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History of Malacknazir, King of Carizme, &c. British quarrels derived, and such punctilios of fubftantial things, and cries up the Night opinion, that though more nice and peevish and frivolous, like the wind that parles than those of love and honour in romances, over solid bodies, and bears up duit and are yet maintained with such animosities, feathers. as if heaven were to be purchased by no “ The observations of fome men are other way but that, which of all others is like the fifting of bakers, that retain the the most certain and infallible to lose it. bran, and let the flour pass through.

" The first quarrel and murder that ever It is both the wiseft and fafest way, was committed in the world, was upon to keep at a convenient distance with all a fanatic emulation in religion, when Cain men.---For when men converse too closekilled the fourth part of all mankind, bis ly, they commonly, like those that meet in brother Abel, merely out of zeal for see. crowds, offend one another. ing the truth of his brother's religious “The ambition of some men, and the worship preferred before his own, though wants of others, are the ordinary causes of God himself were judge.--- And ever since all civil wars. that time, much about the same propor. “ He that applies himself to understand tion of all inankind, has been constantly things that are not to be known, uses his destroyed by the rett, upon the very fame wit and industry like the edge of a tool, account.

that is cut upon a thing that is too hard "The church of Rome teaches the for it--- Befdes his loss of labour, he does people religion, as mep teach ainging birds-- but render it more blunt and dull than Put them up, and keep them dark.

it was before. “The curiosities of cere.nony in that “They that dispute matters of faith inchurch are like the painted glass in church to nice particulars, and curious circumwindows, designed to keep out light, not stances, do as unwisely as a geographer, let it in.

that would undertake to draw a true map “ The vices of tyrants run in a circle, of Terra Incognita, by mere imagination. and produce one another; begin with lu- For though there is such a part of the xury and prodigality, which cannot be earth, and that not without mountains, fupplied but by rapine. Rapine produces vallies, plains, and rivers; yet to attempt hale in the people, and that hate fear in the description of there, and afsign their the prince; fear cruelty, cruelty despair, situations and tracts, without a view of and despair destruction!

the place, is more than ridiculous. “They that have but a little wit, are “ He that thinks to please God by forcommonly like those who cry things in cing his understanding in disquisitions the streets : if they have but a groat's of him beyond the limits, which he has worth of otten and itinking stuff, every been pleased to prescribe, beldes the body that comes nigh mall be sure to hear loss of his labour, dues but endeavour of it; while those that drive a rich noble to intrude where he is denied accefs, trade, make no noise of it.

and preposterously attempts to serve God " Public estimation very often neglects by disobeying him.”

The History of Malịcknazir, King of Carizme, and the Princess Farzana.

41 Oriental Tale.

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TN ages part, there reigned over Carizme, prayers to God, and the Holy Prophet, for + a king, whose name was Malicknazir; the preservation of his life, and the cona more a.complished prince neither the einuance of his prosperity. Malcknazic riting or the setting fun had ever beheld ; thus beloved by his subjects, and dreaded his heart was replete with every virtue, by his enemies, reigning over å kingdom and his foul was adorned wiih every fci, blest with peace and plenty, appeared to ence; lois majestic air, and graceful per- be secure of happiness; but the greatest fon, added new dignity to the royal dia. monarchis are subject to calamities and dem, and so much was he beloved by his grief, as well as the pooreit peasants. fubjects, that they every day offered up The prince's Farzana, who loved Malick,

nazir with a more sender affection than power of my knowledge. May the Holy ever fifter had for a brother, and was by Prophet send bither somebody poffefied of him loved with an equal warmth of af. that divine science, to restore the princess tection, was attacked with a disorder to hersell, and to you. The chec, aller which none of the physicians that altend. Speaking these words departed the court, ed the court of Carizme could poflibly ac- having received from the king a thousand count for. The youthful bloom of her fequins, and a diamond ring of a prodicheeks was succeeded by a languid pale-' gious value. The health of Malicknazir ness, and the lustre of her eyes, which himself began to decline continually, and sparkled like those of the houries of Para- the people who sympathized with their dise, was changed into a constant gloom monarch in every thing, were now as rad and heaviness, which indicated the inters and dejected as chey had before been chear. nal disorder which preyed upon her soul, ful and gay. and wore away the springs of life. Ma M alicknazir, however, soon after, relicknazir in t.e utmost affliction, at seeing covered his health by the asistance of a one whom he tenderly loved in so deplo- physician, who was a native of Persia, and rable a condition, ordered a proclamation one of the fect of the Guebres. U, on this to be made, not only in his capital, but in physician he settled a considerable pension, all the considerable towns of his domi- and assigned him a magnificent apartment nions, that whoever Mould give the prin- in bis palace. As he had a great opinion cess Farzana any relief, might ask of the of the skill of Abumazar, for that was the king whatever reward he thought proper. physician's name, he desired him to visit Incited by this offer, multitudes of cojas, the unfortunate princess, whose disorder physicians, and pretenders to profound had encreased to such a degree, that me secrets, flocked every day to court, but seemed fitter to be numbered amongst the their remedies had a bad effect upon the dead than the living. This the Persian health of the princess, and their cabalistic physician modestly declined, alledging, that cal as well as astrological talismans, the it was in vain for him to attempo a cure, former of wbich operate by the means of where men of abilities and learning, so letters, words, or prayers, and the latter much superior to his, had already proved by the relation which the planets have to unsuccessful. However, as the king perhuman bodies, had upon this occasion, en- lifted to urge him, he could not avoid tirely lost their efficacy. The king, how. obeying, and after having visited the prinever, dismissed none unrewarded, left cess, and maturely considered her disorder, others should be discouraged from offering he declared that it was not in his power their services. The indifpofition of the to give her any affistance, as no case of the princess still continuing, an Arabian chec like nature had ever occurred to him before. repaired to the court of Carizme, relying Thus, Malicknazir, finding all human so much upon his skill, that he thought means fail him, had recourse to a santon himself already pofseffed of the promised named Padmanaba, whose prayers for the reward. He had indeed made a great pro. fick were of such efficacy, that they were gress in the occult sciences, and was in seldom offered up without procuring their a fair way of discovering the virtues of recovery; nay, the holines of his life had king Solomon's ring, and the philosopher's often been confirmed by miracles. The stone. Being introduced to the princess, fanton being brought to crort, was by the he examined her countenance with great king given to understand upon wliat ac. attention, and with a view to discover the count he had been sent for, and imınedecause of her disorder, gave her an elixir ately conducted to tie apartment o: iho which was endued with a virtue capable princess, whose palid complexion, and of Thewing whether a disease had its source melancholy visage, at funt ftruck the rein the body or mind. Finding by the ope- clure with furprize ; but as he was an ration of this medicine, that the distemper adept in the fience of Mecliacia, by of his patient had its first rise in the mind, which the fantons are enabled to pene. he iniormed the king thereof, and told trate the most secret thoughts or th e y him, that the princess could be cured by behold; heroin dived into the caure of no one, but a person capable of penetra- the lony indiiponsion of Forzana, and bava ting into the moral cause of her mental ing reared avich N icknizir, acido e ad diforder. This, added he, is beyond the bin in th:100vinjeta, ; "On ling!

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The History of Malicknazir, King of Carizme, &c. British may the Prophet prolong thy days, and with the fame equitable impartiality as diftinguish thy reign with his choicest before, and the people being oppreffed blessings, be not offended at what thy ser- with grievous taxes, could not help murvant shall unfold, the disease with which muring in secret, for the viziers were the princess Farzana languishes, proceeds wholly intent upon aggrandizing themfrom love for thee, and nature has laid selves, and accumulating wealth, but toan unsurmountable obstacle against her tally regardless of the welfare of their recovery." Thunderstruck at this intel country. The sufferings, however, of Caligence, which Malicknazir was induced rizme, and its monarch, at last had an to give credit to by the known character end. Malicknazir, whose cares generally of Padmanaba for piety, he hastily retir- kept him waking, funk one night into a ed, after having offered the santon a rich ' profound neep, and the angel of marriage present, which he excused himself from appeared to him in a dream. His eyes accepting, alledging that he had entirely thone with a dazzling lustre; he wore on dedicated the remainder of his life to the his head a crown of myrtle, in his right service of God, and his holy prophet Ma. hand he lield a torch, the symbol of mar. homet, and had utterly renounced the riage, ard bis ermin robes seemed to world, with all its riches and grandeur, sparkle with the most precious diamonds This disinterestedness of the fanton, con. of Golconda. Malicknazir, whilft still firmed Malicknazir in the belief of his ve asleep, was addressed by the angel in terms racity. Some time after, as the king was like these : “Oh king of Carizme! make walking upon a terrace in one of his gar- no scruple of espousing Farzana, she is not dens, wrapt up in melancholy and con- your fifter; your late father going upon an templation, his Perfian phyfician Abuma. expedition, gave his daughter to Dilaram zar met him, and prostrating himself on to be nursed, as she was in her infancy; the ground before him, humbly requested the faithless Dilaram found it an easy mat to know the cause of his grief. Sorrow ter to substitute her own in its place; this is naturally communicative: tho' Malick- she did in hopes of one day aggrandifing nazir had formed a resolution, never to her family, and the monarch never once disclose the melancholy secret of Farzana's fufpected the imposition. Your fifter passion for him, he could not resist this bas ever since lived with her as her daugh. opportunity of unbosoming himself, and ter, in a castle not far diftant from your giving a loose to complaint ; for those who capital. Doubt not my words; but as labour under any affliction, seldom fail soon as the white sheep has chased the to receive some relief from their tears and black one to the bottom of the western lamentations. Abumazar heard the king, earth, repair to the castle, and question without teftifying the least surprize, as Dilaram concerning her fraud, the will marriages between brother and sister are not have the presumption to perfiit long customary amongst the Guebres, and used in denying it." The next morning Mahis utmost rhetoric, and all the arguments ficknazir reflected with amazement upon of his sect, to prove that the passion of the the viGon of the preceding night ; and princess for him was entirely innocent, resolving to do as directed by the angel of and that he might lawfully marry Far- marriage, assembled his viziers and cour. zana, and at once gratify his own affe&tion tiers, and repaired to the castle. He for her, and save her from the jaws of called for Dilaram, and having questioned death; but Malicknazir, who had been her concerning the fact above related, the educated in the purest doctrine of the confeffed every circumstance of it, and khoran, was not to be moved by such falling proftrate upon her face before him, fophistical arguments; but having enjoined implored his forgiveness. He assured her Abumazar the profoundest secrefy, im- of his pardon and protection, and immemediately put an end to the conversation. diately returned to court with her and his

Malicknazir, despairing of Farzana's fifter Zulima. The report of this surrecovery, yielded himself up a prey to his prising discovery was roon spread all over grief, and neglecting the administration of the kingdom, and caused an universal altopublic affairs, left it almost entirely to his nithment amongst the people of Carizme ; viziers. The faral effects of this change bur their aftonishment was converted into in his disposition, were focno felt by the joy, wlien they heard that Farzana was ftate; justice was no longer adminiftredt perseally recovered, and that the king in


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tended in a thort time to espouse her pub- ring the remainder of Malicknazir's life. Jicly. The nuptials were accordingly ce- He lived long and happily with his conJebrated with an unparalelled pomp and sort Farzana, whom he loved with the utfplendor, and every subject seemed to most tenderness, and by whom he was Thare the happiness of his fovereign. Ma- equally beloved. At length the angel of licknazir being thus freed from the anxiety death called upon them both in the same which had so long preyed upon him, resum. hour; and thus their mutual happiness ed the reins of government ; commerce was complete, for either of them would began again to flourish; plenty returned to have thought it worse than death to have bless the land ; and all murmuring and survived the other. discontent amongst the people ceased, du


CH A P. XXII. been disposed to make use of their In which Capr. Crowe is fublimed

attendance. He therefore, after a

moment's hesitation, repaired to the into the Regions of Afrology.

place appointed, in the utmost agiT HREE whole days had our tation and anxiety, left the hour

1 adventurer prosecuted his in- should be elapsed before his arriquiry about the amiable Aurelia, val. whom he sought in every place of Crowe was one of those defective public and of private entertainment, spirits, who cannot fubfift for any or refort, without obtaining the length of time on their own bote least fatisfactory intelligence, when toms. He wanted a familiar prop, he received one evening, from the upon which he could disburthen his hands of a porter, who instantly cares, his doubts, and his humours : vanished, the following billet : “If an humble friend who would enyou would learn the particulars of dure his caprices, and with whom Miss Darnel's fate, fail not to be he could communicate, free of all in the fields by the Foundling Hof- reserve and restraint. Though he pital, precisely at feven o'clock this loved his nephew's person, and adevening, when you shall be met by mired his parts, he considered him a person who will give you the fa- often as a little petulant jackatisfaction you desire, together with napes, who presumed upon his suhis reason for addrelling you in this perior understanding; and as for mysterious manner.--"Had this in- Sir Launcelot, there was something timation concerned any other sub. in his character that overawed the jed, perhaps the knight would have seaman, and kept him at a difdeliberated with himself in what agreeable distance. He had, in this manner he should take a hint so dilemma, cast his eyes upon Timodarkly communicated : but his ea- thy Crabshaw, and admitted,'him gerness to retrieve the jewel he had to a confiderable share of familiarity loft, divested him of all his cau- and fellowship. These companions tion; the time of assignation was had been employed in smoaking a already at hand ; and neither the social pipe at an althouse in ihe captain nor his nephew could be neighbourhood, when the knight found to accompany him, had he made his excurlion; and returning


to the house about fupper-time, dients were fetched from a publicfound Mr. Clarke in waiting. The house in the neighbourhood ; for young lawyer was alarmed when he the captain was too proud to nle his heard the hour of ten, without interest in the knight's family, effeeing our adventurer, who had pecially at these hours when all the been used to be extremely regular rest of the servants had retired to in his æconomy; and the captain their repose ; and he and Timothy and he fupped in profound silence. drank together until day-break, the Finding, upon enquiry among the conversation turning upon hobgcbservants, that the knight went out lins, and God's revenge against abruptly, in confequence of having murder. The cookmaid lay in a seceived a billet, Tom began to be little apartment contiguous to the visited with the apprehension of a kitchen; and whether disturbed by duel, and sat the best part of the these horrible tales of apparitions. night by his uncle, sweating with or titillated by the favoury fteams the expectation of feeing our hero that issued from the punch-bowl, brought home a breathless corse : Me made a virtue of necellity, or but no tidings of him arriving, appetite, and dressing herself in the he, about two in the morning, dark, suddenly appeared before repaired to his own lodging, them, to the no small perturbation resolved to publish a descrip- of both., Timothy, in particular, tion of Sir Launcelot in the news was so startled, that in his endeapapers, if he should not appear vours to make an hasty retreat to. next day. Crowe did not pass the wards the chimney-corner, he time without uneasiness. He was overturned the table; the liquor extremely concerned at the thought was fpilt, but the bowl was faved of some mischief having befallen by falling on a heap of ashes. Mrs. his friend and patron; and he was Cook having reprimanded him for terrified with the apprehension, his foolish fear, declared the had that in case Sir Launcelot' was got up betimes, in order to scour murdered, his fpirit might come her faucepans; and the captain and give him notice of his fate. proposed to have the bowl reple. Now he had an insuperable aversion nilhed, if materials could be proto all correspondence with the dead; cured. This difficulty was overand taking it for granted, that the come by Crabshaw ; and they fat spirit of his departed friend could down with their new associate to not appear to him except when he discuss the second edition. The should be alone, and a-bed in the knight's sudden disappearing being dark, he determined to pass the again brought upon the carpet, remainder of the night without go. their female companinn gave it as ing to bed. For this purpose his her opinion, that nothing would be first care was to visit the garret in fo likely to bring this affair to which Timothy Crabshaw lay fast light, as going to a cunning man, aseep, snoring with his mouth wide whom she had lately consuited about open. Him the captain with dif- a silver spoon that was mislaid, and ficulty roured, by dint of promising who told her all the thiogs that she to regale him with a bowl of rum ever did, and ever would happen to punch in the kitchen, where the her through the whole courfe of her fire, which had been extinguished, life. was soon rekindled. The ingre


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