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The Jews, under Pretence of being the special People of God, had an Aversion to all Governors but what were of God's special Appointment, and were É. their own ation. They thought Subjećtion to the Roman Power, a Derogation to God and his Church, and paying Taxes to Heathen Emperors, a Reproach not to be comply'd with. . In all Probability this wicked Principle amongst the Jews was derived first from the Insurrection and Followers of Judas of Galilee, mentioned Acts v. 17. [See the Note on Ver, 1.] This Insurrection had made the very Name of the Jews odious at Rome, whither St. Paul intended to go shortly himself. Wherefore to prevent his coming under this general Scandal, and for fear the Jewish Christians should inherit this Prejudice, and be leaven'd with this Nation, the Aposile warns them agains; it in this Chapter, by declaring God to be equally the Author and Ordainer of Heathen Governments, as of the Jewish. That Christianity meddled not with any Civil Powers; and that Christians of all Sorts ought to be obedient to the Constitutions of the several Countries they liv'd in, out of a Principle of Duty and Conscience. Then he returns to his Exhortations to Christian Charity, and mutual Love; to Purity, Peaceableness, and Sabriety, as the essential Duties of the Gospel Religion.

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is their Lord and Governor, as his peculiar People; are
loth to acknowledge any heathen Power, or own an
Prince that is not of their own Nation, and of God’s
Jpecial Appointment. But let them know, that God
confines himself to no such Measures, even with his own
Church and People. Government, or the supreme le-
gislative Power, is the Ordinance of God, in every
ountry as well as in the jewish Land; and as it was
the Hand of Providence that subječted you to the Ro-
man Power, neither your jewish nor Christian t Pri-
vilege exempts any of you in the least from a due Obe-
dience to it.

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3. For rulers are 3. And 'tis very fit he should, not a terror to good because all civil Governments

works, but to the evil. whatever are intended of God
Wilt for

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for one and the same good End, viz. Defending the Community in their Rights and Properties,

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4. For all Persons in whom the supreme Authority is lodged, whether they be one or many, whether jews, 3. or Christians, are the Ministers and Vice-gerents of God, for the Good and Peace of the Communities they govern. If indeed you break the Laws, and affront the Authority that made them, you may well fear, and

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tinually upon this ve- any jewish Governor can have,
ry thing. as he is the publick Preserver of
our common Rights, and by divine Providence made the
Guardian of the Empire; to the Maintenance where-
of, every Subjećt ought to contribute his Share, as a
Member of it *.

7. Render therefore : Do not therefore look upon to all their dues;, tri- Tribute as a Reproach upon jour bute to whom tribute Nation, but pay it chearfully as a is locus onto whom just and legal Due; honour and . : . *: respect the Government you live o * under, and pay to every Magilo. strate and Officer employed in it, his proper Reverence and Regard.

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ther commandment, it

is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt

love thy neighbour as thyself. U 1o. Love

* Note, These Jewish Zealots also might have convinced themselves of the Error of their Opinion in this Matter, even out of their own Writings, as Prov. viii. 15. Dan. ii. 22. Eccles, zvii. 17. Deut. xxxii. 8. Wisd, vi 1, 2, 3, 4. Isai. xliv. 28.

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to others, that fairly lie in his

Power; it is the Sum total of all the Laws that respect

our Neighbour.

11. And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

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your expected Happiness and Salvation.

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