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The dominion of the Messiah is also called 'an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that, which shall not he destroyednot that the Messiah will reign a king for ever, but that the laws of righteousness, love and peace, by which he will govern his kingdom, will be everlasting, the practice of such moral duties being of immutable and eternal obligation. The apostle Paul af6rms, *he,' Christ, 'must reign till he hath put all enemies under his feet;* for he/ God, 'hath put all things under his feet.' But at that period of time, called 'the end,

* when all things shall be subdued unto ! him, then he shall deliver up the king

* dom to God, even the father, put down

* ali rule, all authority, and power, and the .' son also himself be subject unto him, that

* put all things under him, that God may 'be all in all,' or reign without a delegate.For, when all the nations of the. earth shall be brought under the righteous and peaceful government of the Messiah, and fin and death shall be destroyed, his. kingdom, when it (hall thus have produced the great end for which it was constituted, viz. the introduction of universal holiness and virtue among men, will by express divine appointment cease, and civil government itself be altogether unnecessary.

The joyful happy world experiencing, that the enjoyment of happiness is inseparably associated with the practice of virtue, will not stand in need of a code of positive written laws to regulate their conduct, nor of a delegated judge to administer them, but yield a voluntary and universal obedience to God, their supreme and only governor, and be ever distinguished by a grateful piety, and a filial love for their heavenly father, by mutual disinterested beneficence, and by an emancipation from those turbulent passions and ungoverned appetites, which at present subjugate mankind, harrafsing their minds with an incessant disquietude, the necessary consequence of an unrestrained indulgence of the sins of sensuality, ambition, and avarice. These, or

to to speak evangelically/ the lust of the flelh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life/ the fruitful sources, whence all the mischief and misery, with which the world abounds, are evidently derived, will then be altogether unknown, and the sordid gratification of them, so derogatory from the genuine dignity of the human nature, and the transcendent purity of Christian morality, will be succeeded by the invariable practice of that amiable train of social virtues, whicjb. will be the peculiar characteristics of those, who shall be deemed worthy partakers of that " new heavens *' and new earth, wherein dwelleth right** eousness," supporting and adorning the happy spiritual brotherhood of Christians in their future state of a glorious immortality.

An unfeigned love of truth, a desire to disentangle it from falshood, and thereby to facilitate your general conversion, were the motives which induced me to expose the non-entity of the several Pseudo-Meffiahs of the Socinians, Arians, and

Athanasians, Athanafians, whose .several hypotheses* though more of less absurd, Jtt agree in one fundamental error, viz. the merely maternal virgin-origin of Jesus, confounding the idea, arid overturning the definition, of that rational creature, of God, denominated a man. There never was an instance, from the day of the creation of the first human part to the present hour, of an interruption of that one and only mode of the propagation of the human species, which, is common likewise to all the animal creation, and which the God os nature established, and is in itself a miracle, a"S all his works are, and inimitable by mari.

From the circumstances of the narratives of the respective births of Isaac and John the Baptist, especially of that of the former, it is evident* that Abraham and Zecharias were through age as impotent, and incapable of begetting children, as their wives Sarah and Elizabeth Were barren and advanced beyond the time of life adapted to conception lion and parturition: Yet Isaac and John were, by the miraculous power of God, as truly the offspring of the immediate feed of their respective fathers, Abraham and Zacharias, as they were the fruit of the womb of their respective mothers, Sarah and Elizabeth. It is a plain cafe then, whatever Athanasians, Arians, or Socinians, and other hyper-metaphysicians, may hold to the contrary, that he alone is a man, who is descended from the first man, as well by an human father, as well as by an human mother. .

For argument sake however let. us admit as true what is false, viz. that the Jewish prophets and genuine Christian evangelists agree in ascribing to the Messiah the celebrated extraordinary origin from a virgin alone; yet a being so produced cannot be a man, without an express direction from God to authorize us to denominate him a man, and to regard him, or any other being as a man, who is represented as destitute of an human father.

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