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April 1856.





Alford.-The Greek Testament: with a Critically Revised Text; a Digest of various Readings; Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the use of Theological Students and Ministers. By H. ALFORD, B.D., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Vol. I., 3rd Edition, containing the Four Gospels, £1. 8s.
Vol. II., 2nd Edition, containing the Acts of the Apostles,
the Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians, £1. 4s.
Vol. III. In the Press.

Alford.-Passages in Prose and Verse from English Authors for Translation into Greek and Latin; together with selected Passages from Greek and Latin Authors for Translation into English: forming a regular course of Exercises in Classical Composition. By H. ALFORD, B.D. 8vo. 6s.

Amos.-Ruins of Time Exemplified in Sir Matthew Hale's History of the Pleas of the Crown. By ANDREW AMOS, Esq., Downing Professor of the Laws of England in the University of Cambridge, and late Member of the Supreme Council of India.

Amos.-Gems of Latin Poetry. With Translations, selected and illustrated by ANDREW AMÓS, Esq.

8vo. 12s.

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Ashley. The Relations of Science.

By JOHN M. ASHLEY, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; late Lecturer on Chemistry at the Hunterian School of Medicine, and at the Royal Polytechnic Institution, London. 12mo. 6s.

Babington.-The Benefit of Christ's Death: probably written by AONIO PALEARIO: reprinted in Facsimile from the Italian Edition of 1543; together with a French Translation printed in 1551; from Copies in the Library of St. John's College, Cambridge. To which is added, an English Version made in 1548, by EDWARD COURTENAY, Earl of Devonshire, now first edited from a MS. preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. With an Introduction, by CHURCHILL BABINGTON, B.D., F.L.S., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Member of the Royal Society of Literature. Square crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Babington. Mr. Macaulay's Character of the Clergy in the latter part of the Seventeenth Century Considered; with an Appendix on his Character of the Gentry, as given in his History of England. By C. BABINGTOŇ, B.Ď. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Babington.-ΥΠΕΡΙΔΗΣ ΚΑΤΑ ΔΗΜΟΣΘΕΝΟΥΣ. The Oration of Hyperides against Demosthenes, respecting the Treasure of Harpalus. The Fragments of the Greek Text, now first Edited from the Facsimile of the MS. discovered at Egyptian Thebes in 1847; together with other Fragments of the same Oration cited in Ancient Writers. With a Preliminary Dissertation and Notes, and a Facsimile of a portion of the MS. By C. BABINGTON, B.D.

4to. 6s. 6d.

Barrett.-The Propositions in Mechanics and Hydrostatics, which are required of Questionists not Candidates for Honors, with Illustrations and Examples, collected from various sources. By A. C. BARRETT, M.A. Second Edition. With additions and corrections. Crown 8vo. 63.

Beal.-Palmer's Origines Liturgicæ, an Analysis of; or, Antiquities of the English Ritual, and of his Dissertation on Primitive Liturgies: for the use of Students at the Universities and Candidates for Holy Orders, who have read the Original Work. By W. BEÅL, LL.D., F.S.A., Vicar of Brooke, Norfolk. 12mo. 3s. 6d.




In Two Volumes, 8vo., with Notes, &c. By the Rev.
J. W. BLAKESLEY, B.D., late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity
College, Cambridge.
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 1l. 12s.

The CLIO has been issued separately, price 5s.

Blunt.-Five Sermons, Preached before the University of Cambridge. By J. J. BLUNT, B.D., late Margaret Professor of Divinity.

1. The Nature of Sin.

2. The Church of the Apostles.

3. On Uniformity of Ritual.

4. The Value of Time.

8vo. 5s. 6d.

5. Reflections on the General Fast-Day (March 1847).

Blunt.-Four Sermons, Preached before the University of Cambridge. By J. J. BLUNT, B.D.

1. The Church of England, Its Communion of Saints.




Its Title and Descent.
Its Text the Bible.

8vo. 5s.

Its Commentary the Prayer-Book.

Blunt.-Five Sermons, Preached before the University of Cambridge. By J. J. BLUNT, B.D. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

1. Tests of the Truth of Revelation.

2. Of Unfaithfulness to the Reformation.
3. On the Union of Church and State.
4. An Apology for the Prayer-Book.
5. National Reform.

Calder.-Arithmetic, a Familiar Explanation of the Higher Parts of, comprising Fractions, Decimals, Practice, Proportion, and its Applications, &c. With an Appendix. Designed as an Introduction to Algebra. By the Rev. F. CALDER, B.A., Head-Master of the Grammar School, Chesterfield. Second Edition. 12mo. 3s. 6d. With Answers, 4s. 6d.

Cambridge Antiquarian Society's Publications.

Quarto Series, Parts 1 to 8, and 10 to 15, 5l. 1s. 6d. (part 14 out of print); and Octavo Series, parts 1 to 3, 9s. 6d.-Reports, Nos. 1 to 5, 5s.


Cambridge University Almanac for the Year 1856. Embellished with a Line Engraving of a View of ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE NEW BUILDINGS, from a Drawing by B. RUDGE. (Continued Annually.)

Cambridge University Calendar for 1856.


12mo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

(Continued Annually.) Cambridge Examination Papers, being a Supplement to the Cambridge University Calendar, containing the SenateHouse Examination Papers, including those set for the Tyrwhitt, Crosse, Craven, and Bell Scholarships; Carus Greek Testament Prize; Ordinary B.A. Examination; Moral and Natural Sciences Triposes; the Previous Examination; Chancellor's Medals, and Theological Examinations, with a List of Ordinary Degrees and of those who have passed the Theological Examination. 12mo. sewed. Ready.

Chevallier.-A Translation of the Epistles of Clement of Rome, Polycarp, and Ignatius; and of the Apologies of Justin Martyr and Tertullian: with an Introduction and Brief Notes illustrative of the Ecclesiastical History of the First Two Centuries. By the Rev. T. CHEVALLIER, B.D., late Fellow and Tutor of St. Catharine's Hall.

New Edition. 8vo. 12s.

Churton.-Pearsoni Præfatio Parænetica, ad Vetus Testamentum Græcum ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum ; juxta Exemplar Vaticanum Romæ Editum. Cantabrigiæ

1655. Cum Notulis EDVARDI CHURTON, A.M., Eccl. Ebor. Archidiac. et Canonici.

8vo. 1s.

Crowfoot.-Academic Notes on the Holy Scriptures. First Series. By J. R. CROWFOOT, B.D., late Fellow and Lecturer on Divinity in Gonville and Caius College. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Crowfoot.-Bp. Pearson's Five Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles and Annals of St. Paul. Edited in English, with a few Notes, by J. R. CROWFOOT, B.D. Crown 8vo. 4s.

Dobson.-Schleiermacher's Introductions to the Dialogues of Plato. Translated from the German by W. DOBSON, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

8vo. 12s. 6d.



Donaldson.-Varronianus. A Critical and Historical
Introduction to the Philological Study of the Latin Language.
By J. W. DONALDSON, D.D., formerly Fellow and
Classical Lecturer of Trinity College, Cambridge. Second
Edition, considerably enlarged.
8vo. 14s.

Donaldson.-Classical Scholarship and Classical Learning considered with especial reference to Competitive Tests and University Teaching. A Practical Essay on Liberal Education. By J. W. DONALDSON, D.D. Crown 8vo. 5s.

Drury.-Arundines Cami.

Sive Musarum Canta

brigiensium Lusus Canori; collegit atque edidit H. DRURY, A.M. Editio quarta. 8vo. 12s.

Earnshaw.-Dynamics; or a Treatise on Motion. To which is added, a short Treatise on Attractions. By the Rev. S. EARNSHAW, M.A., of St. John's College, Cambridge. Third Edition. 8vo. 14s.

Earnshaw.-A Treatise on Statics, containing the Theory of the Equilibrium of Forces; and numerous Examples illustrative of the general Principles of the Science. By the Rev. S. EARNSHAW, M.A. Third Edition, enlarged.

8vo. 10s.

Ellis.-A Treatise on Hannibal's Passage of the
Alps, in which his Route is traced over the Little Mont
Cenis. With Maps. By R. ELLIS, B.D., Fellow of St.
John's College, Cambridge.
8vo. 7s. 6d.

Evans.-Newton's Principia, the First Three Sections,

with an Appendix; and the Ninth and Eleventh Sections. Edited by the Rev. J. H. EVANS, M.A., late Fellow of St. John's College, and Head-Master of Sedburgh Grammar School. Fourth Edition.

8vo. 6s.

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