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'rusalem! Jerusalem! which killest the 'prophets, and stonest them who are sent 'unto thee, how often would I have ga'thered thy children together, as an hen 'doth gather her brood under her wings, 'and ye would not? Behold, your house is 'left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto

* you ye shall not see me, until the time

* come,when ye shall say, blessed is he, who 'cometh in the name of the Lord.' And again, Luke xix. 41, &c. 'and when he,' Jesus, 'was come near, he beheld the city, Jerusalem, * and wept over it, saying, 'If 'thou hadst known, even thou, at least in 'this thy day, the things which belong unto 'thy peace, but now they are hid from 'thine eyes. For the days shall come upon 'thee, that thine enemies lhall cast a trench 'about thee, and compass thee round,

• and keep thee in on every side, and 'shall lay thee even with the ground, and

* thy children within thee; and they shall 'not leave in thee one stone upon another, 'because thou knewest not the time of thy 'visitation.' ,

But But let us turn our eyes from this melancholy prophecy, which was fulfilled in the siege and overthrow of Jerusalem to its very foundations, about forty years after it was delivered by Jesus the Messiah, and contemplate that glorious scene of things, and happy change, which will take place in your condition, when you (hall cast off your unbelief, and unequivocally acknowledge the crucified Jesus to be your Messiah; that jlone, whereof the prophet Isaiah xxviii 16. speaks, 'thus saith the Lord God, behold, 'I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a 'tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure 'foundation: He that believeth shall not 'make haste,' or be confounded% that Jlone., which, the prophetic Psalmist, Psalm cxviii. 22. thus describes, 'the stone which the 'builders,' your unbelieving ancestors, *re'fused, is become the head of the corner,' that Jlone, which proves, according to Isaiah viii. 14. * a stone of stumbling, and a rock -' of offence,' as well to you, as to them, so long as, in the words of the apostle Peter, l Peter ii. 8. 'ye stumble at the word' of prophecy, 'being disobedient thereto.'

Now Now the great and precious promises, which God has in store for you, on your conversion to the faith of Christ, are sa well described in an admirable selection of a variety of passages from your own prophecies, contained in a little tract, intitled 'A

* Treatise of the future Restoration of the

* Jews and Israelites to their own land, that 1 (hall lessen my labors greatly, by giving you copious extracts from it. It was printed in the year 1747, was given me by a friend in the year 1761, and I believe is now become very scarce. As the anonymous author of the treatise imputes, in general terms, your present dispersion to ' the con'sequence and effect of the iniquities and

* disobedience of your fathers,' alledging, that, 'on account of their great wickedness

* they were delivered into the hands of the

* Romans,' and is wholly silent in respect to their particular sin, in rejecting and crucifying the Messiah, I apprehend it to have been written by some learned Jew.However, as we agree in a main point, that 'God 'has promised to give you the Messiah to

* reign over you at Jerusalem, whose king

'dom * dom shall be an everlasting stingdom os

* righteousness and peace, and in the last

* ages be established over the whole earth,' I shall not scruple to profit by the labors of this supposed unknown worthy Israelite. The whole of the treatise is worthy to be reprinted at the joint expence of your wealthy brethren. That I may not swell this work to an immoderate size, I shall but seldom cite the prophetic paflages at length, produced by this writer, but refer you to them, omitting a repetition of similar passages for the sake of brevity, which indeed I have consulted in all my former citations from the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

'The only restoration,' to their own land, .he observes, ' any of the Israelites have 'had, was only a partial one, consisting of

* the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin,

* and that only from Babylon, by Cyrus,

* which lies east of their land: Whereas,

* this, (the full and final restoration,) is to

* be a return,of the children of Israel, and _* therefore most probably of all the twelve

'tribes, from the north, and from all the -'' 'lands, * lands, wherein they are dispersed.' See Jeremiah xvi. 14, 15. The 'prophecy also,' of Ezekiel, xx. 33 to 39. plainly re

* lates to a future periodfor the particulars therein mentioned,such as 'the bring'ing of the Israelites out of the countries 'wherein they are scattered in so distinguish'ing a manner, the pleading with them in

* the wilderness face to face, in their pas

* sage up to their land, and the destroying of 'all the wicked among them, imply such a 'restoration, and attended with such cir

* cumstances, as have never yet been known.

* And that this prophecy relates to all the 'twelve tribes, appears from what follows,

* where God declares, he will bring them 'into the land of Israel, and that in his

* holy mountain, or at Mount Zion, there

* Jhallall the house of Israel,ihzt is the twelve

* tribes,serve him, Ezekiel xx. 40 to 45.

'But still for a farther proof of the future 'restoration of all the twelve tribes, let us 'proceed to some other prophecies, and let 'it be remembered, that, as the Israelites,

* or ten tribes, have had no return, since

. they

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