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seech Thee, never permit us to be so base and wicked as to repay Thy bounties with ingratitude, or Thy blessings with offences and injuries ; but fill our hearts with a grateful spirit for Thy love; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

hen he says the two Collects and Prayer for a blessing, as in

Sunday and Week-Day Evening Prayers (see pages 23, 74, 106).




All standing, the head of the fumily (or the priest or deacon,

if present) says: Ř. O Lord, open Thou our lips, Ry. And our mouth shall shew forth Thy praise.

. O God, make speed to save us. Ry. O Lord, make haste to help us. . Glory be to the Father, &c. Ry. As it was, &c. Then he says the following Psalm :

| fair ground ; yea, I have a goodly Psalm 16. DRESERVE me, O God : for I will thank the Lord for giving I in Thee have I put my trust. me warning : my reins also chasten

O my soul, thou hast said unto me in the night-season. the Lord : Thou art my God, my I have set God always before me : goods are nothing unto Thee. for He is on my right hand, there

All my delight is upon the saints, fore I shall not fall, that are in the earth : and upon Wherefore my heart was glad, such as excel in virtue.

and my glory rejoiced : my flesh But they that run after another also shall rest in hope. god : shall have great trouble. For why? thou shalt not leave

Their drink-offerings of blood my soul in hell : neither shalt thou will I not offer : neither make men- suffer Thy Holy One to see cortion of their names within my lips. (ruption.

The Lord Himself is the portion Thou shalt shew me the path of of mine inheritance, and of my cup: life ; in Thy presence is the fulness Thou shalt maintain my lot. of joy : and at Thy right hand there The lot has fallen unto me in a l is pleasure for evermore.

Then all say, T BELIEVE in God, &c.

Then he says, AY the reading of the Holy Word (or Holy Gospel) be N unto us salvation and protection. Amen.

Then he reads the short chapter following: From the Holy Gospel according |

lit was written, The zeal of Thine

house hath eaten me up. Then to St. John.

answered the Jews and said unto TAND the Jews' passover was at Him, What sign shewest Thou unto

A hand, and Jesus went up to us, seeing that Thou doest these Jerusalem, and found in the temple things ? Jesus answered and said those that sold oxen and sheep and unto them, Destroy this temple, and doves, and the changers of money in three days I will raise it up. sitting : and when he had made a Then said the Jews, Forty and six scourge of small cords, he drove years was this temple in building, them all out of the temple, and the and wilt Thou rear it up in three sheep, and the oxen; and poured days ? But He spake of the temple out the changers' money, and over- of His body. When therefore He threw the tables ; and said unto was risen from the dead, His disthem that sold doves, Take these ciples remembered that He had things hence; make not My Father's said this unto them; and they behouse an house of merchandise. lieved the scripture, and the word And His disciples remembered that I which Jesus had said.

Then he says the usual Sentences, Confession, Litany, &c. (page

46), to the end of the Saturday Morning Prayers ; adding after the Lord's Prayer the following Collect :

Collect for Holy Saturday Morning. NRANT, O Lord, that as we are baptised into the death of

u Thy blessed Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, so, by continual mortifying our corrupt affections, we may be buried with Him, and that through the grave and gate of death we may pass to our joyful resurrection ; for His merits who died, and was buried, and rose again for us, Thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

i St. John ii. 13.



All standing, the head of the family (or the priest or deacon,

if present) says:
Ý. Turn Thou us, O God our Saviour.
Ry. And let Thine anger cease from us.
Ť. O God, make speed to save us.
Ry. O Lord, make haste to help us.
¥. Glory be to the Father, &c. Ry. As it was, &c.

Then he says the following Psalm: PART OF Psalm 31, v. l. l O how plentiful is Thy goodness, TN Thee, O Lord, have I put my which Thou hast laid up for them I trust : let me never be put to that fear Thee : and that Thou hast confusion, deliver me in Thy righte- prepared for them that put their ousness.

trust in Thee, even before the sons I will be glad, and rejoice in of men! Thy mercy : for Thou hast con- Thou shalt hide them privily by sidered my trouble, and hast known Thine own presence from the promy soul in adversities,

voking of all men : Thou shalt keep Thou hast not shut me up into them secretly in Thy tabernacle from the hand of the enemy : but hast | the strife of tongues. set my feet in a large room.

| Thanks be to the Lord : for He Have mercy upon me, O Lord, hath shewed me marvellous great for I am in trouble : and mine eye kindness in a strong city. is consumed for very heaviness: vea. | And when I made haste, I said: my soul and my body.

I am cast out of the sight of Thine I am clean forgotten, as a dead eyes. man out of mind : I am become Nevertheless, Thou heardest the like a broken vessel.

voice of my prayer : when I cried For I have heard the blasphemy unto Thee. of the multitude : and fear' is on O love the Lord, all ye His every side, while they conspire to-saints : for the Lord preserveth gether against me, and take their them that are faithful, and plentecounsel to take away my life. ously rewardeth the proud doer.

But my hope hath been in Thee, Be strong, and He shall establish O Lord : I have said, Thou art my your heart : all ye that put your God.

trust in the Lord.

Then all say, I BELIEVE in God, &c.

Then he says, [AY the reading of the Holy Word (or Holy Gospel) be

unto us salvation and protection. Amen.

Then he reads the short chapter following : From the Book of the Prophet there,

what I there shall no sign be given to it, Hosea, and from the Holy Gos- 1)

Ene but the sign of the prophet Jonas : pels according to St. Matthew

Matthew for as Jonas was three days and and St. John.

three nights in the whale's belly;

so shall the Son of man be three INOME, and let us return unto days and three nights in the heart

U the Lord: for He hath torn of the earth. and He will heal us, He hath smit-| 3 And Jesus said unto His disten and He will bind us up. After ciples, The hour is come that the two days will He revive us; in Son of man should be glorified. the third day He will raise us up, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Exand we shall live in His sight. cept a corn of wheat fall into the

2 Then certain of the scribes and ground and die, it abideth alone : of the Pharisees said unto Jesus, but if it die, it bringeth forth much Master, we would see a sign from fruit. He that loveth his life shall Thee. But He answered and said lose it; and he that hateth his life unto them, An evil and adulterous in this world shall keep it unto life generation seeketh after a sign ; and eternal.

Then he says the usual Sentences, Confession, Litany, fc. (page

71), to the end of Saturday Evening Prayers ; adding after the Lord's Prayer the following Collect :

Collect for Holy Saturday Evening.
GOD, who dost illuminate this most holy night by the

glory of our Lord's resurrection ; mercifully grant that we, and all those whom Thou hast washed by the waters of baptism, may be defended by Thy continual protection, and, renewed in body and mind, may exhibit a pure service in Thy sight, through the same our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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1 Hosea vi. 1.

2 St. Matt. xi. 38.

3 St. John xii. 23.

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