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been greatly assisting the King of Rewa's cut up in pieces with tomahawks, and youngest brother in his intrigue, was then piled up together, and left; the clubbed and buried. The Chiefs ordered other was clubbed, and brought to Rewa, him to leave the town; and when the -a young woman about eighteen years of sun was down, he was stepping into a age. I saw the corpse being dragged canoe, in order to return to his own along the beach, with a multitude of town, when a man from behind him un

men, women, and children following expectedly knocked his brains out by after, shouting and laughing. The arm order of the Chiefs.

of another female was also brought here. 15th. The enemy made a powerful The death-drums give us no quiet now ; attack this day on a town two or three for we are living within a stone's throw miles distant from the Mission-station, of the spot where the drums of Rewa are The discharge of musketry was great. kept. The enemy burnt more than one town, April 5th. This morning the sister drove the Rewa people before them, and of the King of Rewa, the ex-Queen of approached near to us, 80 that we Bau, brought over one of Nggaraningio's could see the smoke of their muskets

children, a little girl about four years when fired; and had the day been long, old, for us to consider what her sickness they would have certainly made some I had previously heard that the havoc. The King and a select few were child had picked a dead man's hand, at the time drinking cava at the gate of and had since that lost flesh. I thereour premises : they were, however, soon fore at once asked them whether what I dispersed, and great confusion followed ; had heard were true. The reply given for there is nothing like order amongst was, “We did not give the hand for her them on such occasions. Some were to eat, because it is unlawful for chilkilled of each party.

dren to eat human flesh until they have March 18th.- This day an Ambassa- recovered from the thoko(a disease dor was sent by Nggaraningio to one of which native children are subject to, and the towns which have lately turned which attacks them between the age of against them, with a whale's tooth, to three and five years): “ we only gave it buy them back again, if possible, by to her to lick !" What an awful confese secrecy. He went, but unfortunately sion! And it was made with the most met some of the enemy in the way, who perfect indifference and unconcern. How were going to make war on one of the dark is Feejee, poor Feejee ! and how towns of Řewa. They soon dispatched degraded ! Cannibalism is a horrid him. They did not, however, eat the feature in the face of Feejee ! But canbody, but sent it to Nukui, the town nibalism is not the only weight which where the youngest brother of the King sinks Feejee so morally low. It is eviof Rewa is residing : and from that place dent that much of poor Feejee's pitiable they called at Rewa, to inform them of state has been absorbed in that one most it. The body was then fetched from hateful and abominable practice, so that thence by the people, to be buried; but much of Feejee's darkness has been lost the enemy had taken out his liver, heart, sight of; for, however dark it has been &c., and eaten them. They had also made by cannibalism, that darkness has burned the body all over with some not been lessened, but increased, by native cloth, which had been worn by other evils. Pity, 0 pity poor Feejee ! some women whose husbands were killed Her claims remain with all their force by treachery before this war commenced. unabated. The Gospel alone can save

The circumstance of an Ambassador them even from these evils. We have being killed, and his body thus de- already living witnesses to the truth of graded, produced a very peculiar feeling this remark. God grant they may daily here. He was a fine young man, and increase ! much esteemed by the Chiefs. The 9th.– This morning a white man, who body was buried at Rewa.

has for some time past been residing at 29th.We have but just got a little Rewa, called upon me for some medicine quiet from the constant day-and-night for a young lad who had been ill for a beating of the death-drum; and it is few days, and his friends were about to again sounded in consequence of six bury him alive ; but through his interwomen having this day fallen victims ference the child was given up to him. while engaged in catching fish in a 25th. - This afternoon about two branch of the river. They were encom- hundred men belonging to this party passed by their enemies, and killed. brought the body of a man to Rewa, There was a difficulty in carrying off the whom they had killed yesterday. On such whole of the prey. Five of them were occasions they go through a ceremony,

singing and stamping and running, and were killed and carried off, without the flourishing their clubs, filling the welkin

enemy being disturbed. The latter with their unearthly whoops of war and were returning from Nukui, and fell in demoniacal shrieks. As they principally with these of the Rewa party in the come from the towns on our side of bush. Those who fled escaped with the river, they very often have to wait difficulty. for some time before a large canoe is 18th.-Two boys belonging to a small sent from Rewa to take them across. It town near us went to-day to catch eels : was so this day; and they brought the they were discovered by the enemy, dead man and laid him, or rather threw clubbed, and carried away. A foraging him, down at our gate. He was a young party also this morning killed a man Chief, belonging to a town which has belonging to the enemy. I myself witturned to Bau. The corpse was tied to nessed some little naked boys dragging two sticks, and thus carried across the the dead body along the edge of the shoulders of men. His skull had been river on the Rewa side, by a string tied broken in. They threw about the body to the foot. They seemed quite dein a very disgusting manner, by placing lighted with the employment assigned their clubs under it, and then throwing them, and were singing and shouting it away to some distance, then again merrily. They were dragging it away placing their clubs under the body, and to the place where dead bodies of men throwing it into the air, and catching it are prepared for the oven. The Teacher on their clubs. On such occasions vari- was at Rewa at the time, and saw a man ous ceremonies are gone through, which waiting on the bank with his bamboo I cannot now enumerate, all of them knife to embowel the corpse, and others evidently peculiar to Feejee.

to prepare it for being roasted.

The 29th.-It was but yesterday that the man killed was of middle age, very solemnities of the Sabbath were dis- powerful, and, I believe, a Chief of some turbed by a dead body being brought to importance. You will perhaps readily Rewa, with all the noise and confusion credit us when we tell you that we are attending such affairs; and this after. sick of such sights, notwithstanding we noon, as I was going to hold a prayer- are somewhat inured to them. meeting in our little chapel, a dead man 26th.—The Rewa people, with their was being taken into a canoe. They fishermen from some other towns, lay in placed the body in a sitting posture at ambush on the coast, and on some unthe end of the canoe, and kept it from inhabited islands near Nukui, to see if falling by means of the poles with which they could intercept any of the enemy they propel their canoes. I hastened who may be travelling by land or by from such a detestable scene, and could water. It unfortunately happened that have wept over them. I lifted up a some canoes were returning to Nukui prayer to Almighty God to have mercy from one of the enemy's towns on the upon them.

coast, whither they went yesterday for 30th. Some Rewa men found a sick the purpose of procuring bread-fruit, &c. man in the bush, who was evidently They were ignorant of the plans of their abandoned. He was an enemy : they opponents, and were entrapped. One therefore made no scruple to club him. canoe which was captured passed beThey brought him here : they did not tween two islands on which the foe lay eat him, for human flesh is not now so concealed, so that they were in the midst scarce that they should devour the sick; of it, and ignorant of it until the enemy and bury him they would not. This shouted over them as conquered : it was evening, while I was standing on the then impossible for them to make their bank of the river, within a yard or two of escape.

There were one woman and our fence, the corpse was floating down four men in the canoe. One man jumped

overboard, and escaped by swimming to May 1st.-This evening, by moon- a great distance; the other three were light, some of the enemy from Nukui caught: of these, the female and two entered a small town near Rewa; and men were clubbed, and the remaining whilst those who were watching therein, man taken alive and bound. He was or rather pretending so to do, were busy with some difficulty brought here ; for preparing ashes to daub their heads, he was a strong, well-made young man, according to a Feejeean custom, sud- six feet high, and perhaps thirty years denly rushed upon them, killed six men,

When brought ashore he was wounded' two others, put the remainder placed bound on the ground, and forced to flight, and carried off the whole prey. to chew dried cava for Feejeeans who

the stream.

8th. -To-day twelve of our party wished to drink it. He was quite naked,

of age.

having been stripped even of the little wished it, to take him away in his vessel native cloth the natives wear round their out of the country: but they would not waist. In this state he remained several spare him, they would not yield ; their hours, exposed to all kinds of malice revenge had not been satiated on their and ill-treatment of the people, who are victim, and for his blood they clamoured, greatly exasperated on account of those for his flesh they lusted. It was conlately cut off at a town near Rewa, and sidered by them giving up their enemy belonging thereto. Men, women, and at too easy a rate. Implacable, unchildren assembled in hundreds ; and no merciful.” Much as they love property, one hindered them from torturing him yet in this instance, when they were according to their brutality and revenge. called upon to make such a sacrifice, He was truly a lamentable spectacle to they would not look at it. every one but the Heathen, who seemed The King said, in reply to the request in a state of general rejoicing. The of the white men, that the man had been others who were killed when he was wounded in the head, and that he would taken, were laid out just before his eyes, die if they bought him, and that such a to aggravate as much as possible his thing as that would be bad, so that he circumstances, and to keep hiin every had much better be clubbed. Some of minute in remembrance of what his fate the Rewa Chiefs were very angry bewould be. Some stoned him, others cause any foreigners interfered with speared him, others struck or bit him, them so as to intercede for the life of some pulled his hair, others fired arrows their enemy, and said that it was the into his body. Some menaced, jeered, practice of Feejee to kill and eat their and laughed at him; others derided him foes when they could catch them. The with an assurance of being set at liberty. King's reply was merely an excuse. A One of our lotu people made his way sister of the young man who was clubamong the Heathen, and oiled the poor bed is a professor of Christianity; and fellow all over : he said that he longed another relative is a member of our for them to put him quickly out of his society here. torture, for he was sure that he would be The dead body of the female was a killed ; and the sooner they did it the very horrid spectacle. Her skull had better. He seemed to envy the speedy been cleft in two equal parts. The man removal of the other three. In the who was taken alive had been living afternoon he was brought in triumph, with Thokenauto, the King of Rewa's with the three dead bodies, to be pre- youngest brother; and when residing at sented, as trophies of success in the war, Rewa was frequently at our house with to the Chiefs of Rewa, by those who his Chief. The tender mercies of the killed them. The canoes passed before wicked are cruel; but this account, horour premises, and landed across the rifying as it is to us, is most lenient in river just opposite our little town. I comparison with the means which are saw the poor fellow, truly in his enemy's used on some occasions to torture men. power, and in the most painful and un I was, however, much affected when I enviable situation. My heart bled for witnessed the poor creature's situation, him, and I felt assured that God Ale without having it in my power to help mighty would signally visit for such him out of it. The lotu people who are things. He walked into the middle of residing in our little town were also the kore, and was made to sit down in greatly moved by the scene. All else the open area, where the Chiefs and peo- seemed elated with glee; and every little ple assembled. After remaining there a occurrence which added to the misery of certain time, he was taken to the bank of the victim added in a proportionate the river and clubbed.

degree, or to a greater extent, to their Among the many hundreds assembled savage hilarity and barbarous merrie together on this occasion, he alone ment. Some of the Heathen, as they seemed dejected, and he alone seemed to passed by, spake of the poor fellow as feel the awful situation in which he was being a fine turtle and a fat pig. Do placed. The Captain of a little schooner, not think that all the horrid evils of which was here at the time, offered to Feejee have been told you. give two muskets, to which some white June 1st. This day a town belong. nien were willing to add four large ing to Rewa, but which has turned to whale's teeth, (which are most valuable Bau in this war, was burnt by some of in Feejee, and for which individuals and our allies, and thirty-six persons of the towns are often destroyed,) to the King enemy and of this party killed. They of Rewa, if he would spare the life of had, however, to retreat with all speed, the poor man: he also promised, if they and were only able to obtain the body of


a child of three years old, which they This is the present condition of the brought to Rewa to be cooked and eaten. greater part of Feejee. We call for the

I would here just mention, that some sympathies of the church, and the prayers canoes, which were returning from Kan- of God's people. O that the time were davoo to Rewa, a short time since, and come when Feejee would war no more, who knew not that the King's youngest and the spiritual, peaceable kingdom of brother had been driven to Nukui, were the Lord were established here ! The ununexpectedly attacked by a Bau canoe, settled state of these islands requires that which had come from Bau to Nukui, especial prayer be pre

our beand nearly thirty individuals were shot, half, that we may be preserved, and posor clubbed, or speared to death. Some sess such a degree of wisdom, caution, of the bodies sank; but most of them and prudence, as will lead us to act and were carried to Bau. Men, women, and judge aright in all things, and under children, lost their lives on this occasion. every circumstance; yea, that we may Some of the Bau party were wounded, be “ wise as serpents, and harmless as and one or two killed. Two or three doves ;” “blameless and harmless, the escaped by swimming. One man got sons of God without rebuke, in the midst free in rather a curious way.

When of a crooked and perverse nation.” the two canoes struck, the mast of that I am happy to be able to add, that from Kandavoo fell, and the poor fel- most of our lotu people have not engaged lows were entangled in the sail, and thus in the war, neither has it been required clubbed. When they were all dead, as of them by the Chiefs. The Heathen was supposed, the party who had con- have often expressed themselves as being quered threw the sail into the water, quite refreshed in their bodies and comand, having taken what things they more forted in their minds by visiting our particularly wanted from the canoe, per

little Zoar. mitted it to drift away to sea, thinking, With respect to our work, we have perhaps, that they had better escape as continued our services during the year soon as possible, as the shades of even- as heretofore ; although the war has cering were gathering around them. One tainly had its pernicious influence on our man, however, managed to conceal him- people, and has in a measure disarranged self in the sail, and, when

was thrown our plans. A few additions have been overboard, floated away with it. Some made to the number of our professing of the enemy again wished the sail to be Christians, as you will see from the Resecured, others opposed it. He heard port. We have not been able to extend them talking about it, and knew, if they our borders, but have, with one or two again obtained the sail, he would be dis- exceptions, kept our hold of what we covered and be killed. They did not, have gained. however, take the sail. He said that he We have obtained the possession of was almost dead with fright, but that he a newly-built house, which we have prayed to his little god, and he saved set apart for the sacred engagements him. When the enemy were out of of the Lord ; and here we meet togesight, he swam to the canoe, which was ther to sing, and pray, and proclaim afloat, although filled with water. He glad tidings; and on many occasions the then called out with all his strength to Holy Ghost has come down. May our know if any of his friends were yet alive little Bethel prove the spiritual birthby swimming; after some time had place of thousands, and may it be said elapsed, he saw two men making to- “ in that day, that this and that man wards the canoe.

When they reached was born there." it, they commenced baling the water out This chapel is situated just without of the canoe by taking off their native our premises, three or four yards from dress, and soaking up the water and the Teacher's house, and about twenty then squeezing it out; and thus in time yards from ours. The people from Rewa she was fit to be propelled. They then are more regular in their attendance at got ashore, climbed some nut-trees, and the chapel than they were at the private made a sail from some of the leaves, house which we previously used. We and thus were able to reach Beugga, an hold each of the services in the chapel island about twenty miles from Rewa, on the Sabbath, and also on the weekand were thus saved. It was some time day. We have one out-door service in after this happened before it was known the week at Rewa. that any were saved. I have conversed We opened our little chapel on the with this young man since his return to 1lth of October last, as soon after the

and received the above-mentioned “ Triton” left as we could get it ready. account from his own lips.

It is neatly matted, and we have a plain


pulpit, mission-pew, &c., which gives to those who were about to present themthe chapel an air of comfort and neat- selves at the table of the Lord; after ness. The opening service was well at which twelve of us partook of the holy tended. I endeavoured to improve the ordinance. It was a sacramental season : occasion by speaking from Revelation the natives wept before the Lord. I enxxi. 6. The people sat under the word deavoured to explain the nature of this with apparent delight, and we all felt sacrament. In the evening the Teacher the privilege, which we now for the first preached. Thus ended our public sertime have enjoyed here, of waiting upon vices on Christmas-day. the Lord in his own sanctuary. After Sunday, Dec. 31st.-A Sabbath of the service, we all met together in the rest to our souls. It seemed very deopen air to partake of some refreshment lightful to me for the year to close with for our bodies, wbich had been prepared the Sabbath. One joined us this morn. for the occasion. The day was one of ing, a Tonguese, who has long stood peculiar interest : all seemed cheered and aloof from us. He professed himself a refreshed. One person renounced Hea- Christian some time since, but proved thenism, and united with us in prayer to unfaithful. I addressed the morning the true, and living, and wise God. congregation from, “But now they de

Mrs. Jaggar and I waited upon the sire a better country,” &c. I felt great King and Queen of Rewa, and presented liberty whilst dwelling on such a theme. to them the valuable articles which were O for more faith and zeal in seeking kindly forwarded by some friends to the after this country! I preached to a Heathen and Missions : they were very small congregation in English from much pleased to receive them. The silver blind Bartimeus. The Teacher preached knife and fork afforded them much de- in the afternoon. At about nine o'clock light, and they almost quarrelled as to we commenced the watch-night services. whom they should eventually belong to. I opened them by preaching from, “The The Queen wished for them ; but the end of all things is at hand : be ye thereKing slipped them into his box, and fore sober, and watch unto prayer.” Our locked it. The shoes were much ad. Teacher then spoke from, “One day mired : the King tried to get his foot with the Lord is as a thousand years, into one of them ; but he could not be- and a thousand years as one day.” We cause of their tightness. He gave them then lifted up our hearts in silent prayer a fair trial, and in his earnestness un- and devotion to the Lord at the closing ripped the stitches. The bonnet for the of the year, and sung praises together on Queen was taken by the King's mother, the dawning of the new year. It was a and worn.

One morning I had occasion solemn time, and profitable to many : to pass by the old lady's house, and she the attendance was good. Many present was looking out of the door with the renewed their covenant with the Lord. bonnet on, the front part turned to her God grant his grace to enable us to keep back. It drew forth some hearty laugh- our vows! May the Great Head of the ing, on my telling her it was placed church help us and bless us, and may wrong. Their Majesties said they were we during the present year be more fully ashamed because they had nothing

His! to give us. We replied that Much of my time has necessarily, durdid not wish or expect anything; that ing the year, been taken up with my some of our friends had sent these work in the printing office. Every day, things to them to express their love to for seven months, more or less, found me them; and that they wished them and employment there, as I have not had the Chiefs of Rewa to show their love in any assistance whatever during the past return by loving us, the Missionaries, year, excepting a native in rolling the and by believing what we came to tell

type ; every other part connected with them about In the evening the King printing I had to attend to, no other sent us over a large pig, as an expression person here understanding anything of of his love to us. We sent our thanks the kind. The help which on some to him,

former occasions I have had, has not The festivities at the closing of the been this year within my reach. All year 1843 were very refreshing to us. the books received have been carried Christmas-day was a high day, a spi- through the press. Some others apritual feast-day. The prayer-meeting in pointed to be done by the last Districtthe morning was well attended. I Meeting have not come to hand, the war preached in the morning both in native having shut up, to a great extent, the and English. In the early part of the door of communication between the difafternoon a prayer-meeting was held for ferent islands. I have printed 2,000


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