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24. Brethren, let e- 24. But let me warn you avery Man, wherein he gain, dear Brethren, not to make is called, thosein a your Christian Conversion any bide with God. Argument for breaking through any natural or civil Obligation. But preserve them and your Religion consistent together, as they really are.

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* John viii. 36.

t Ver. 23. * are bought with a Price; in the same Sense as in Chap. vi. 20. and the Connexion is from the latter Clause of the foregoing Verse.

f Ver. 25, Tây was $oray, Virgint. I express it as comprehending both Sexes, the Apostle's Argument being equally concerned in both ; and the Use of the Word in Per. 37, fhowing it to be so intended.

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Moderation, for the best of them are but fading and transitory Things. 32 & 33. The only Reason therefore why I discourage Matrimony, and give the Preference to the single Life, is the present State of Things; that you may attend the Profession of vour Religion with the less Hindrances and Distraćtions; an Advantage peculiar to that State; while the married Person must have a great Part of his Time and Care taken up in the Charge of his Wise and Family. 34. And so in like Manner, our Women will find a considerale Difference in Point of Ease and Advantage, between the two States. A Wirgin has nothing to do but to attend her religious $. ties; both her Mind and Body are entirely devoted to the Service of Christ. But the married Woman will find a deal of Interruption from her Cares to please her Husband, in the Management of her House.

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to marry again; but it ought to be to a Christian, not

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a Heathen.

4o. But she is hap

pier, if she so abide,

after my judgment: an

* See the Contents of the Chapter.

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