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'troduced a subordinate God, owing his 'existence indeed to the supreme God, but 'at what time and in what manner created 'by him, either omit to inform us, choosing 'to pass by difficulties in silence, when

* their abilities are incompetent to the solu'tion of them, or absurdly desine him to 'be the eternal son of an eternal father. 'This little God, (so your Methodists, 'though in general of the Athanasian super'stition, and otherwise irrational enough

* in their own peculiar tenets, humoroufly

* and rationally stile the inferior deity of the 'Arians) this subordinate Jehovah, they as'sert, did, at the expiration of the period

* of about 4000 years, from the creation of

* this world, unite bis pre-existent Godhead

* to a pojl-exiflent manhood. This ludicrous 'but not inadequate description of the

* Jesus of the Arians, I should think would

* be sufficient to bring their incarnate demi

* god into derision and disrepute. But, bo 'that as it may, it is certain this supposed

* compound being so mongrelled, answers not 'as you rightly observe, to the Messiah ■ foretold by the prophets; and the whole 'which can be said in favor of the Arian hy

* pothesis * pothesis is, that it is not so full fraught

* with absurdities as the Athanasian.

'Let us now descend a step lower, in a

* regular degradation, or to speak rhetoris 'modo, anticlimax, from the exalted su'preme divinity of the Athanasian, through 'the inferior demi-godhead of the Arian,

* to the humble Messiah of the Socinians, 'who derive their distinguishing appellative 'from Socinus, whose name is justly de'livered down to posterity, as the name of 'a man illustrious for denying the pre-ex

* istence of Jesus Christ,

'His opinion, it must be acknowledged, 'approaches nearer to the truth, than either 'the Athanasian or Arian; both which may 'rather be said to be removed, the one at

* an immense, the other at a great distance 'from prophetical verity. However, the 'Messiah of Socinus does not intirely ac'cord with the Messiah of the prophets.

* He has a characteristic mark set upon him, 'sufficient to distinguish him from the true

* Christ, and to constitute him a Pseudo

* Christ. I allude to that peculiar hypo

thesis, 'thesis, which is equally common to the 'three systems of Athanasius, Arius, and 'Socinus, viz. the supernatural birth of 'Jesus, derived from the miraculous, and 'what is called the immaculate, conception 'of the virgin Mary, effected, mirabile dictu! 'without the previous carnal knowledge of

* a man. It is easy to conceive, that a passage 'or two, in his Christian Scriptures, milled 'Socinus into the said error, concerning 'this reputed extraordinary birth of Jesus; 'and I do suppose, if this wife man, who 'flourished about the middle of the six

* teenth century, when the light of know'ledge began but to dawn, and ignoranc 'but to totter on her ebon throne, had ex

* isted in the present laudably inquisitive 'age, he would not have grudged the pains 'to carefully compare this merely mater

* nal nativity of Jesus, with the divine pre'dictions delivered by our prophets respect'ing the lineal descent of the true Messiah.

* But, as Socinus gives credit to the hypo

* thesis, that Jesus was the offspring of a virgin, carnally unconnected with a man, he is not intirely exempt from the accusation of imposing on the world a Pseudo

* Messiah;

* Messiah; and, by representing this his

* Messiah as a mere man, he exposes himself 'to the lash of ridicule. For how can a 'rational creature, pretended to be thus 'sprung from a woman alone, a woman un'conscious of receiving in her womb the

* generating seed of copulation with a man,

* be denominated a man?

* It surely is highly absurd to speak of 'Jesus as a man, when a man is supposed to

* be totally unconcerned in begetting him. 'A new name, therefore should Socinus 'have invented for this new species of in

* telligent beings, or rather, according to

* naturalists, this genus per fe]; though I 'fancy he would have been greatly puz

* zled to have excogitated an appellative 'sufficiently significative of a rational crea

* ture of the masculine gender, born of

* another purely feminine, who had never 'previously admitted the conjugal embraces

* of a male of the same human species with

* herself. Thus much for the demi-parental

* Messiah of Socinus, who ascribes to him

* an human mother, denies him an human 'father, and yet inconsistently denominates 'him a man, thereby giving me infallible 'tokens, whereby to discern, that his

* Messiah also is, like the reft, a mere non

* entity, existing only in his imagina'tion.

'We have now explored the cloud-capt 'summit of the mount of metaphysical 'fancy, inhabited by that idol, the God '* Me£iaht and levelled him and his temple 'with the ground. From the upper we 'have passed downwards to the middle and 'less misty region of the mount, occupied 'by the demi God MeJJiah, and overturned 'likewise his image and altar. We have

* pursued the declivity, till we came to the

* lower region, which enjoys a still clearer 'atmosphere; but meeting here the statue

* of a virgin-man MeJJiah, mother-full and

* fatherless, we have consigned him also to

* the same fate with his fellows.

* Having demolished, in our passage down

* the perilous declivity, every Pseudo-Mes'siah, whose desturction was your great ob'ject in view, and happily being safely ar'rived on terra firma, or stedsast level

* ground,

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