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Source of all joys, from whom all blessings OLD ENGLAND's EPITAPE.


Present to aid, still ready to bestow, LJIC jacent England's glory, wisdom, wit, Oh! hear indulgent, this my ardent pray'ı! 1 Oh! strange! all raised and buried in Make lovely Jenny thy peculiar care. a Pitt. - E. M. T. Guard from incidious man the harmless maid ;

(tray'd, On the Report that tbe King of Spain was to Nor let such sweetness be by fraud bemarry Madame Victoire.

Her blooming youth and innocence pro-

[neglect ?) THO' Frenchmen may promise' him (For can just heav'n such innocence Madam Vistoire,

Nor e'er let faithless vows her heart He'll find it a trick and a cheat,

affect. An union with France upon this or that Cautious all cheating pleasures let her score,

- hun, Will wed him to Madame...Defeat. By which th'unwary fair are oft undone.

Let no embarrassments her mind perplex, The FORLORN DAMSEL. Nor thorny cares her peaceful borom vex.

The happy fair with health and plenty W HILST each dear nymph is happy .. bless : .

[cefs. W with her swain,

Crown all her harmless withes with sucThe poor Dorinda fighs, and fighs in vain; Thankfulthy choiceft blefligns let her Mare; Forlorn has liv'd thrice ten revolving years, Let the bright maid be fortunate as fair. But now, at length, a dying have appears. And when to love her spotless mind's The youth raps humbly at her chamber • inclin'd,

[And), w [before: (For without love (mal! happiness we And speaks such words me never heard Direct her choice to some brik, gen'rous In bed surpriz'd, the starts, her curtain drew,

(you. Or in-bred merit, conftancy, and truth: And ask'd his will.---Madam,, I dye for Let the fond happy pair enraptur'd prove For me; a 'man : what does he say? He Joys adequate on earth to those above.

dies. She wbišks from bed, and to the toilet fies.

R E B V S. * In hafte te dress’d, but did it with an air, And to advantage patch'd, and comb'd THE name of an animal vicious and • her hair.

1 ft:ong,

[helong ; Her dying Nave to rap once more presumes, An emblem of Hope, which to fips duih Whilft sweet Dorinda wathes and per. That which failors deteft nigh as much as fumes ;

a storm;

[deform; But that he might not at the door expire, What in time will the loveliest of women She let him in, and farther did enquire. A northern empire 'gainst Prussia now With cap in hand, and with submissive


has charm'd; look,

[spoke; What (if poets tell truth) savage monsters He bow'd, and then these killing words he The object which pagans do blindly adore, Madam, I've dy'd your fattin, and see here, What a miser still wants, notwithstanding The black's entire,no colour'd stripes ap t his itore; pear. JOHN BULLEN. An order which formerly courage rewarded,

(Which laudable custom is now disre. .. A PRAYER for Miss JENNY SW-NB-N

gaided.) of M-d-It in Suflex, October 14, 1961. Th' initials united, you'll quickly explore

The name of the charming dear maid I ? Justus ades vatis Jupiter ipse meis.

adore :

Who for sweetness of manners, and wit THOU Pow's Supreme, who dost o'er . most refind,

skind, all preside ;

[guide ; Has (carcely her equal 'mongst all womanAnd through life's doleful vale frail mortals Trurg, 28 Sept. 1761.

J. S. O&tober 1761.



CHAMPARASJA PYDDet kadastrado tantoetametaso


IN our last, we mentioned the Ruffians ro suddenly, that the garrison had scarcely I having begun the liege of Colberg; time to discharge foine few cannon from lince which, the following particulars re- the ramparts upon them. In one of the Jaring to the proceedings there, have been works, a magazine of powder took fire, received.-- In the night between the 18th and blew up 300 of the assailants and as and sgth of September last, general Ro- many of the garrison. Having seized the manzow made a brisk attack on the Prur- outworks, the Auftrians immediately placed tian entrenchments, and gained some adany- their scaling ladders against the walls of the tage. 'Next day the prince of Wiriemberg town, forced open the gates, and, by dayfell suddenly with his horse on the flank of break, were intirely masters of the place, the Russians, and seized a battery of 14 can. after a very thort refiftance, and made five non, which he turned against them, and battalions, consisting of 3000 men, prisomade such havock, that their loss in killed, ners, together with the governor, liepte. wounded, and prisoners, amounted to at nant general Zaftrow, and got poffeffion of least zoco men. On the 27th the Russians all the Pruffian artillery, and magazines of made a fresh attack on the prince of Wir- meal. The number of Prussians made cemberg's intrenchments, but were repuls- prisoners on this occafion amounts to ed with loss. In the mean time, the admi- 3771, amongst whom are 113 officers. ral of the Rullian fleet, finding that it was The loss of the Austrians confifts in iz of. in vain to bombard the place any longer, ficers killed, 50 wounded, 266 foldiers pur to fea, and has been followed by the killed, 957 wounded, and 140 missing. The Swedish squadron. These feets meeting Rullians had ; officers wounded, ss solwith great storms have been obliged to take diers killed, and 41 wounded. Melier in the Danish isands of Bornholm, The above account is given by the court and other ports of the Baltic, with the of Vienna ; by the relation of this translors of their mafts, &c.

action, as published at Berlin, they ascribe Our advices from Berlin are, that the the loss of the place to the blowing up of Ruflian general Platen bas destroyed feve- the magazine, otherwise they say the Aural confiderable magazines belonging to strians would have been forced to retire tie Rufiáns, at Coblin and Goitin ; and before day-break; and affirm, that before tatata Convent, near the last-named place, this accident happened, there were only he had attacked the Rullian wagenbour 2500 men in the body of the place and confling of guoo waggons, guarded by the outworks; and 15 or 1600 were too 4000 men, whom he totally defeated few to contend against 10, or 12,00co. with very little loss on his side, having The Swedes have lately made themselves made 2000 prisoners, and taken 5-hau- masters of the ports of Wollin and Camin, birzors and 2 cannon : a great number of into which they have put ftrong garrisons. the Russians were Naughtered by the ca. Several skirmishes have happened between valry in the pursuit, after the action: The Swedes and Pruflians; in one of which the prisoners, there was one bri- major Sprengport, with a body of volurgadier-general, named Czerapou, three ma- teers, surprised near Neunsund two battajors, and 20 officers of inferior rank. The lions of Pruffian grenadiers, a battalion of Prullians immediately afterwards took the Hord's regiment, and Belling's husfars, and Town of Corlin by storm, and made the handled them so rouglily, that he made Ruffian garrison prisoners of war,

about 200 prisoners, including g officers. The king of Prania having quitted his Of the operations of the French and alfirong camp at Pulizen, and marched to- lied armies, we have the following particowards Neiffe, general Laudohn cook that lars :--A body of French light troops comopportunity to surprize Schweidnitz.... manded by marshal Confans, having ap.

Ehis event happened early in the morning peared before Embden, on the 24th ult, and • of the first of October, when the Auftrians the burghers resufing to join in de attacked the four out- works at once, and lending the place, the Englich garrison,

conffting congfting of two companies of invalids, there ; for general Luckner, joined to prince making about 200 men, made an advan - Ferdinand of Brunswic, arrived by forced tageous capitulation, and embarked on the marches in the neighbourhood; and, whilst 26th for Bremen. The French troops, on the general marched with his cavalry.toentering the town, extorted heavy contri. wards Peine, prince Ferdinand attacked butions, and committed great excesses, the French in their intrenchiments, and which having provoked the people to rise forced them, with a considerable loss on in arms against them, the first corps was their fide, and took above 200 prisoners, obliged to abandon the country. They with several officers, one piece of cannon, afterwards, however, returned in greater and a major general. The young prince numbers, and have put a garrison of Soo marched dire&tly with fix battalions to men into Embden.

Brunswic, where he in the evening of the A body of troops under Mr. Closen 13th inst. was received with the greatest appeared suddenly on the 24th ult, before joy, by the inhabitants and garrison ; Wolfenbuttle, and after fummoning the upon which the French abandoned their * place and receiving a refusal, threw feve. trenches with great precipitation; and 'ral shells into it. General Stammer, tie they soon after quitted Worenbu:tle, have governor of the town, defended it for some ing first levied heavy contributions.

time; but was, on the orth of this month, Marthal Broglio took potlemon of the * obliged to surrender, to prevent the town castle of Scharizfels, fituated on the l'artz, * (part of which was reduced to ashes) from on the 25th ult. and, after taking out the being entirely burnt. After this, prince guns, ordered it to be blown up.--- MepXavier of Saxony immediately invested pen, a small town in the bithopric of Brunfwic, and opened the trer.ches before Munster, furrrendered to the prince of *it, but did not meet with the same success Condé, after three days open trenches.


THEY write from Constantinople, that A few days ago the following melan,, a courier which Mr. Rexin, the Pruf- choly accident happened at Mr. Joseph fan minifter, lately dispatched to the king Reading's, at Tiffield wood house, near his master, was assassinated upon the road Towcefter, Northainptonthire; a boy about by the janissary that was sent with him as fix years old, and a girl about three, being a guide. The murderer made his escape, lest in the house alone, the boy seeing a but the dispatches were afterwards found, gun hang up in the chimney, which was ind Astored to the Pruflian minilter, by or charged, got a chair and took it down, and der of the grand signior.

laying hold of the trigger, it went off, and Private advices from the Hague say, thot the girl in the belly; the boy immethat the fruitless breaking up of the con diately ran to a neighbour, who came, end ferences between the courts of Great Bri. seeing the girl's cloaths on fire, instantly rain and France had occafioned rome deli- put the fire out ; but the boy defiring the berations in the allembly of the states, who neighbour to look under her cloaths, perresolved thereupon to put their naval force ceived her bowels coming oui, and after into a proper condition of defence against Speaking a few words, the died almost .any emergency

instantly. THURSDAY, O&tober 1,

SATURDAY, 04. 2. Sir Samuel Fludyer, lord mayor elect, Letters from the Groyne bring an acand the recorder, attended by the theriffs, count, that the right bon. the earl of Briwaited on his majesty at St. James's with stol, ambassador to the court of Madrid,

the compliments of the city of London, hath wrote letters to all the Englim cor's crequestiog that his majesty and his royal fuls in Spain and Portugal, acquainting confort would be graciously pleased to ho- them, that there never was a better une nour this city with their presence at dinner derstanding, nor greater harmony, than at Guildhall nexi Lord Mayor's day; w!rich there is at present, between his Britannic invitation their majesties were molt graci. majesty and the court of Spain, notwithully pleased to accept of,

4 A 2


standing all the reports to the contrary;

SATURDAY, OG 10. and that those reports have been only art. The king has been pleased to order, ful infinuations of the French court to that the three forms of prayer and service, serve their own purposes.

made for the 5th of Nov. the zoth of Jan. TUESDAY, Od. 6.

and the 29th of May, as also a form of Mr. Seaton's poetical prize was adjudg- prayer for the 25th of O&ober being the ed to Mr. Scott, Fellow of, same as was appointed for the inauguratien Cambridge. The subject of this year's of his late majesty, with only such altera. poein, is Purity of Heart.

tions as have been directed by order of The right hon. lord Napier is appointed Council, in relation to the prayers for the ons of the lords of police in Scotland, in family), be used yearly, on the said days, the room of the eari of Hopeteun... The esta- in all cathedral and collegiate churches and blishment of police now stands as follows: chapels throughout the kingdom. Earl of Marchmont, prijes, salary 200ol.

MONDAY, October 12.
Lords, Scol. cach.

His majefty having been pleased to apEarl of Hyndford, Lord Napier,

point the right honourable Charles earl of Lari of Galloway, Lord Aberdour. Egremont, to be one of his principal seLord Sommerville,

cietaries of state; his lordship was this Gentlemen, 400l. each.

day, by his majesty's command, sworn one Lood George Hay, Norman M'Leod, Esq; of his majetty's principal fecretaries of Sir Robert Stewart,

ftate accordingly. THURSDAY, Oct. S.

WEDNESDAY, O&tober 14. The write from Lisbon, that at the pub. This day there was a meetiog at the Inlic Auto de celebrated Jast month there, firmary at the city of Gloucester, of the among many other criminals variously pu- ladies, cruitees for portioning young wonished for various crimes, one Jcfuit (the men of virtuous characters in marriage, in famous Malagrida, one of the initigators of honour of their majesties nuptials and cothe late hellish plot there) was condemned ronation ; when four young women were to be burnt, and was burnt accordingly ; chosen to partake of that charity; to each not for his crimes against the fate, but of whom the following letter was delifor others of a religious nature, particu- overed: Jarly against the Chriftian doctrine of the “You have been elected this day by Trinity. The rest of the Jesuitical confpi- ballot, to receive a marriage portion of rators, nor having been found guilty of five pounds, which will be paid you by crimes which immediately attack religion Mr. Arnold, the secretary of the Infirmary, and diviniry, are till reserved in his Mont as soon as you shall produce a certificate Faithful majelly's prisons, to be tried in of your marriage. You will likewise be due time by secular judges.

entitled to a benefaction of five pounds FRIDA%, 08. O.

more at the end of the twelve months St. James's. The right hon. William after your marriage, 'provided you and Pier, having relign'd the seals into the king's your husband shall be found to deserve hands, bis majerty was this day pleased to good characters during that time. And, appoint the earl of Egremont, to be one in order that you may begin the world of his maje iy's principal secretaries of properly, without running into unneceiiary Nate. And, in consideration of the great expence of any fort, the ladies do require, and important fer ices of the said Mr. Pitt, that you be married by banns, and not by his inajeity has been graciously pleased to di. licence; and that you do conduct yourrect, that a warrant be prepared for grant. felves in all respects in such a manner, as ing to the lady Hester Pitt, his wife, a barony to do credit to their choice, and to become of Great Britain, by the name, filc, and title, patterns of industry, fobriety, and good of baroness of Cha:ham to herself, and of management to those of your rank and baron of Chatham to her heirs male; and Itation. allo to confer upon the said Wm. Pitt, erg; “ As to the notion, which has been an annuity of three thousand pounds ster- spread all over the county, concerning the ing during his own life, and that of laty children of such marriages, as if the fons Heiler Pitt, and their fon Join Pitt, eiq; would be taken away to serve as soldiers,

This day earl Temple, keeper of the ailure yourself, that this is a very great unking's privy seal, resigned the real into his truth, invented by wicked persons, whe, majesty's hand.


not willing to do good themselves, are de

TUESDAY, O&tober 20.. firous of preventing any good being done Allvirally. Captain Young, of his by others. Your children, whether sons majesty's Hip the Mars, is arrived at or daughters, will be as much the free- Plymouth with the Amarante, a French born subjects of the realm, as the children privatecr of 18 fix pounder guns, and 137 of the greatest person in it."

men, belonging to St. Malo's, which he Accounts have been received from Leeds, took the 17th of last month. She had Newcastle, Durham, and other places in been out three weeks, and had taken but the north of England, and also from Scct. one brig from Madeira, which was ranland, of the great damage done by storms forned, and the ransomer on board the of rain, hail, &c. in those parts, the be- privateer, ginning of this month.

This day a fire broke out at WorklopTHURSDAY, October 15.

manor, the seat of the duke of Norfolk, Between twelve and one o'clock, a when the whole building, furniture, &c. woollen-draper in Cornhill stood on the were entirely consumed. It was one of pillory, pursuant to his sentence, for a de- the finest seats in England ; there were teftable crime; and notwithstanding the 500 rooms in it, and the damage is great number of peace-officers that fure supposed to amount to upwards of rounded the pillory, the populace pelted 100,000 l. him very severely, cut his breeches down,

WEDNESDAY, O&ober 21." and tore his clothes off his back. After Letters were received from Dublin, with he had stood the usual time, he was put an account, that on the 6th of this month, into a coach, in order to be carried to his Excellency lord Hallifax, lord-licuteNewgate ; but the fury of the people was pant of that kingdom, arried there; so great, that he was obliged to be lodged when his Excellency was received with in the Poultry-Compter till the crowd was the pomp and ceremony ufual on such an dispersed. A surgeon was sent for to dress occasion. The foot-forces in garrison his wounds, which were thought to be lined the stieets through which his Exceldangerous. There was the greatert con lency (attended by a squadron of horfe) course of people ever known on such an proceeded, amidst the acclamations of the occasion. A child was killed in the people, to the calle, where, in council, crowd.

his Excellency took the oails appointed to SATURDAY, Otober 17.

be taken by the lord-lieutenant of Ireland, His majerty having been graciously plea- and received the sword f.on their Excel fed to deliver the privy-seal to Williain leocies the lords Juftices. Sharpe and Jeremiah Dyson, Esqrs; whom

THURSDAY, 08. 22 his majesty, by letters patent under the court of Common council was beld great seal of Creat-Britain, hath consti- at Guldhall, London, when it was agreed tuted commisioners for executing the of- to presentinfructions to the representatives fice of keeper of the privy-real; they this of that city in parliament on the present day took the usual oaths, as commilioners situation of affairs; ard to return Mr. Pitt for the custody of the privy-seal.

thanks for his past services : The inftrucPrevious to the coronation, his majesty tions were as follow : conferred the honour of knighthood on “We, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Sir Thomas Robinson, and William Bret. Commons of the city of London in com. ton, Efq; who represented the dukes of mon council asembled, think it at this Normandy and Aquitaine, at the said time our duty, as is is our natural and 2113coronation.

doub:ed right, to lay before this city's reSUNDAY, October 18,

presenta ires in the great council of the At twelve o'clock, admiral Rodney, at nation, foon to be a Tembled in pailiaSt. Helen's, fired a signal gun for the fiext ment, what we defire and expect irom you, under his command, to get under fail, in discharge of the great trust and confidence, which was executed in less than an hour. we and our fellow citizens have reposed in The fleet confifts of the following Mips; you. Marlborough, Modeste, Vanguard, Not “ That you take the earlien opportu. tingham, Siren; Granada, Thunder, and nity to use your urinoit endeavours to on. Badilisk bombs; and Fly-floop of war. tain the repcal or amendment of the late

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