majesty's fhips obliged them to retire the water-port to the church where the with dirgrace to their former station," ceremony was performed. The whole

MONDAY, August 17. was conducted with great magnificence. An account was received from Scotland. THURSDAY, August 13.

of the funeral of the late duke of Douglas'; From Coree in Africa, we are informed whose corps was carried in great pomp of a fire that happened there on the 14th on the 3d instant from the Cannongate, of March laft, which in a few hours con. to be interred at Douglas. fomed the whole town to ashes, (except His Grace dying without i'Tue, the peerSehree houses y'together with several officers age of the illustrious house of Douglas is quarters. The surgeons instruments and now extinct, or finks into the family of medicines they regret the moft, as they are Hamilton, not retrievable in that country before the There are few kingdoms in Europe fickly season, which approaches. There where the name of this family is not was good supply sent out for both garri. known, and some of their great actions fons, but unfortunately the veffel was cut recorded. From them are descended the from Senegal bar, by a French frigate. ' noble family of Scoti in Italy ; and in · FRIDAY, August 14.

France, Charles VII, in reward of their The rich diamond ftomacher for our in- military services, created two of this fatended queen is quite finished, and is the mily, the one duke de Turenne, the other richest thing of the kind ever yet feen; count de Longueville. In Muscovy and the capital" Rone of which is worth Sweden there are several great families of 154000 1. and the whole piece is valued at the name; and at Dan:zick, in comme100,000 1.*::ii

moration of that city being relieved by a SATURDAY, August is er Douglas, a triuinplal arch was erected, A letter from commodore Keppel was which at this day makes one of the gates received by Mr. Cleviand, dated in Belle- of that city, and still retains the name of the road, July 28th, and is to the follow. Douglas-Port. ing effect: “The enemy's second attempt The family of Douglas, according to all to remove the ships attending the demo- our historians, were created lords of par

ition of the works opon Aix, has been as liament in the reign of king Malcolm Canineffe&tual: and disgraceful to them as more, about the year 1061; in 1357 they their first was. The indefatigable pains were created earls' by king Robert Bruce; and fkilful manner in which captain Chap. in 1633, marquistes by king Charles F. and Jen, of the Furnace bomb, has directed the dukes in 1703, by her late majefty queen dehroying the enemy's fortifications and Anne. works upon the island, has been such, that for their service to their country, this it would be injustice in me not to acquaint family had three noble privileges allowed their fordthips of it. The whole is now them by the king: ift, That they should finished, or within a day of being so, when have the firft vote in parliament. 2d, That it will be unnecessary to keep the thips any they mould lead the van of the army in - longer fo near the island ; and the enemy the day of battle. And 3d, That they * may then, if they please, take a view of mould carry the royal crown on all pubthe ruins.”

lic solemnities.' A letter from Sir Thomas Stanhope, The late duke was the nineteenth geto commodore Keppel, dated in Basque neration of this noble family, in a direa road, July zzd, lays : “ Yesterday morn- male line. ing, about eight o'clock, the fix WEDNESDAY, August 19. prames that were in the Paffe de Filles, As lieutenant Pierce was returning from attended by fome row-gallies, and a great Corftly fair, (where he had been recruitnumber of launches, crowded with men, ing) about a mile from Frome he was acdroot down upon the first of the ebb, and costed by two men, who lay under an placed themfelves between the Ife d'Ent and hedge with reap-hooks in their hands, and fort Souras, from whence they played on as they advanced towards him, the licu. our ships in Aix road, with twelve mor- , tenant asked tliem if they would enlist, uptars, and upwards of seventy pieces of on which they were very abufive ; he then

bid them go home 'and eat their bread came up with the Buffon about seven che with quietness ; upon which one of them fame morning: they engaged also about Atruck at him with the reap-hook, and half an hour, when the Modeste coming cut his arm almost off, ro that his life is up, and firing some guns, the Buffon despaired of. .

Kruck. The Thunderer is pretty much daTHURSDAY, Auguft 20.

maged in her masts, yards, fails, and rigThe lords of the committee of council ging, had 17 men killed in the action and #13 appointed to consider of his majesty's co, wounded, 17 of which are fince dead. The ronation, have been pleased to order, That Thetis had also suffered in her masts rig. upon the day of the coronation no fires ging, &c, but has not one man killed, oc whatever be made, either in, under, or wounded. The loss of the enemy is not near any part of the scaffolding erected, yet known. The second and third lieute, or to be erected, on account of the said nants of the Thunderer are among the coronation, in Westminster-hall, the abbey, wounded, and the former of them is in a or elsewhere, upon any prétence whatso- very dangerous way. Capt. Proby also les ever : and in case there Mould be a necef- ceived a flight wound in his right hand, fity for perfons to go under the scaffold

MONDAY, May 24. ing with lights, that they be obliged to This day the Anthem for his majesty's make use of lanthorns.

marriage, composed by Dr. Boyce, was SATURDAY, Aug. 22.

rehearsed in Hickford's room ; the words Wbireball. The king has restored Tho. are as follow : mas Fowke, Efq; to his former rank and A Grand Feftal Symphony. ." precedency of lieutenant-general in his

. Chorus. army, and appointed him a major-general - The King shall rejoice in thy ftrength, on the establishment of Ireland, in the Lord : exceeding glad Mall he be of thy room of major general Archibald Douglas, falvation." employed in Germany.

Duer by Mr. Savage and Mr. Cooper. * His majesty has appointed John Bar. « Thou hast given him his heart's defire, rington, Esq; major-general of his forces, and haft not denied him the requert of his to be a major-general on the establishment, lips.".. of Ireland, in the room of Sir John Cope,

Chorus repeated. Knight of the Bath, deceased,

Solo by a Boy, accompanied by Mr. VinThe king has order'd a conge d'elire to or cent on a the archdeacon and chapter of the cathedral Bletfed is the man that hath a virtuá of Landaff, to elect a bishop of that fee, ous wife, for the number of his days fall void by the transacion of the late Bishop be doubled." He thereof to the see of St. Asaph. And also Solo by Mr. Mence, accompanied by a letter recommending Dr. John Ewer, to be Mr. Weideman on the German-flute. elected to the said bishopiric of Landaff. “A virtuous woman is a crown to her

By a letter from Sir Charles Saunders,' husband, her price is far above rubies. I dated in Gibraltar Mold, July 20, 1761. “ Strength and honour are her clothing to the lords of the admiralty, we are in and the fhall rejoice in time to come." I form'd, that captain Proby, in the Thun

Solo by Mr. Beard. derer, who was cruifing off Cadiz with the “ Hearken, O daughter, confider, and Modeste, Thetis, and Favourite loop, in incline thine ear, forget thine own people, order to intercept the Achilles and Buf. and thy father's housea, imas9, fon, has fallen in with and taken thore “ So shall the King have pleasure in thy thips, and brought them into that bay, On beauty. looking into Cadiz on Thurday morning, “ Instead of thy fathers thou shalt have the 14th inft, he milled the French thips, children, whom thou mayest make princes and at two in the afternoon of the 16th, he in all lands." difcovered thera, Cadiz then bearing

Chorus...... . E. N. E. E. diftant 9 teagues: about

“Children are an heritage of the Lorder one in the morning of the 17th, the Thunand the fruit

hund and the fruit of the womb is his rewarda derer came up with and began to engage

re Lo! thus shall they be blessed that fear, the Achilles, who ftruck after an action of the

of the Lord." ?, :17,Moi about half an hour, Cadiz eben bearing ,

TUESDAY, AuguftSo- li E. 3. diftant 19 leagues. The TheNs

His Majesty's ihip Aquilon, commando mismajeny s in

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ed by capt. Chaloner. Ogle, being on a William Castell, Esq; to Miss Frome.
cruize, fell in on the 7th init. 250 leagues Joseph Peacock, Esq; to Miss Cuffe.
'to the westward of Cape Finisterre with the Henry Cornwall Legh, of High-Legh, in
Subtile, a French frigate, of 16 guns and Cheshire, to Miss Hopkinson.
84 men, from Me Maurice, which he took, Mr. Alex. Dowdall, merchant, to Miss
and has brought her into Plymouth Bermingham.
THURSDAY, August 27.

; Maurice Bernard, Erg; to Miss Gordon,
Letters from Conftantinople give account Philip Bedingfield, to Miss Forefter, of
of a dangerous insurrection having hap Norwich.
pen'd here. High disputes began in the divan, Rev. Mr. Roberts, to Miss Pitt, of
but on what subject is not positively men. Gloucester-street.
tioned ; and the Janissaries and mob im- 'Capt, Corbett, to Miss Mytton,
mediately took part in the dispute, which

DE A T K S. has occafioned a great deal of bloodthed. Duke of Douglas, in Scotland. Some letters say it was occafioned by the 'The Lady of Welbore Ellis, Erq; emillaries of France and Austria attempting John Newel Erg; in Ireland, aged 127, to break the Prussian treaty with the grandson of Old Parr, of England, who Porte.

lived to 152 years of age. Letters from Paris are full of the rero. **Simon Mackenzie, of Scotsborn, Esq . lutions of the parliament of Paris against Morgan Lambert, Erq; at Epping." the Jesuits, depriving them of their privi- Mrs. Congier, a Jew Lady, dropped Jeges and prerogatives. . . A

down suddenly, while drinking tea, at


Walter Harris, Esq; vicar-general of the
By late accounts from South Carolina,

diocese of Meath, in Ireland. .. it appears that the number of troops marche ing against the Indians amount to no more.

Miss Light, of Baglake, Dorsetshire,

Dr. Mackenzie, at Sutton Colefield. than 2800, Regulars, Rangers, Provin.

Lord Delvin, son of the Earl of Weste cials, Indians, &c. included.---Pity it is

meath. that a greater number could not be spared,

John Lyon, at Bandon, in the county of as our troops were obliged to return back. Corke, in Ireland, aged 116 years. last year without being able to pene.

The Marquis of Carmarthen, eldest son

The Mar trate through their towns, for want of a no

to the Duke of Leeds. fufficient number of men to garrison some Dr. Beft, Rector of St. Laurence, near posts to keep open their communication

tion Guildhall.

C with the above province. :, pornog


. ;'l'Earl of Hindford, one of the 16 Peers
The Lady of Col. Fitzroy, of a fona' of Scotland."
The Lady of governor Watts, of a son. • Earl of Bute, Chancellor of the Univers
Marchioners Kildare, of a son. . sity of Aberdeen.

Lady of Griffith Philips, Esq; of The Hon. Sir Joseph Yớrk, Ambaff. ex-
York-buildings, of a fon.

traordinary, 'and Plenipotentiary to the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Chol States-General of Holland. mondeley, of a daughter.

- Lord Anson, Admiral and Commander, Lady of John Sober, Efq; of Barbadoes, in chief of his Majesty's forces. of a fon.

Duke of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain Lady of Joseph Mawbey, Efq; member to her future Majesty. for Southwark, of a son.....

• Lord Cantulupe, Vice-Chamberlain to MARRIAGE S.. . the same. . Hon. Harry Hobart, to Miss Bristow, . • Dr. Leatherland and Dr. Akenlide, Phy,

Thomas Cooper of Northwallham, Ergi sicians to the intended Queen. to Miss Hamont.

Capt, Harcourt, Equerry to her intendo
Mr. Edwards, surgeon, of Lynn, to Missed Majesty.
Taylor: '

Dr. Pringle, Physician to the intended
Major James Seton, to Miss Murray,* Queen's houshola.
of Abercairnie,

De Greg, Esq; Sollicitor-general to the Robert Phair, Efq; of Camolin-park,' Queen. in Ireland, to Miss Annesey, daughter to Col. Ryan's Lady, a gentlewoman of the the late carl of Anglefey. ' i

bed-chamber to the Queen. Wi.

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