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27. If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret.

26. In fine, therefore, to prevent all Inconveniences, and to attain the true Ends of your spiritual Endowments, I advise you, that when you assemble together, one prepared with one Kind of Gift, another with another, you do not exercise them in a confused or vain-glorious Manner; but observe the particular Rules I

27. Let not above two or three Persons speak in an unknown Language at one Meeting ; let them speak each in his Turn, and each have an Interpreter to explain his Meaning to the Congregation.

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33. (For the Spirit that inspires you, is the Spirit of that God who is the God of Peace and Order, but never the Author of Confufion) and that you may exercise his

Gifts in this orderly Manner, is plain from the like Ex

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34. Let your women keep filence in the churches : for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

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their State of Subjećtion by the Law of 1. God and Nature.

35. And if they
will learn any thing, to argue upon any Thing that is
let, them ask, their spoken in publick, for their fur-
husband a home 3. ther Information, let them do it
‘. *" o o: . with their Husbands or Teachers
the church P at home, for it is very indecent
- for a Woman to usurp the Office
of Men in the publick Congregation.

36. What? came 36. And I would have those the word of God out among you that pračtise contrary from you? or came it to these my Injunctions, and to unto you only * the Methods of other Churches, remember they are no Standards to the rest of the Christian World; the rest of the Churches were not beholden to Corinthian Teachers for their Christianity, but they to some of them, viz. to the Churches of judaea.

37. If any man think 37. Let all yourTeachers therehimself to be a pro- fore that pretend to spiritual Gifts, phet, and

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35. And if they have a Mind *

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commandments o
the Lord.

38. But if any man 38. He that will not, I have be ignorant, let him no more to say to him; let him be ignorant. take the Effects of his obstinate and wilful Ignorance.

39. Wherefore,bre- , 39. To conclude my Argument thren, covet to pro- then. Remember that though I phesie, and forbid not value all spiritual Gifts very much, to speak with tongues, and this of speaking divers Languages among the rest; yet, I say, the only Way to make it useful is, to explain and interpret your }. courses to the People.

40. Let all things 40. Take my Advice, and perbe done decently, and form all your publick Offices with in order. Decency, Order, and Regularity.

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2. Which if you have forgotten, or now disbelieve, you have lost the chief Foundation of your Christian Faith.

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buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the


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t Ver. 4. The third Day according to the Scriptures. See Bishop Chandler's Defence of Christianity, &c. Page 370.

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