Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volumen49;Volumen69

W. Bowyer and J. Nichols for Lockyer Davis, printer to the Royal Society, 1779

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Página 53 - ... hours before it attained a fufficient degree of hardnefs. When that was done, and the feveral baked pieces were become cold, he gave them their magnetic virtue in any direction he pleafed, by placing them between the extreme ends of his Jarge magazine of artificial magnets for a few féconds or more, as he faw occafion. By this method the virtue they acquired was fuch...
Página 198 - ... could find out what note it was, the child, who was then amufing himfelf with drawing on the floor, left that employment, and going to the organ immediately laid his hand oft the note that ciphered'^.
Página 52 - Having at laft procured enough of this very fine powder, the next thing to be done was to make a pafte of it,, and that with fome vehicle which would contain a confiderable quantity of the phlogiflic principle ; for this purpofe he had recourfe to linfeed oil in preference to all other fluids.
Página 203 - Mozart's, was so masterly in point of invention, modulation, and accuracy of execution, as to surpass, in many particulars, the attainments of most professors at any period of their lives.
Página 199 - ... extraneous and difficult keys whatever he played; and now, in his extemporaneous flights, he modulates into all keys with equal facility.
Página 184 - ... forms, perfons, founds, and tones of voice, in very early infancy, who never afterwards endeavour to imitate forms by delineation, or founds by vocal inflexions. As drawing or defign may be called a refinement of the...
Página 2 - Blifters and anti-fpafmodics were directed, and .particularly the flowers of zinc-, which were continued till the beginning, of July, but without the leaft abatement of the fymptoms; when her father growing impatient of fruitlefs attendance at the hofpital, I recommended, as a dernier refort, a trial of electricity, under the management of the Rev. Mr. UNDERWOOD, an ingenious electrician. After this I heard no more of her till the firft of Auguft, when her father came to inform me that his daughter...
Página 5 - I took my leave, with a ftrong injunction to make me acquainted in cafe me fhould happen to relapfe. Before I conclude, it may not be improper to obferve, that fome time ago I was fortunate enough to cure a boy who had long had the St. Vitus's dance (though in a much lefs degree) by electricity. A violent convulfive difeafe, fomewhat fimilar to the above, though, if I recollect right, not attended with the aphonia, was fuccefsfully treated in the fame way by Dr.
Página 51 - ... he put them into a large tub that was more than one-third filled with clean water: he then, with great labour, worked the tub to and fro for 'many hours together, that the friction between the grains of iron by this treatment might break off fuch fmaller parts as would remain fufpended in the water for a time.
Página 189 - ... by leaving even his food to attend to it when the organ was playing: and about midsummer 1777, he would touch the key-note of his particular favourite tunes, in order to persuade his father to play them. Soon after this, as he was unable to...

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