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Friendly Hints to Female Servants, and most important parts of the domestic on the best Means for promoting their constitution and household comfort. Every own and their Employers' Happiness. mistress should first read this valuable By Mrs. J. Bakewell. Fourth Edition. manual, and afterwards present it to her 32mo. pp. 87. Snow.—We consider servants; and sedulously prevail upon Mrs. Bakewell to be the most popular others to do the same. The fruit of and effective writer of the present day on such philanthropy will not fail of being subjects which pertain to the practical seen many days.


STATISTICS OF THE JESUITS. (From the Constitutionnel, and transcribed from the Scottish Guardian.) A VERY interesting book has just ap- 2. The “residences,” which are estabpeared at Leipsic, upon the present or- lishments of less importance, and which ganization of the Society of Jesus. The have a right to possess property. author, who has deemed it prudent to 3. The “houses,” properly so called, conceal his name, announces, in the in- which are experimental establishments troduction to his work, that he has only in countries into which the Society has obtained the majority of the documents tried to penetrate. of which he has made use, at consider. 4. The “ Missions,” which are only able sacrifices, which he thought it his formed by isolated Jesuits, employed to duty to make in order to be certain of sound the soil, and to keep the General their authenticity. The first part of the constantly acquainted with any favour. book contains an exposé of the rules rela- able circumstances that may present tive to the noviciate, the system of in- themselves. A Mission, by the adjuncstruction, and the mechanism of the reli- tion of new members, gradually merges gious observances prescribed by the sta- into a college, or a seminary, of the tutes.

Society, a noviciate establishment, or a The second part relates to the internal residence. organization of the Society, and pub- The “seminaries” are special establishes the hierarchy, of which body all lishments, in which the Society gives the members are classified, from the Ge- theological instruction. neral, who holds absolute power, to the As to the members of the Society lowest brother, charged with the most themselves, they may be divided into menial domestic duties.

three great classes : 1. The Priests, The details furnished by these two amongst whom are included all the proparts of the work consist of the republic fessed members. 2. The scholars and cation, or the application, of the Consti- novices. 3. The brothers, employed in tutions of Ignatius Loyola, which a re- domestic services, and the worldly busicent edition, published in 1843, has sub- ness of the establishment. mitted to the notice of France.

In 1626, eighty-six years after its The third part is especially interesting foundation, under its sixth General, at the present period; and the informa- Mutius Vitelleschi, the Society num. tion which it divulges relative to the bered in Europe 29 provinces; namely, condition of the Society of Jesus, in the 4 in Italy, 2 in Sicily, 1 in Sardinia, various countries of the world, has never 5 in Spain, 5 in France, 3 in Belgium, yet been published in so complete a form. 1 in Scotland, 1 in Ireland, 5 in GerIt contains facts and figures, of which many, and 2 in Poland. Out of Europe the following is an abstract :

it had founded 5 residences in Turkey, The various establishments of the So. 2 provinces in the East Indies, 1 in the ciety of Jesus are comprised under the Philippine Islands, 1 in China, 1 in following rubrics :

Japan, and 5 in America. 1. The “ professed houses,” which These provinces included 803 estab. possess neither estates nor fortune, and lishments in the year 1626, and 960 in in which live in common the Father 1640, thus classified: 26 professed houses, Jesuits, the professed members of the 222 residences, 51 noviciates, 48 semiorder.

naries, 542 colleges, and 71 Missions.

The instruction of youth was then almost allow the storm which then growled to everywhere in their hands, by means of pass over ; but it soon regained its couthe colleges. They had 108 of them in rage ; and it now openly proclaims its Spain, 79 in France, 91 in Germany, 36 original intention to re-conquer all the in Belgium, and 29 in Poland.

territory that it possessed in the days of The number of the members of the its splendour. The check that has just Society amounted, in 1826, to 15,493 ; been administered to its ambition in of whom 13,369 were stationed in the France, by the firmly-expressed will of provinces of Europe. Spain included in the country, could neither discourage it, her territory 2,962; Germany, 2,283 ; nor cause it to renounce its plans. It is Italy, 2,256 ; France, 2,156 ; Belgium, a struggle which will be prolonged under 1,841, &c.

a different form. It is, therefore, interThose who resided out of Europe esting to know, with exactness, the nuwere thus distributed : 510 in the East merical strength which the Jesuits are Indies, 128 in the Philippine Islands, employing at the present moment in 30 in China, 140 in Japan, and 1,316 in France and other countries; and to as. America, Mexico, New-Granada, Peru, certain, by authentic statistics, their Paraguay, Brazil, and Chili.

most recent progress. In 1710 the Jesuits possessed 612 The Society has no longer the 44 procolleges, 157 pensionnats, 59 noviciates, vinces, 960 establishments, and the 340 residences, 200 Missions, 80 pro- 22,000 members that it could proudly fessed houses, and they ruled in 80 Uni- enumerate in the seventeenth and eighversities.

teenth centuries. But its power is inIn 1749 they had 89 professed houses, creasing every year; it is scattering its 669 colleges, 61 noviciates, 176 sémina- seeds in all directions ; and it indulges ries, 335 residences, and 273 Missions. in sanguine hopes that time will fructify The personnel of the Society amounted them. to 22,580 members, including 11,239 In and out of Europe the Society of Priests.

Jesus at present possesses 14 provinces ; The documents relating to latter years those of Rome, Sicily, Naples, Turin, are not so complete. On the suppres. Spain, Paris, Lyons, Belgium, England, sion of the order by Pope Clement XIV., Austria, Germany, Ireland, Maryland, in 1773, the greater portion of these and Missouri. fragments was destroyed, and those tha On the 1st of January, 1838, it had may be still extant are kept with great in those provinces 173 establishments, care in the archives of the court of and 3,067 members ; on the 1st of JaRome.

nuary, 1841, 211 establishments, and It is known that, in spite of the Papal 3,565 members ; and on the 1st of JanuBull, the Society of Jesus continued ary, 1844, 233 establishments, and 4,133 publicly to exist in Russia. Between members. Thus, in the space of half a the eighteenth General, L. Ricci, who dozen years, there has been an increase died on the 23d of November, 1775, two of 60 establishments, and 1,066 memyears after the suppression of the Soci- bers ! ery, and the nineteenth General, Thad- In 1844 this increase was still more deus Brzozowski, elected on the 2d of rapid. In the seven provinces of Roine, September, 1805, in consequence of the Sicily, Turin, Spain, Paris, Lyons, and Bull of Pope Pius VII., re-establishing Belgium, the only ones whose advices the Society, the records of the order re- have already arrived in Rome, the order gister four other Chiefs who succeeded has received, between the 1st of Janueach other during that interval, with the ary, 1844, and 1st of January, 1845, title of “ Vicars-General in White Rus- 394 new members. The receptions had, sia."

moreover, lately become so numerous, It is now forty years since the Society that Father Rothaan, General of the was officially re-organized. Its progress order, thought it necessary to allay this was at first slow and stealthy; it silently fever of increase, and pointed out its insinuated itself into the various states dangers to all the provincials, in a circuof Europe, and endeavoured to take root lar dated March, 1845. there under a different name from that of The provirce of Rome numbered in the “Society of Jesus.” Towards the January, 1841, 601 Jesuits, and 702 in close of the Restoration, it began to raise January, 1845; of whom 269 were its head, and to adopt bolder methods of Priests, 201 novices, and 232 brothers. allurement; when the revolution of 1830 It is in Rome that the General of the came, and ruined its schemes. It then order resides; and there, also, are conextinguished itself once more, in order to centrated the principal establishments. The Society has there its most important and at Cagliari; colleges and pension. professed house, as well as a college for nats at Aosta, Chambery, Genoa, Cagli. the special purpose of training Priests ari, Nice, Novara, Sassari

, San Remo, for the necessities of Germany. It has and at Voghera. Since the commencealso there a college and a residence, ment of the year 1845, a new college composed of 49 Priests, 69 novices, and has been opened at Massa. 42 brothers; a noviciate, properly so The establishments of the province of called, composed of 8 Priests, 58 novices, Spain have been disorganized by the and 30 brothers; a noviciate of the third political events of which that country degree ; a noble pensionnat ; and a se- has been of late years the theatre. On minary in which Missionaries are trained the 1st of January, 1845, there were 113 for the Society for the Propagation of Jesuits disseminated in Spain, more parthe Faith.

ticularly_in the diocesses of Toledo, The other establishments of the pro- Seville, Pampeluna, and Valencia, of vince of Rome chiefly consist of col- whom 50 were Priests, 6 only novices, leges, through the medium of which the and 57 brothers ; 96 Jesuits, belonging Jesuits are masters of the instruction of to the same province, of whom 45 were youth. Such are the colleges of Came- Priests, 32 novices, and 19 brothers, had rino, Fano, Fäenza, Ferrentino, Ferrara, retired into other countries. The proFermo, Forli, Modena, Spoleta, Tivoli, vince of Spain possesses a residence and Orvieto, Loretto, and Verona. Since a college at Nivelle, in Belgium, and a the commencement of the current year, residence at Aire, in France. It had, in (1845,) they have opened a college at 1841, at Buenos Ayres, a Mission, a Venice, another at Parma, and are on residence, and two colleges, including the point of transforming into a college 24 Priests, 12 novices, and 14 brothers. the Mission of Malta. They have, be- These establishments have since been sides, a grand noviciate at Verona, and dispersed. It has also residences in residences at Galloro, Bresci, and some South America, Paraguay, Uruguay, La other cities of the Roman states.

Plata, Brazil, New-Granada, and Chili. The province of Sicily, which included The most important ones are the resi251 Jesuits in 1841, now possesses 272. dence of Cordova, and the college and The principal establishments of the So. noviciate of Bogota, which contain 11 ciety in this province are the professing. Priests, 5 novices, and 6 brothers. house, the noviciate, and the great col. The province of Paris is composed, lege of Palermo. In these three estab- with Paris, of the northern part of lishments reside 169 Jesuits, of whom France. On the 1st of January, 1841, 53 are Priests, 60 novices, and 56 bro- it included 291 Jesuits, and as many as thers. They have, besides a noble col- 420 on the 1st of January, 1845. In lege at Palermo, the colleges of Alcamo, Paris itself they had a residence and a Caltanisetta, Marsala, Modica, Noto, seminary, containing 23 Priests and 10 and Salemi, towns for the most part con- brothers; at St. Acheul, a noviciate and taining fifteen or twenty thousand inha- a residence, in which there were 15 bitants. They have residences at Ter- Priests, 20 novices, and 14 brothers; nini, Trapani, and Mazari ; a house residences at Strasburg, 6 Priests and 2 upon Monte Albano; and Missions in brothers; at Angers, 10 Priests and 3 Albania and the Isle of Syra.

brothers ; at Bourges, 6 Priests and 3 The province of Naples numbered brothers ; at Quimper, 6 Priests and 4 258 Jesuits in 1841, and 279 in 1844. brothers; at Metz, 10 Priests and 3 Their principal establishments are the brothers ; at Nantes, 8 Priests and 4 grand college of Naples, which includes brothers; at Vannes, 7 Priests and 3 98 Jesuits (32 Priests, 36 novices, and brothers; at Lille, 5 Priests and 2 30 brothers); the noviciate of Sorrento; brothers ;

at Liesse, near Laon, 6 the noble college of Naples; the college Priests and 3 brothers; at Poitiers, 6 of Salerno, that of Benevento, and that Priests and 2 brothers; and at Rouen, 6 of Lecce.

Priests and 2 brothers. They had at In the province of Turin the number Laval, a noviciate and a seminary, conof Jesuits increased between the 1st of taining 77 Jesuits, of whom 28 were January, 1841, and the 1st of January, Priests, 35 novices, and 14 brothers. 1845, from 379 to 428. They have in At Issenheim, in the department of the Turin a “noble” college, another col- Upper Rhine, they possessed a residence lege, and a pensionnat, including 81 and a noviciate, created a short time Jesuits, of whom 31 are Priests, 31 since, and which contained, on the 1st of novices, and 19 brothers ; a professed January, 1845, 7 Priests, 9 novices, and house at Genoa ; noviciates at Chiari 12 brothers. As the colleges are not


open to them in France, they have single Missions. They show them. founded one on the frontiers of the king- selves, less openly in England than in dom, namely, at Brugulette, in Bel- other countries; the colleges and the gium. This college is dependent on residences do not bear, generally speakthe province of France, and contains 19 ing, the names of the towns in which Priests, 35 novices, and 11 brothers. they are situate, but the names of saints The province of France has still 19 only. Thus, there are the colleges of Jesuits, employed on a Mission in Gra- St. Ignatius, St. Aloise, the Holy Aposnada, and 8 in China ; and it possesses, tles, St. Mary, St. Michael, St. Stanisin North America, two establishments, laus, St. Hugo, St. George, St. John the in which are collected 19 Priests, 35 Evangelist, St. Thomas of Canterbury, novices, and 11 brothers. These are the the Immaculate Conception, &c. Their noviciate of St. Mary and the college of principal establishment is the college Louisville, in the state of Kentucky. and seminary of Stonyhurst, in the

The province of Lyons includes the county of Lancashire, which contains 20 southern part of France. It contained Priests, 26 novices, and 14 brothers. 290 Jesuits in the year 1841, and 446 The province of England has 20 Mison the 1st of January, 1845. There sionaries at Calcutta. The English were at that period the following resi- Government extends its protection as dences ; namely, at Lyons, 18 Priests well to them as to the Protestant Misand 10 brothers ; at Aix, 6 Priests and sionaries, when they are capable of fur4 brothers; at Bordeaux, 8 Priests and thering abroad its commercial views ; 5 brothers; at Dole, 13 Priests, 13 and it is even assisting them (the novices, and 9 brothers ; at Grenoble, 6 Jesuits) at the present moment to found Priests and 3 brothers; at Marseilles, 8 new college especially destined for Priests and brothers. There were at China. Toulouse a residence and a noviciate, 16 The province of Austria and Gallicia Priests, 27 novices, and 16 brothers; a contained 268 Jesuits in the year 1841, residence and a house of the third against 310 in the year 1844. Their degree, at Lalouvese, 7 Priests and 4 principal establishments consist of the brothers ; a noviciate at Avignon, 13 college and the noviciate of Gratz, the Priests, 1 novice, and 4 brothers; a college and the noviciate of Starawies, residence and a seminary at Vals, 25 the colleges of Linz, Inspruck, Tarnopol, Priests, 58 novices, and 13 brothers. Neusandeck, and the noble college The province of Lyons had also 39 of Lemberg. Jesuits in Africa, of whom 17 were The province of Germany includes Priests, 4 novices, and 18 brothers, dis. Switzerland, as well as the hopes and tributed amongst the residences at the exertions of the Society in the GerAlgiers, Oran, and Constantine; 22 man states, exclusive of Austria. There Missionaries in the East Indies, at Tri- were in this province 245 Jesuits in the chinopoly, in the Presidency of Madras, year 1841, against 273 in the year 1844. and in the island of Madura, on the The college, noviciate, and pensionnorth-east of Java; 10 in Syria, and 6 nat of Friburg, in Switzerland, contain in Madagascar.

135 Jesuits, of whom 44 are Priests, 60 The province of Belgium is one of the novices, and 30 brothers. They have at most flourishing at the present time. Breig, in the canton of the Valais, a There were 319 Jesuits in 1841 ; there college, a noviciate, and a pensionnat, are 472 in 1845. The noviciate of which contain 11 Priests, 32 novices, Tronchiennes contains 129, of whom 18 and 17 brothers, besides colleges at are Priests, 80 novices, and 31 brothers. Siom, Estavayer, and Schweits. The They have colleges at Alost, Antwerp, civil war has thrown open to them the Brussels, Ghent, Louvain, Namur, gates of Lucerne. There were several Liege, Tournay, and Kattwyk; resi. Jesuits in the kingdom of Bavaria in the dences at Bruges, Courtray, and Mons ; year 1841 ; but the accounts Missions at Amsterdam, the Hague, recently rendered appear to be incomNimeguen, Dusseldorf, and in the state plete. In Dresden, the Confessor of the of Guatemala in America. The college last King of Saxony was a Jesuit, who of Brugelette belongs, as

have died at the commencement of June, already informed our readers, to the pro- 1845. But whilst awaiting the period vince of France ; and the college of at which it may be able to undertake Nivelle to the province of Spain.

anew the conquest of Germany, the The province of England numbered influence of the Society of Jesus is exer.140 Jesuits in 1841, and 164 in 1844. cised upon that country through the They have in that country 33 establish. instrumentality of the German college ments,—houses, colleges, residences, or which it has established at Rome, for



the purpose of there forming secular the Mission of the Rocky Mountains, Priests, destined to be disseminated in which is composed of 5 Priests and 6 Germany, in Hungary, and in Switzer- brothers. The number of Jesuits, land. Between the years 1822 and which amounted, in 1841, to 94, had 1842, 125 Priests, educated at this col. increased, in 1844, to 139, in the prolege, were stationed in the various vince of Missouri. countries of Germany, and 64 in Swit. On examining the above statistics, zerland. They are there as devoted which are detailed at much greater instruments or advanced guards of the length in the tables from which we have Society.

compiled this summary, it will be seen The vice-province of Ireland num- that the success of the Society of Jesus bered 63 Jesuits in the year 1841, has been constant of late years in all its against 73 in the year 1844. They provinces; every where has it conquered possess, in Ireland, the colleges of fresh territory, everywhere has it either Clongowes, Tollabey, and Dublin. extended or consolidated its power; but They have recently established a second the most marked progress is that which “ house” in the last-mentioned city. the Society has made in the provinces of

The province of Maryland includes Paris and Lyons, and those above given, the establishments of the Society in which precede them, far exceed certain Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, confessions that the Rev. Father Ravig. and Pennsylvania. The most important pan condescended to make in his book consists of the college and the pension- on the Jesuits. nat of George-Town, in Columbia, (15 The principal object of the efforts of Priests, 13 novices, and 26 brothers,) and the Society of Jesus is not, in these the noviciate of Frederickton, in the state modern times, the conversion of Pagans of Maryland. Since the year 1840, and infidels ; it has not now, as it had they have farther founded at Frederick- two centuries ago, more than 2,000 Mistona college and a Mission. The sionaries in the Indies, in Japan, and in other establishments are rather points of America ; proselytism in distant countries observation and foundations for the is now little more than a commercial spe. future. Thus, in Columbia, there are culation, an affair of pounds, shillings, and the house and the Mission of Alexan. pence. The “ Association for the Prodria ; in Maryland, the houses and the pagation of the Faith " paid, in the year Missions of St. Thomas, Newtown, St. 1844, the sum of 336,092 francs, 32 cents, Inigoes, Bohemia, S. Joseph, and to the Society of Jesus for the services Whitemarsh ; in Massachusetts, the of the 134 Priests, 30 novices, and 61 college and the pensionnat of Vigorno ; brothers that the latter consented to in Pennsylvania, the house and the Mis- devote to the service of the Missions sion of Philadelphia, Goschenhoppen, amongst the infidels. The field of batand Conewago. The province of Mary- tle which the Jesuits have chosen in the land contained 109 Jesuits in 1841, nineteenth century is Europe ; Europe, against 121 in the year 1844.

which has shaken off the yoke of Papal The vice-province of Missouri in- domination, but which the army of the cludes the establishments of Louisiana, Pope, as the Society of Jesus proudly Missouri, Ohio, the Rocky Mountains, entitles itself, would rivet by newlyand adjoining countries. It possesses the forged chains to the feet of the pontifical college and the pensionnat of St. Louis, throne ! and the college of St. Charles, in Lou- Such (errors excepted) is the position isiana, the noviciates of St. Stanislaus of the Society of Jesus in the world. in Missouri, and the college and the We believe that there is hardly anything pensionnat of Cincinnati in Ohio. changed in the provinces of France. There are, in these four establishments, The Fathers are there divided into small 107 Jesuits, of whom 29 are Priests, 37 groups; they are neither less numerous, novices, and 41 brothers. The remain- less active, nor less wealthy ; and their ing establishments consist, for the most apparent dispersion has become, with the part, of Missions, composed of one or Government, a pretext for inclining still two Fathers; the most considerable is more towards the Clergy.

METHODIST FAST-DAY. The next Quarterly Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Methodist Societies, according to the Rules of the Connexion, will be Friday, December 26th, 1845.

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