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Favour of God, is not to be obtained by ceremonial Performances, but by religious Faith: From the Instance of Abraham the Father of the Jewish Church. His Faith made him acceptable to God before ever he was circumcised. Therefore all that imitate his Faith, by believing in JESUS CHRIST, may be pardoned and saved without Circumcision. This Faith alone makes Men his spiritual Children, according to the Promise. So that to say, mere legal Performances can save the Jews as his Posterity, is as much as to fay, it was not his religious Faith that justified and Javed him.

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works, he hath where- above all other People, as you now 4. D. 57. of to glory, but not do. But 'tis plain, Abraham did -vbefore God. not do so; as well knowing it was the free Bounty of God rewarding his moral Obedience, and not any outward Privilege, or Performance, that justified and saved him.

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4. Now to him 4. God, I say, out of perfeół that worketh, is the Bounty, thus accepted him; for oward not reckoned if Abraham t had done any thing of grace, but of debt. that by its own Virtue could have rendered him a perfectly good Man, the Acceptance and Reward had been a just Debt, and not a Favour conferred on him.

5. But to him that 5. Whereas on the contrary worketh not, but be- it is evident, God declared him lieveth, on him that righteous, pardoned and acceptjustifieth the ungodly, ed., and then gave him the Covehis faith is counted nant and the Promise, not as one for righteousnes that had absolutely deserved it by t any Performances, or could claim it by any Privilege, but as a free and gracious Reward for his Faith in Him, who by the Goodness and Bountifulness of the Divine Nature, is always ready to pardon and accept all those who sincerely believe and obey him.

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* Ver, 1. and 3. Abrabam. See the same Argument made use of in Galat. iii.

f Ver, 3. 'Eaoyiès, It was counted unto him, Plainly fignifies, The putting or adding to the Balance of one's Account, out of pure Gift and Favour.

f Ver. 4, 5. To him that worketh, and, To him that worketh not. To it;2&gérw, 3 to u% #72.Éogovo, viz. 'Aéegou, as the Connexion of the Apostle's Discourse plainly requires.

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cumcision; it is plain, that all People whatever that


follow his Faith, may be saved without it. For as it A. D. 57:
was Faith in God that made him the Father and Pattern
of true Believers, so whoever has that Faith, though
he be a Gentile, is his true Son.”

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